Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 GSR which you see now is not just a car that could only be enjoyed on weekends only. But more than that, because its owner, Ebel, risking his Evo 8 to compete in the drag race event. Thus, tuning is done starting all out. "But this car can cave touring racing settings," open Ebel, who is also frontman Motorsport Wisesa this workshop.

These differences in the two races made it impossible to re-think to rebuild the compound with the event in order to compete on a straight track racing. Okay, as an illustration of the seriousness of Ebel, no one else untouched sector of skilled hands. But it is the main focus in the kitchen there are changes as power generation pacemakers. Although only be used for speeding on a straight track, congenital 4G63T engine should be given therapy in order to produce their best performance.

"Target translucent cave above 500 dk," said Ebel. Energy targets for change that it surely requires not merely replace the turbo and then optimized with the engine computer upgrade, more than that. Because at this stage is not only powerful, but must also be able to excel records the shortest possible time. Capacity of only 2,000 cc engine that is still considered low, especially for the torque that is able to produce before the turbo spooling at max. No other way, options stroker kit installed soon. The result? pulley any engine capacity up to 2300 cc stroker kit through the use of AMS. It was donated from the long handlebar piston reaches 156 mm and the dimensions of crutches as up to 100 mm.

In the hands of the DC Sports EVO X changed like a road racing car. He not only more athletic, but also too arrogant. Various series body kit C-West alerts affixed on the exterior. The most prominent front bumper that would arise with a large air gap.

The S-AWC system, the which regulates torque and braking at EACH wheel includes a bevy of acronyms: ASC (Active Stability Control), ACD (Active Center Differential), AYC (Active Yaw Control) and Sport ABS, an ABS system Designed for aggressive driving. The Biggest difference over the outgoing car is the large number of yaw sensors included in the system, all Designed to keep the Evo X on its intended path.

The S-AWC system, cans be set for three different road surfaces: tarmac (standard), ice and gravel
In addition, the DC Sports Exhaust System also installs its own for EVO X roar more highly than the manufacturer's version. Even dyno tuned the digebah HBSpeed join the increasingly wild promising performance.

The Twin Clutch SST on the MR appears similar to the Audi / VW 's DSG system; even and odd gears are on separate clutches for the rapid-fire shifting, and no torque loss Between gears. Shifting of the TC-SST is controlled by alloy paddles on the steering wheel or the gear shift lever in manual mode Pls, and by the engine computer in automatic mode. The system has three modes: Normal, Sport and S-Sport, the latter Providing the most aggressive, fast shifts.

Modified Specification

* C-West body kit: Aero parts include front bumper, Side Skirt, Rear Bumper, Front canards, Bonnet Air Intake Scoop
* AMS Front Mount Intercooler
* DC Sports Exhaust System for Evolution X
* Hankook tires
* COBB Tuning parts under the hood.
* Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57S Pro rims
* Koyorad radiator
* Performance Friction Brakes
* KW suspension system
* Odyssey battery

While the metal seat and was wearing street ARP to ensure the endurance of the engine when digeber until it reaches its limit. Then to get a monster power, certainly no longer the standard turbo can give their best performance. Instead, dipakailah pelecut Comp Turbo as extra energy. Fun, turbo-made country, Uncle Sam with the code has been adopted CT4380 triple ball bearings that have reached 4 inches in diameter at the compressor inlet and 3 inches at the outlet.  

So much, "The turbo housing is ported back to the air flow to be more solid," said Ebel. Thus, at a pressure of 2.3 bar turbo on the figures, obtained power to reach 595 dk ..! "We can Sentul QTT in 11 seconds with 2.1 bar boost and 540 HP power," said Ebel. In fact, after this stage, turbo boost going dipanteng at 2.7 bar with output estimated to reach more than 700 HP.

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Great, pembesut SX4 is also an avid home Bogor mepet fender modifications and minimal offset in the rear. "Because I like the style Hellaflush, simple but can get people interested," said Agung. Great car clubs are also members of Les Voitures, Bogor chose Leon Hardiritt Orden rims 19x (8.5 +10) inch offset due to have spotted, the front 25 mm and 19 mm rear. "Aggressive offset for my car," said a man who like to play guitar. Looks sturdy viewed from the rear! The other thing is the design, cross joint in the middle circumference of the wheel makes the car look so elegant and ciamik. And why choose wheels three pieces? "Its construction is unique and there is pride at wearing three pieces, 'said the man who like to read this book. Let the flat target is achieved, the Apex Court to use as front and rear wheels for Toyota Altis. As of this last cut, to the front and back of approximately 7 cm 5.5 cm. "At first I used a aftermarket, but too soft and lacking the short, want to cut my dear, I finally chose a custom," said Agung. Per has been cut, the problem arises because the tires stuck in the fenders. "Finally my fender grinding, keep the plastic fenders off inside me," cuap Court. Implication due to tire too mepet fenders, sometimes when the circumference of the wheel through the streets of curly like kissing fenders. Let's kiss the fenders

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SPESIFIKASI Porshce Cayenne

SPESIFIKASI Porshce Cayenne
The new design represents the next generation Cayenne that is more compact and dynamic. Cayenne rear seats can move back and forth 160 mm and has three position settings for angle rebahannya. Cayenne has five variants of the Cayenne S Hybrid, Diesel Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo.

AG Porsche Cayenne launched five brand-new type of carpet that the Geneva Auto Show 2010 which took place March 3 to 14 last. Fifth is, the standard Cayenne priced 54.431 Euro or approximately USD 702.54 million.

