PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales did not launch a variant of their best-selling MPV, APV. However, in booth Indonesia International Motor Show, Suzuki, Suzuki APV beautifully framed.

Lettering on the plate number of New APV Arena. When most car manufacturers white wash his new car with white, Suzuki had precisely the mainstay of other colors, ie blue.

The most obvious external changes have on the already grill more elegant as well as sporty, as well as air circulation at the bottom of nuanced chrome bumper.

While the stern, though not many changes, but some like the new look on the bumper and the addition of a new exhaust to make it looks more fresh.

Entry into the cabin, you'll be treated to a sporty and dynamic feel of the cabin space is dominated by blue color, the skin layer jok, as well as door trim.

The entire body is wrapped in white paint APV crystal, it is interesting attention .let alone looked to the inside, especially the passenger space has been demolished completely. Seeing the design and interior configuration, APV Arena is no longer referred to as a family vehicle. Because seating is available only four: two in front and two behind.

"The concept is a luxury vehicle. Suitable to serve business partners, "said Edwin, the designer who participated monitor consumer interest towards creations at booth Suzuki. Hence, the cost of modifying the APV is big enough and he said out of about USD 120 million. Therefore, if sold, the price of this APV could reach USD 250 million!

Mini Alphard

APV appearance is, at first glance like a Toyota Alphard, so called Mini Alphard. For that, Edwin must replace the bumper and use the spoiler with a model of "Dower". Also there are additional side skirt on both side of the body.

Another significant change is the rear fender or sepatbor and fourth. Size fourth fatter fenders. The goal, in addition to providing an exclusive appearance, for 20-inch tire and rim can be installed properly and make the vehicle able to walk with a normal condition.

Even so, it turns out fender fat resulted in both the front door would not open normally. Angle open doors shrink and cause the driver or front passenger's rather difficult to get into the cockpit. But the system is open both side doors replaced a sliding model, a unique change,

Interior designed by Edwin on APV interesting. In the space available passengers only two seats with individual design, and equipped with adjustable arm rest. Boundary space between the cockpit and rear passengers, used to put on top of the minibar and put 20-inch LCD monitor. "I equip cars with surround sound systems. Thus owners and passengers can enjoy the spectacle while traveling, "said Edwin.

Although not using genuine leather, seats and interior trim are coated with MB Tech ivory products, thus giving the impression of luxury and exclusivity. APV Be this as the original luxury minivan, which is really born from the Earth Indonesia, ranging from unit to design and creativity for modification.

Fun anymore, New APV Arena was only appropriate to make passengers more comfortable, especially with added seat middle row captain seat type.

Then the big question, is this the successor of Suzuki APV? For as in previous years, Suzuki always show the first prototype model on the mat like IIMS before eventually launched.

However, if you can not wait to have APV with a view like that, please reach for the pocket more of USD 40 million, to be brought to the garage of the house.

Suzuki price prices on the road to the Suzuki APV SGX Arena is worth USD 201 million.
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SPESIFIKASI Audi R8 FSI Quattro | Mobil Termahal

SPESIFIKASI Audi R8 FSI Quattro | Mobil Termahal

Car show in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 is currently underway. But of the many cars on display, Which car to be the most expensive and cheapest cars brought into the exhibition ATPM

IIMS 2010, held in the region JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, occupying 57 830 square meters and up to July 29, 2010 has been drawing attention from the 147 476 visitors.

And instead of the many existing car, the Audi R8 FSI Quattro Audi that was the most expensive car at IIMS with the official price ranging from USD 5.3 billion.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's national car, Wasps become the cheapest car on display at IIMS with the price USD 48 million only.

Actually there was another car like the Rolls-Royce Ghost which is suspected to have higher prices and go on display in this IIMS. But the car was not trafficked by the official car manufacturer, but only just taken by the General Importer. The price is certainly not the general importer.

Well then, let's peel what greatness Audi R8 FSI Quattro is a car that became the most expensive and Wasps cheapest car at this prestigious exhibition.

Viewed physically Audi R8 FSI Quattro do imply an aura of exotic sports is so strong. Design Audi R8 FSI Quattro impressed very sharp to support the dynamics and aerodynamics of this car.