Second, the Cayenne diesel 59.596 Euro or approximately USD 755.33 million, Cayenne S priced72.686 Euro or approximately USD 921.24 million. The four hybrid Cayenne S 78.636 Euro or approximately USD 996.65 million. While the fifth type is, the Cayenne Turbo price 115.526 Euro 1.464 billion. All prices were on the road in the country of origin car.

Machine equipped with a standard Cayenne V6 3600 cc, 4800 cc V8 Cayenne S, Turbo type engine hold 4800 cc twin turbo V8. While type diesel engine 3000 cc V6 Cayenne, Cayenne S and the hybrid version using a supercharger V6 3,000 cc engine.

With all the latest components, the Porsche Cayenne is able to reduce its weight to 400 pounds or around 180 pounds.

Porsche claims, with the lighter weight not only helps improve fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions Cayenne, but also improved performance, agility, and handling.

Athletic Body
Porsche Cayenne was first launched in 2002 the same platform with the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7. Then have a facelift, and this time it appears with the second generation who looked pretty much unchanged.

From a distance, it appears the new Cayenne is smaller than its predecessor. In fact it is just a trick the eye alone, even greater dimensions than the previous version.

Design the strength that makes this ride like an athletic sports junkie, though large still looks slim. Some of the grooves on the body is made more acute, especially the wide engine hood is designed rounded down to the tip of snout shark-like grille.

In Scop, there are two models of the Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Cayenne S and Porsche Cayenne diesel. Well, turn the drinker who gets rations diesel run over bad roads, aka off-road track in the area of Sentul, Bogor, that.

Just like any other luxurious SUVs, such as the Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Volkswagen Touareg and Toyota Land Cruiser, cabin equipment arguably similar. It has a tuner equipped with electric seat memory, individual air circulation, and Other steep incline, feels torque turbo Cayenne is far from enough to climb, let alone PTM dividing the front and rear traction wheels with self locking differential, which from the rear portion : front of 60:40, became divided again when one wheel loses traction with the help of antislip regulation on differential.

Plus the Porsche Torque vectoring Plus, so that the rear differential locked, so the traction to the road surface more leverage.

This was tested when passing a high mound, so that one wheel is raised, traction is still good for the other three wheels, while wheels that lose traction because it raised earlier will be stopped rotation through a coordinated braking with ASR and ABD.

Completeness of PHC (Porsche Hill Control) are also present, serves to hold the speed to be in 3 to 30 km / h on steep derivatives. However, the negative angle where in addition to declining and tilt, this function is less a wedge, as told by Yuma Wiranata Kusumah, a seasoned off-roader as the instructor of this activity.

Everything comes with all-wheel drive Porsche Traction Management (PTM), leather interior, dual-zone air conditioning plus automatic climate control, parking sensors, cruise control, audio system, touch screen 7-inch, 18 inch alloy wheels. Cayenne Turbo Porsche added the air suspension system Active Suspension Management
(PASM), Bi-Xenon, 19-inch alloy wheels, tire pressure monitor, Porsche Communication Management with satellite navigation, Bose audio system and the seat equipped with heating systems.

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Cobra Technology and Lifestyle is a car tuner from Germany who recently made a special tuning kit for the Nissan 350Z. Actually there are several items ranging from body kits, as to appear more shallow until the rim and energy enhancer device.

Body kit must have been casual, almost all home modification features on this one. But the difference is in the package prepared by Cobra mufflers. This exhaust can be released in two voices that can be selected by the rider.

The first voice sounded smooth engine sound like standards. But if you want more stern voice could be modified like the sound of racing cars. Interestingly enough the replacement of this voice is done by remote control.

How to do? It appeared in the mufflers have a butterfly valve that can be opened and closed using this remote. When the exhaust valves closed that exit barriers are higher so the sound produced remains smooth. But when he opened his voice will be booming.
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From about 40 model cars manufactured Geely Automobile Holdings Limited of China, there is one model that makes AUTOMOTIVE interested menjajalnya, namely Panda (so called because he looks like a typical Chinese animal, Panda).

Moreover, reportedly will be marketed in Indonesia. "We're still learning. If so, yes the 1000 cc CVVT (available in two engines, 1000 cc and 1300 cc, ed), "said Richard Yang, director of PT Indonesia Geely cars, car manufacturers Geely cars in the country.

Therefore, opportunity not be missed tried Panda. Plant is located in Linhai, a procession of the test was only allowed to surround the plant seputaran and accompanied by a test driver this Geely.Kali, AUTOMOTIVE invitations Panda 1000 cc with 5-speed manual transmission. First nyemplak in the driver's seat, the body feels comfortable. Even so kemudahaan operation buttons (AC, head unit) and the gear lever and other.

Well, now tried the road. For the 1,000 cc-engined car, the Panda was responsive when asked to accelerate. And agile when maneuvering. Could be spelled out because the tiny dimensions (PxLxt = 3.598x1.630x1.465 mm).

Because of limited land, could eventually tested top speed of mini cars in the country dibanderol no more than USD 100 million. But for urban cars, Panda really fit. Moreover, for large cities in Indonesia that is famous for jamming.

If only these bamboo-eating animals present, may be the Suzuki Splash, Kia Picanto, Hyundai i10 will have a new competitor.
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Nissan announced pricing newest crossover, the Nissan Juke in England. In the birthplace of football, Nissan crossover release with unique designs ranging from 12.795 GBP. That price is inclusive of VAT / Value Added Tax VAT alias / Value Added Tax of 17.5%.

With prices that consumers have been able to bring home Juke standard version uses 1.6-liter 117hp engine. The top version uses a turbocharger is to encourage more energy and propulsion systems 190hp all-wheel drive. In this variant, the system is Xtronic CVT transmission with torque-vectroing all-wheel drive.

In the market, Nissan Juke has three engine options. Namely two petrol and one diesel engine. The first gasoline engine-powered 1.6-liter capacity 117 hp. Next gasoline engine already uses and fixed-capacity turbocharged 1.6 liter and has a power up to 190 hp. Medium diesel engine, DCI 1.5 liters and has 110 hp power.

Having launched in Japan and several European countries, the plan would Juke Nissan sold in Indonesia by mid 2011. Not imported directly in the form of CBU, Nissan will perform the assembly in Indonesia by building their own infrastructure.

Varian Visia comes from alloy wheels measure 16 inches, the device Electronic Stability Program (ESP), six air bags, seat sports model, and the air cooling device.

While Acenta equipped feature sizes of 17 inch alloy wheels, climate control devices, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the device Nissan Dynamic Control System.The tenka, which is the most luxurious variants, in addition to existing features such as other variants, leather seats, a camera to help drivers when parking or retreat, in the form of a smart key button start / stop.

The type with a capacity of 1,500 cc diesel DCI, to produce power 110 horsepower and maximum torque of 240 Nm. This diesel engine with six-level manual bertrnasmisi percepatan.Sementara type gasoline engine using a manual transmission with five levels of acceleration.

However, Nissan also offers a choice of transmission system with five levels of acceleration technology Transsmision Continously Variable (CVT). About the price, the manufacturer of Japanese origin - mostly owned by Renault, France - it is, call, Price Acenta models Vasia and 15 100 euros or gasoline engine approximately USD 172.3 million. While the diesel engine type for both variants, the 16 700 euros, or approximately USD 190.5 million.

With sepereti price level, the Juke will compete with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Suzuki SX4, Kia Soul to menggungulkan its boxy design.
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Increasing levels of crime, the police seem to need a car like this. Named E7 police car was designed from the beginning to fulfill its function as a vehicle penegas law.

Although still at the level of concept, this car has received good response from the market. Carbon Motors, the maker claims to have received 14.000 orders. But this form of reservation to secure a place in the production plan.

So far that has not been resolved to the message more seriously or at least a down payment. Persoalnya, Carbon Motors is yet to announce the sale price. However, because this car special for the police, the price is certainly not cheap.

Instead of using the device that made exclusive, the engine used was the BMW 3.0-liter turbodiese, one of the best engines and the phenomenal. This machine is very efficient, much more efficient than other police cars that currently operate. All orders that are waiting for what the price of this car.

Interesting to see how big the intentions of the police officers all over the world to serve the community
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The presence of the Apple iPad, exploited well by the famous and the largest carmaker in Europe and Germany, the Volkswagen AG as a digital media today. The car manufacturer just claims as the world's first manufacturer that developed the digital customer magazines by creating a special application for iPad.

Digital product, named DAS, "Automotive Digital Space." The magazine is published every three months in five languages and is accessible throughout Europe.

"DAS is very important to building blocks of digital marketing strategies of Volkswagen. With this we can perform an interactive dialogue with customers. Our target is to continue the appeal of brands and products in a new digital dimension and create a global experience, "explained Luca De Meo, Chief Marketing Volkswagen Passenger Cars iPad when launching applications specifically about this VW.

Five chapters of the application tells the history of Volkswagen. Described, with a picture or image display 360 degrees, users will gain iPad a realistic impression of the technical features of the VW Touareg, for example, to cangkupan insights to the driver from the interior to the exterior surroundings.

For the internet version, VW will also be published in late June of this watershed. The contents of the magazine will also be integrated in social networks like Facebook.
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Toyota delaying the birth of the newest sports products bergendre FT-86 at least in 2013 from plans next year. Reportedly, the delay is because Toyota has not comfy on the overall vehicle design.

FT-86 uses a sporty concept with a seat 2 2, FT 86 with rear wheel or rear wheel drive (RWD) as used on the Corolla AE86. Toyota Corolla AE-86 is a sport sedan produced by Toyota in the 80s.

Despite old age, resilience in the event the car was drifting contest (contest driving techniques that are very hard-red) are still recognized. In fact, agility, stability, and accelerated the speed is not lost with brand-new sports car.

The label "G" reinforce the sporty version that has been stretched 30 mm, 20 mm dilated, and the lower 30 mm (4190 mm x 1780 mm x 1230 mm). Toyota FT-86G Sports Concept has a thin profile tires with a diameter of 19 inches 245/40 to the front, and rear tire size 275/35 be. While the interior is adorned with Recaro seats that would cram 4-passenger cabin.

This concept is designed to carry a capacity of 2,000 cc engine equipped with turbocharger devices. Combined with a manual transmission with 6-speed.

Two-door car will be marketed under the plan starting 2011. Cars result of a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru are using the concept of sporty with seats 2 2 and adopted as the driving RWD Corolla AE86.

This car was in inspired by the toughness of the legendary Corolla AE 86 during the era of the 1980s. Until today, particularly automotive enthusiasts still rely AE 86 drifting to perform the action. Even in Indonesia, the car entered the ranks of collectors item because its existence is rare.

FT-86 equipped with 2,000 cc four-cylinder engine, capable of spitting out power to 200 horsepower. The car that uses a system of six-speed manual transmission is also equipped with brake device ADVICS.