It was not surprising. Audi R8 FSI Quattro For complemented by a capacity of 2.5 liter V10 engine direct injection FSI technology is already applying the typical German manufacturer.

With these machines, cars that trafficked by PT Garuda Mataram Motor which became Indonesia's car manufacturers Audi is finally able to accelerate from rest up to the speed of 100 km per hour in just 3.9 only and reach peak speeds up to 316 km / hr.

Great ability that it is not strange, especially when we find out if this car has enough power to reach 525 hp malignant ie up to 530 Nm of torque.

While Wasps made by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) derived from Cimahi, Bandung, West Java with a cute and minimalist look.

Car body shape that takes this concept city car body design contrasts sharply with the Audi R8 FSI Quattro. Because when the Audi R8 FSI Quattro appear with sharp lines on his body, Wasps appear with curves that tend to impress the cute and rounded when viewed.

Similarly with the kitchen spur, Wasps and Audi R8 FSI Quattro is not a car that should be comparison. Because if Audi R8 FSI Quattro has reversed bonnet crazy machines, Wasps perform with the original engine design brings Indonesia's eco-friendly.

Wasps are currently carrying four stroke engine with three cylinders which is equivalent to 650 cc engine. This car can accommodate four adult passengers and can be accelerated by gentle manual transmission 4-speed thanks to their application.

According to the Project Manager Njoto Kuntoaji Wasp tells the engine block has been using aluminum alloy. "This is the same as those used luxury cars such as Jaguar and others," he said.

How else Wasps is Indonesia's national car and so this could be
to be Indonesia's future cars.

Curious about both? Just go straight IIMS arena in 2010. In this most prestigious auto show, Audi R8 FSI Quattro A8 can be enjoyed at Hall JIExpo. While Wasps will be looking at their booth in the corner of the JI Expo Hall C2 arena.
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SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Swift dan SX4-FCV

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Swift dan SX4-FCV
Theme is "Unlimited Green Technology" at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010, actual PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) has another reliable car that is not so trafficked because of the time the too mepet. Namely Suzuki Swift Hybrid Plug-ins and Suzuki SX4 FCV (Fuel-Cell Vehicle).

Both have appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. "We're not finished this two-car entry to Indonesia because there are several obstacles, including for delivery time too long," says Endro Nugroho, Marketing Director of SIS.

But as knowledge for the end, pairs of SIS and equipment specifications and posters that contain both cars this way of working. And do not forget to publish video presentations about the workings of both in the middle of the booth Suzuki.

Yet there is nothing wrong if we keep the car carried a review of technology is environmentally friendly. Starting from the Suzuki Swift Hybrid. This car has a blend between the conventional combustion engine, an electric motor and battery to store electric.

Swift GT is the latest variant of Swift's sporty looking, with a sports character, which has proved power on this 2006 JWRC rally to prevail in Sweden, Catalu, Turkey etc. Suzuki Swift is very thick "wing" typical European, this is because since the beginning of the concept car is designed by European designers and using Japanese technology.

Using M15A DOHC engine - variable valve timing make the Swift is able to produce maximum power PS/6.000 110 rpm. The maximum torque that can reach 143 rpm combined with a suspension Nm/4.000 "Suzuki Rally Based Suspension System", ie to the front position is the blend of McPherson Strut & Coil Spring rear alloy while Torsion Beam & Coil Spring.

For safety braking system, Swift is equipped with ABS + EBD, dual SRS airbags, TECT Body, Side Impact Beam and also "Pedestrian Protection" that Swift front bumper that is not too deadly when the collision occurred. So Suzuki Swift received Four-Star Euro NCAP rating for passenger safety. Currently only available for the Swift GT in manual transmissions and 2 color version of Silver and Black with OTR prices Jabotabek USD. 151 500 000, -

During the exhibition the Jakarta Motor Show 2006 we set up promotional programs for consumers that is "Gala Fiesta" namely the DP Light Programme from USD. 3 million or 1 free installments, Cash Back, Flower Light from 2.7% and a variety of prizes such as Radio tape, or Reverse Sensor Alarm. We also supported a number of leasing companies to help consumers finance the Indomobil Finance, BCA Finance, OTO Multiartha and Verena Oto Finance. Purchaser during the exhibition also had the opportunity to get Lucky Draw prizes electronic equipment.