In addition, Toyota launch at next year's rate still produces the premature. Uncertain economic situation could lead to fewer sales than the target.

Toyota FT-86 was first introduced to the public at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2009 and is still in draft form. According to a local magazine in Japan, as reported by, manufacturers are planning to turn toward the concept hybrid sports to compete with the mainstay of the Honda CR-Z.

In addition, Japan's largest automobile manufacturer is also targeting its products can be marketed at a price of U.S. $ 22,000 (Rp201, 6 million) per unit in Japan.
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SPESIFIKASI Ssangyong C200

SPESIFIKASI Ssangyong C200
Renault and Mahindra to compete to buy Ssangyong Motor (SM). Incidentally, a sports utility vehicle manufacturer vehicles (SUVs) from South Korea that has been done structuring since last year, after the company revealed losses of the period of two years ago. Renault and Mahindra (India) interested in acquiring a value of 500 million U.S. dollars. Thus the Reuters news agency reports quoted Autoevolution.

Of the two manufacturers, according to Reuters, Renault-Nissan's most interested in BC. They have a division of Renault's Samsung in State Ginseng. When asked in their footsteps, both Nissan and Ssangyong has not commented. Reticence Renault and Mahindra are also shown.

"Mahindra has attracted a good reason to buy Ssangyong. They are a new company in the automotive, from there can learn about the manufacturing and marketing of Ssangyong," said Kevin Lee, an analyst at Korea Investment Corporation Shinhan.

South Korean media thinks, Renault-Nissan alliance is likely to be buyers.

Currently, Ssangyong more developed and has undergone its latest SUV test C200. Production plan starting next year. For the domestic market of South Korea, C200 will compete with Honda CR-V and Ford Kouga.
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Lotus decided to stop one of the models, Europa. This step is done because the manufacturer will launch the latest products New Evora, although still in the same segment.

As reported by (05/30/2010), Lotus dealers in Europe was no longer receive orders Europa, and production slowly into phase stops. Europa was first released into the market right at the auto show in Geneva in 2006 past.

Sports sedan coupe was first launched armed with metal and fiber and aluminum to produce a lightweight. For Europa S type, holding 2.0 L engine powered 200 dk at 5400 rpm and torque of 272 Nm at 5400 rpm with a six-speed manual transmission. The car can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 5.8 seconds with a maximum speed of 230 km per hour.

Machinery and performance
Technology is proud of this car is the engine Campro CPS (Cam Profile Switching) 1.6 liter DOHC. Latest engine added CPS and VIM (variable intake manifold) that can generate power 125PS@6.500 rpm (previously 110PS@6.000 rpm. 148Nm@4.000 rpm Torque is up from a 150Nm@4.500 rpm.

In the non-CPS Campro engine, the torque drop between 2500 and 3000 rpm. This is complained of some users. The weakness is overcome by using a valve system and open-close time can be arranged, which is generically called VVT-i.

At CPS, do not use the rocker arm valve (trigger) but tapet (bowl). Other technologies are VIM, suction line (intake manifold) whose length can change according to engine speed. At low rpm, channels suction longer. At high rotation, it becomes shorter for faster air flow into the engine.

Proton claims, Neo CPS can now be encouraged, 0-100 km / h in 10.5 seconds (manual), 12.9 seconds (automatic) and a top speed of 190 km / hour. Emissions are also already reached the standard Euro3.

Strengthen chassis
Permanent suspension MacPherson (front) and multi-link in back. To aid stability, there is now an additional stabilizer. Monokok chassis structure is also reinforced in several places, including the use of high tension steel.

It is recognized Chris Atkinson, rally driver from Rally Team Malaysia's Proton R3 Satria Neo S2000 is used. "Neo CPS Chassis sturdy, reliable in the rally," the story of Chris.

To control speed, grafted ventilated disc brakes in front and solid rear discs plus ABS and EBD. For safety, also installed two safety bags (airbag).

Lotus Elite become increasingly attractive, in addition to the aerodynamic design and the typical supercar, also uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine, capable of producing power of 620 PS and 720 Nm of torque. The car is capable of acceleration from 0-100 km / h only takes 3.5 seconds. When the driver stepped on the gas pedal more butter in, then the speedometer needle to touch the number 315 km / hour.Lotus says, Elite will use the hybrid gearbox with an integrated electric motor and an advanced feature Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS).

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar also commented that no one denies that the Elite is not only beautiful to see, but more than that, this is a compact car, high performance, low emission, light but still sturdy. "So we are proud and there is no better than the Elite out there, both in terms of style and performance," he said.

For the next generation, Lotus Europa SE launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2008. Striking differences in convenience sector. Tanaga cars also increased to reach 225 dk at 5700 rpm and 301 Nm of torque. As a result, acceleration was carved 5.3 seconds for 0-100 km per hour with a maximum speed of 242 km per hour.
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Luxgen, the first automotive manufacturer from Taiwan, recently released its products to be marketed globally. His first model was named Luxgen7 MPV with two variants namely the CEO as the most luxurious and MPV, which offers high practicality than luxury and technology.

Using a 2200 cc engine MEFI (Multi-Electronic-Fuel-Injection) turbochargers, this unit is the result of collaboration with Delphi Luxgen, Garrett and LMM. Mechanical power that can be generated to reach 175 dk at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 275 Nm, which were in the range 2500 to 4000 rpm. The engine also uses a lot of aluminum alloy material, capable of reducing fuel consumption, increase energy and endurance.

The engine is coupled with five-speed automatic transmission, is the result of cooperation with Aisin, which gives 10 modes of operation thanks to intelligent Transmission Control Module. Module that monitors the gear position, engine speed, car speed and stability control systems to determine the optimal time to move teeth.

In variant CEO, Luxgen also provides a variety of sophisticated electronic features. Like the on-board computer called the Think +, the result of cooperation with mobile phone manufacturer HTC. Think + offers six functions of the audio-video, telecommunications, navigation, safety, operational applications and system settings. So also with the Eagle View + which gives the view around the car and Side View + to eliminate the blind spot area. In addition there is an LDWS Night Vision + + (Lane Departure Warning System).

While the rear cabin filled with captain seat in the second and third rows. While the MPV variant, providing a pair of second row captain seats in the pew and on the third line. In Taiwan, these cars were priced in the range up to 1.068 million NTD 798 000 (sekitara USD 230 million to 306.56 million).
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Automotive consumers in Hong Kong are now able to buy electric cars Mitsubishi i-MiEV began this week after previously limited only to the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and several other companies.

Sales to private buyers is the first outside Japan, and Hong Kong first. This electric car retail price is HK $ 395,000. Mitsubishi hopes to sell 50 units by the end of this year.

Mitsubishi to market this model in Hong Kong through his partner, Universal Cars (UCL), who tied a deal with the government of Hong Kong to promote and support the sale of electric cars. Hong Kong Government will also install the rechargeable battery station starting this month.

Previously, Mitsubishi and PSA Peugeot Citroen has agreed to develop and supply the i-MiEV but revamped so on brand name Peugeot and Citroen. Tiny electric car that beberpa time present in Indonesia will be marketed through the entire dealer network in Europe, Peugeot and Citroen.

In Japan, the i-MiEV marketed since July 2009 and received rave reviews from consumers there. End of this year, i-MiEV would invade the European market, complete with a rechargeable electric systems / recharging is suitable for voltage 220/240Volt Europe. With this high voltage, electrical charging from empty to full took seven hours. Mitsubishi also mengincari United States as a market i-MiEV.
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Automotive market in China's growing push all parties to get the cake bigger. Following the JAC, one of the largest commercial car producer in China, Wuling and King Long are also come into the passenger vehicle market.

SAIC-GM-Wuling is known more for selling minivans and light commercial vehicle and they were quite successful in that segment. Wuling become the biggest-selling brand in its segment in April. Media in China reported the possibility Wuling will launch the first passenger car when the World Expo in Shanghai by the code name of GP50,

The possibility that the car will be based Wuling 'Demo Car' that has appeared previously. Demo Car reportedly using the platform of the old generation Buick Excelle. Besides proximity with GM Wuling - Buick-producers, other indications, both cars had the same wheelbase of 2600mm, but refused Wuling will give further information.

King Long, who is based in Fujian is a major bus manufacturer in Indonesia. Performance is quite good. The first quarter this year rose 68% compared to same period last year. They are also interested into the passenger car segment. King Long has been investing 134 million Yuan to alter existing production lines in order to produce passenger cars.

A hatchback look and confirm the strategy of King Long to get into the passenger car. This model of low-cost car and aimed at developing countries. King Long is also interested in introducing minivans, sedans and other passenger cars.
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Lamborghini Murcielago substitute is in sight, the prototype is nearly completed, several times seen in testing. But it does not mean Murcielago is not in search of people.

Murcielago marketed since 2001 and since then have never experienced a problem about safety until now. Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced there is a problem in this sports car ordered the recall. Murcielago Murcielago re asked to check to see output in 2007 - 2008, both coupe and roadster versions. Murcielago owners are asked to bring their vehicles to dealers starting in June.

This recall is associated with the fuel pump located inside the fuel tank. There is the possibility of welding on the fuel pump was broken and caused fuel leaks from the tank. Because the fuel tank is located near the engine, there is potential for a car on fire if there is leakage.

This recall to replace the fuel pump and tank will be dealers for free.
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Honda Prospect Motor introduced its latest minivan, Honda Odyssey in Indonesia, Monday (3 / 5). This is the fourth generation of one of the most popular premium minivan in Indonesia. HPM actually going to launch this minivan since last year. But then the crisis in the entire world that cause foreign currency exchange rates fluctuate. Yen has strengthened, while the dollar weakened. Because Odyssey CBU from Japan, deeply felt impact of the strengthening yen. Odyssey is a very expensive price. Therefore, the HPM delayed until this year when conditions are more stable and fast-growing automotive market.

Odyssey was first introduced in 1994 to break the trend of the minivan when it was with the view that body aerodynamics. This end the box-shaped design mininan. Year 1999 the second generation born and raced in a benchmark premium minivan segment, among others, with seats that can be folded flat and turned into another roomy cargo space. Present third-generation technology in 2005 with a low floor platform. Honda created the minivan with a flat floor, low, resulting in a maximum interior space without having to make a car so tall. This third generation is also more and reinforce the position as the Odyssey minivan with Performance like a sedan.
All-new Odyssey is now appearing more attractive. Ultra Low Design Platform to create a more spacious cabin and also combined with the more sporty exterior design with lines, curves and the indentation in the entire bodynya the aerodynamics. New headlights as the new Honda City. Using the technology of HID (High Intensity Discharge) and Auto Leveling. Aura luxury on the interior design of the more viscous with multilevel dashboard called Wave Shape. It became home to dashboard meter cluster and three-dimensional audio system with a touchscreen display. Glass-coated films of V-Kool, leather seats, ambient light reinforces an impression of luxury.
His cabin is not only luxurious but also comfortable with the design of the V Shape Cabin Cabin and Theatrical Space, where the rear seat is higher than the front seats. The result of each passenger can get more free visibility. Plus Triple Zone AC, Power Magicl yag 3rd ROW seat can be folded with a single keypress.

Odyssey Performance from the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine DOHC i-VTEC that produces 180 22.2kgm/4500rpm ps/6500rpm and maximum torque, an increase of 20ps compared to the third generation machines. This increase is thanks to the Drive by Wire technology applications, and other Torque Boost Resonator. Power increase was coupled with greener emissions that meet the regulatory Euro4.

This engine is paired with a five-speed automatic transmission which is supported technologies Hold Shift and Grade Logic Control System which is a lot of benefits on winding roads and up and down. Honda Odyssey is also equipped with various safety features. One is Motion Adaptive EPS + VSA Vehicle Stability Assist incorporates technology to prevent oversteer and understeer with the help of ABS, EBD, and BA and Traction Control is integrated with Electronic Power Steering. In addition there G-CON technology and ACE is a very strong body structure to protect passengers. Honda Odyssey managed to get six stars from the Japan New Assessment Program. Like other Honda vehicles, minivans are designed to minimize the risk of pedestrian protection to pedestrians if hit. For security including keyless entry, immobilizer, Anti-theft System, Security Alarm and Ultrasonic Sensors.
All new Honda Odyssey is available in four options, namely white, black, polished metal and silver. Jakarta on the road price of Rp 536 million.

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Audi R8 sports car is known for his character is very powerful, agile and fast. Similarly, the big names in the LMS arena Audi R8 racing. But Audi knows there is a group of people who are dissatisfied. To them this car is made.

Sports car Audi R8 and R10, each with an award winning "World Performance Car" of 2008 and 2010. While the racing version, the Audi R8 won the LMS in 28 races in only his first year.

That is not enough! Audi released a version of a more powerful, lighter and faster than the production version. A very limited version was named the Audi R8 GT. 2.5-liter V10 engine has been upgraded so the output is 560HP (412kW), trimmed weight of 1525kg and 100kg so acceleration from rest to 100km/jam achieved in 3.6 seconds. While the top speed reached 320km/jam.ent.

One major achievement is to cut car's weight that is already light. Body tech aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF) weighs just 210kg. Making ASF on the Audi plant in Neckarsulm, mostly by hand. Body very strongly it was the base of the sports car of this ability to provide precision handling and maximum protection during accidents.

When R8 2.5 FSI quattro production version weighing 1.625 kg, then the R8 GT only 1.525 kg. Pruning is done in all areas. For example, thinner windscreen, using a lightweight and powerful polycarbonat for the rear glass, and barring passengers and the engine room.

Also the use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the rear hatch which save 6.6kg. Similarly, the rear bumper and side fins. From machines that cut, including a power brake system, battery, air intake module and the engine room insulation. In fact, carpet, bucket seats, exhaust also contributes to lower the weight up to 100kg.
Sports car dimensions 4.43mx 1.93mx 1.24m underwent a number of modifications on the exterior side to sharpen the looks. Audi also reinforce the car aerodynamic characteristics, and thus have greater downforce while the coefficient of drag remains the same frontal area that is 0:36 and still 1.99m2.

One of the main attraction is the GT R8 headlight LED technology that produces bright light, homogeneous, with a longer service life and lower energy. Aktraktif also view and different. Daytime running lights consisting of 24 LEDs are arranged like a long ribbon. Reflectornya looks like an open seashell.

Modifications V10 engine with a red head cover makes R8 GT was so thrilling. Sprint in 06.03 seconds, while the rest to 200km/jam in 10.08 seconds and the impetus was not finished until 320km/jam peak velocity is reached.
Changes to the electronic system the additional power the engine produces 26kW of the ten-cylinder that now produces 560hp/412kW, while peak torque is 540Nm or veri 10Nm higher than production. This means that power-to-weight ratio is 2.72kg/hp.

Machine made in factories in hand Gyor, Hungary is characterized by long-stroke. Crankcase from aluminum and silicon alloy at the same time very strong light. Total weight of machine only 258kg. Fuel consumption 13.7 liter/100km.

Gearshift is maintained by the R Tronic sequential manual transmission. Elektrohidrolis clutch capable of controlling the movement of six teeth faster than drivers trained, about a tenth of a second at high load.
Electronic management system provides Sport and Normal mode and two manual level. Gear selector located on the center tunnel and two paddle on the steering wheel. Launch Control is also equipped with full acceleration with resulting high engine speed and minimum wheel slip.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is designed specifically for the R8 GT. When Sport mode is selected, the system will tolerate, so drivers can enjoy the sensation of oversteer during corner exit acceleration. Even in the off time can be sped down the racing circuit.

In selling a limited number of 333 units, Audi offered a price of € 193,000, plus a variety of comfort and convenience features and of course typical Audi luxury. Ergonomic interior color coated black and gray sporty.

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Tata Nano is now a predicate as the world's cheapest car will soon get a rival. The new product will become the world's cheapest car, according to China's automotive media is essentially a mini IG Gleagle Geely.

Cheapest car will be marketed first in China in 2012 with the price of 2.250 U.S. dollars (USD 21 million with the current exchange rate). As a comparison, the Tata Nano is now sold with prices ranging from 2700 dollars to 3800 U.S. dollars (USD 25 million-USD 35 million).

China's media have not explained how Geely could make a car with the cheapest price. In fact questionable whether Geely is using the cheap plastic body such as the Tata Nano? Original manufacturer Geely Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, it is aggressively trying to become world class manufacturers. This year, Geely has ensured itself as the new owner of Volvo.

Pada Beijing Auto Show last month, the Geely display mini IG Gleagle products which claimed to be the smallest cars in China and will be marketed as hybrid cars. Amazingly, this little car show with door-style gull wing gullwing alias, like Mercedes-Benz's latest AMG SLS, lho!
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MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2008

MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2008
Dream modify the style of racing style emang've long dreamed of Koko. But now that dream become a reality. "Understandably busyness that makes my time taken up," said the national airline pilots.

An elegant touch of racing after the body appears thick red Yaris lansiran 2008 oracal added cutting sticker made silver, black and gray. Not forgetting the racing style front headlamp is raised following Eyelid added emblems TRD (Toyota Racing Development) attached to the exterior follow-up. "What makes stylenya racing is a blend of elegant legs," Koko proud that changed the Yaris with Remus mufflers.

Entering the cabin space began to appear minimalist touch. "Original sporty really," he said. As a result the car owner who bernopol N 1861 CF gonna change the appearance of the interior. Even dikala Conditioning systems still rely originilnya kemacetanpun.

Business exterior modifications have been completed, turn the next stage is the development of the sector's legs. The result is the front wheel 18 inch rear HRE Vitalin quartet wrapped in 215/35-18 Sumitomo tires more elegant look after mendem into the fender. "Having to parts per sokbekernya kucustom tall do not let me," said Koko
READ MORE - MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2008
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MODIFIKASI Honda Jazz 2009

MODIFIKASI Honda Jazz 2009
Original single Surabaya is a lover of street performance modifications. "This is the result of a second modification," said Lee, the crew Option Surabaya. No doubt the All New Jazz faces oriented in the flow of viscous visible after exterior clad JDM body kit J's Racing replica.

Exterior contours of the All New Jazz is becoming cool after mated body kit J's Racing follows the style of towing, diffuser, canard on the front bumper. Aura racing style body is subjected to increasingly attractive after cutting sticker with J's Racing Dry Carbon follows a stop lamp and spoiler Honda Fit Ings +1.

All New Jazz cabin Sign racing clear with a touch of Sparco Torino seats following dashboard designed in the style of carbon that condensed racingnya nuances. Kian machines feature allows the rider to read the indicator panel which contains a pointer pointing Toser water pressure, temperature cycle up to pressure gas mains.

All New Jazz Style racing in accordance with bodinya touch up front with the rear wheels pointing Ray Volk CE28 who bandaged Achilles quartet 205/40-17 tires. The legs appear to dip after the per sokbeker refer Tanabe.
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Straightforward character matches crammed with a variety of flow both elegant and sporty look as if a modification shortcut for All New Honda Civic.

So no one and no doubt if Dan Arista incorporated in Pekanbaru comunity Question Mark chose the concept of street racing cars lansiran look at this 2007.

"If the others steadily with extreme look, elegant look if I Amendment to the street racing like this," said doi. He started working outside the sector, aka the cabin exterior, a set of body kit Type-R as if in harmony with his chosen theme MODIF.

Rays Volk rims 16 "is entwined with 225/35 tires Accelera MODIF perfectly supports this concept. Furthermore, with a distinctive sporty knacks laden street racing like the engine hood, trunk door handles carbon hood up Mugen wing spoiler and GT.

Pushed into the cabin, interior coloring is challenging or contrast with the exterior. Wrap the red color dominates in suede upholstery and also doortrim Bridge. Seatbelt, pedal sets, and took shiftknob Momo products which are equally sporty aura. Pivot tachometer knacks or gaugemeter Autogauge not useless because the sector is tilled ciamik follow-up machine.

TD turbocharger 05 with HKS blow off enough to bring a unique style of turbo engines roar of engines. Not in vain the building exterior and the interior was perfect, the articles in the sector are also equally perfect engine with turbo fitter with water filters and supported HKS intercooler. Brand Until HKS exhaust would not let go for adoption. .: Photo / text: DNR

BODY KIT: Type R, wheels: Volk Rays 16 ", BAN: Accelera 225/35/16, exhaust: HKS, KAP MACHINE / BAGGAGE / DOOR Handle: Carbon, spoiler: Mugen, Jok: Bridge, seatbelt: Momo, tachometer: Pivot, GAUGEMETER: Autogauge, pedal SET / SHIFTKNOB: Momo, TURBO: TD 2005, Timer: Blitz, Blow OFF / AIR FILTER / COOLER INTER: HKS, power amplifier / subwoofer / Tweeter: Venom
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Mazda is targeting the 500 cars sold per annum in Bandung. Means, per month expected 40 units were sold. "Mazda sales contribution in Bandung, about eight percent of total national sales," the President Director of Mazda Motor Indonesia Yoshiya Horigome on the sidelines of the inauguration of a showroom in Bandung on Wednesday (05/26/2010).

According Horigome, Mazda is trying to come closer to the people of Indonesia. "Bandung is very central role for Mazda, let alone this weekend the city of Jakarta residents. Thus, the existence of the showroom is very good," he said.

Still accompanied by the strains of the song Jason Mraz, eventually travel to the editorial office in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta went smoothly while occasionally trying ferociously outturn. It seemed to slightly increase the silencer cabin. Feel the heat radiating up the engine and gearbox to the cabin through the gap center console. AUTOMOTIVE even touched the iron was surprised when the clutch pedal which is also hot.

But the real test session of the engine power has not yet begun. Need an empty street conditions that can only be seen at night. Of course the atmosphere of the cabin must also change dong. This time the target sparkling atmosphere.

Headunit RX8 can swallow six CDs and a total of nine speaker Bose ready to pound the ear output. After browsing, this time the song Do You Feel Me processed by a Dutch DJ, Tiesto AUTOMOTIVE selected.

As for the kitchen is hidden behind the runway bonnetnya, Mazda embed a machine that already meets Euro 5 standards with a chassis that is claimed to be more comfort.

Besides the new face of the Mazda2, Mazda plans will also be showing off their new Mazda5 complete with a new diesel engine 113 bhp 1.6-liter capacity 15 percent more efficient than his old machine and then juxtaposed with the 6 speed manual trasnmisi which is also new.

No need for long, because it needs to perform tests on the rotary engine is coded RENESIS 13B-MSP (multi-side port) with a capacity of 2 x 654 cc 1308 cc alias of course! Technology developed since the generation Mazda RX7 has gone through several stages.

Not only the development of energy, emission test results at the workshop Nawilis, Jl. Radio In No.3A Raya, South Jakarta, RX8 only emit CO (carbon monoxide) 0.01% and HC (hydro carbon) 0 ppm, far from the threshold of 1.5% and 200 ppm!

Go through the toll also generate speed 215 km / h with ease, unfortunately because it blocked another vehicle, excess power from the engine could not expelled maximum.

Head of Mazda Junaidi Hadiwijaya Bandung Branch, said the inauguration Bandung Mazda Mazda driven by the many lovers in the capital of West Java. "Moreover, Mazda is also a lot of choices, ranging from the Mazda6, a premium sedan, so Mazda CX8," said Junaidi.

According to him, in addition to the showroom, where it also serves the sales, repair and spare parts sales.
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Honda SUV output this elegant aura but for Abraham, aja less elegant. "Must with elegant MODIF flow as well, so I choose one brand ie DAD," said the owner of the All New CRV bernopol this CY B 45.
The result?. Garry successfully nominated in King Of Elegant in the event Accelera Auto Contest that was held in Singapore earlier this month. "A little more to be King!. Sweet fruit of hard work, "kekeh Abraham.

CRV's face with a compelling look behind the front bumper custom fiberglass material follows the style of Japanese Eyelid headlamp given style. Elegant figure began to appear when the emblem and logo pointed DAD. Not to forget mufflers, license plate holder also pointed DAD so elegant style appears thicker.

Rona matching legs with an elegant concept with 22-inch alloy wheels wrapped with string quartet dvs value tires 225/35-22 Nexen mendem to appear in front of the rear fender. "In order for the flat per sokbeker cut hingg three screws," entrust the whispered single home modification Auto Concept and VAJ.

Appears increasingly elegant impression upon entering the cabin space. "It took a while to realize the full DAD elegant interior touches," says Abraham. Sitting in the seat of the wheel is attached layers of fabric-covered dashboard visible parts following DAD knickknacks.

"From the phone, Air Conditioning, curtain up emblems and logos DAD. Seat holder so elegantly clad in leather with suede combined following Crocodile doortrim and ceiling.

Sweeteners sense of hearing that Abraham demanded change the angle of the trunk into home theater. "To this one took three months for the designing," he added.

Bang seems blaring music with a pair of 12 inch woofers Xtreme power-assisted four-channel pair of Xtreme. Not to forget the device type head unit Caska K133 appoint the following Samsung 32 inch TV and monitor Headrest Skeleto and little man.

"Speaker pake merk Cello size 3-way to the front and 6.5 inches and 6.5 inches for the rear Xtreme," lid
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MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero 2000

MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero 2000
This concept MPV themed Terminator 3 Car or TX, "Albert said homeowners modification Auto Maxx opened the conversation about this Pajero. SUV lansiran capital in 2000, the club Breaker able to reach the Best Bagage after the rear trunk-like home theater magic.
Her whole body is enchanting bongsor SUV after dicustom front bumper with fiberglass rear deck below the cover and engine covers Jaos. Body color plain invisible touches the blue tribal graphics complexion and black ice.

Kian bright beam of light at night the lights entrust Proyector Eagle Eyes. Not to forget the impression sportynya Ralliart emblem is raised through the installation, Turbo and Jaos.

Visible exterior touch when the legs of life also touched modification. The result Vitano R22 wheels are wrapped with 305/40-22 tires look graceful Federal Pajero bandaged leg.

Entrance room cabins of modern touches appear thicker after steering angle of galaxies follows the motif spiced dasboardnya list. Make it easy for motorists to read the attached device engines by Auto Gauge indicator gauge black face. It appears not to forget the modern pedal set points Chopper Red Line.

Auditory sweetener Albert juggle the luggage space into mini-home theater. The result incision is able to bring the figure reached for the best baggage MPV design audio diajang Accelera Auto Contest some time ago.

RnB music roar seemed appealing after pointing Pioneer head unit double din TV connected to the speakers Soundstream Reference 6-inch woofer and beaten Soundstream TAQ 102. To ensure a clear voice, the power, entrusted Sounstream Tarantula Subwoofer Cable RCA 2X Esoterich following
READ MORE - MODIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero 2000
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