Suzuki occupies Hall B-3, with an area of 300 m2 and featuring:

Swift GT
Swift GL Modification (Head Lamp, Rear Lamp Garnish Body Color, Upper Rear Spoiler, Floor Mat) Price Accessories USD. 3 Million.
Grand Vitara JX M / T Modifications Body Molding-Black doff, Rear Lamp Garnish-Body Color, A / W 255/55/18 Pirelli Tyre, Muffler Extension, 2 Din Indash 6.5 '/ DVD/MP3/FM-AM, Floor Matt ) USD. 23 million.
Grand Vitara JLX M / T Modifications Cross Bar, Upper Rear Spoiler, A / W Lenzo & Tire / 40/20 ') USD. 28 Million.
Modification APV (Front Grille, Chrome Black, Aerokits, Alloy Wheel 18 ', leather Seat, Wooden P / W Switch Cover + Gear Shift Knob, Dual S Din Monitor + headrests, Floor Mat) Price Accessories USD. 28 million.
Grand Vitara Body Cutting showing the interior side.

The difference, fuel engine was replaced with K-Series engines, K6B a capacity of only 658cc. As a substitute for the missing energy has been put up an electric motor. The results of this car can actually cover the distance 20 km without consuming a drop of gasoline.

And because it uses a system of hybrid plug-in, rechargeable battery from anywhere including from the mains at home. But do not worry about having to run out of battery power, because after the battery run out then the generator will work in motion by the earlier 658cc engine fuel.


Next up was the Suzuki SX4-FCV. As the name implies, Fuel-Cell Vehicle, the car was being environmentally friendly because fuel cell systems apply. SX4-FCV carries 70 MPa pressurized hydrogen tank and compact capacitor that was developed by Suzuki.

Suzuki SX4 facelift results more appealing to fans of Suzuki. Exterior Suzuki SX4 gets a sporty new grille, brand-new design 16-inch alloy wheels, and headlights that embraces HID (High-Intensity Discharge) with auto leveling. 'Plastic surgery' on the Suzuki SX4 is not penetrated the stern and its dimensions.

While on the interior of the Suzuki SX4 rewarded chrome layer on the circle control air conditioning and door handles, aux-in, new speedometer with MID, and upholstery fabric blue berkelir. The Suzuki SX4 owners will also be more entertained by the presence of the bass speakers in the middle.

Crossover design results Giorgetto Giugiaro of Italdesign still maintain engine 1,500 cc, DOHC, VVT, powerful 100 hp and 133 Nm of torque, which used the previous model. A pair of airbags (airbags) in front, ABS brakes plus EBD and BA, and keyless entry with immobilizer, installed as safety features and security in the new Suzuki SX4.

SX4-FCV is currently undergoing road trials in general agreement with the government. The test result will be the benchmark for developing fuel cell systems Suzuki better.
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PT Mazda Motor Indonesia could smile a little sweet in IIMS 2010. How not. Until the seventh day, Thursday (7/29/2010), they could sell a total of 277 units. Best sellers, a popular Mazda Mazda2 hatchback with sales of 143 units. The position was followed by CX-7 with 33 units, the Mazda2 Sedan (20 units), CX-nine (19 units), Mazda6 (7 units), BT-50 (3 unit), and RX-8 (two units).

Astrid Ariani Wijana, Marketing Manager PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI), said, "After the market penetration with the Mazda2 hatchback, compared with last year, Mazda sales in IIMS increased significantly this year," Astrid said in a statement received official Kompas.com , today.

To sustain sales, MMI offers a variety of exciting promotions during the exhibition, among others, free audio kit, three days and two nights vacation to Singapore, and raffle to win a trip to Tokyo for two people (available for five winners).

f Nagare is an emotional expression of the movement inspired by nature, then the Ryuga describe the creative challenge for the team to translate the Mazda Nagare design in the form of a more realistic visualization, so it can be more effective in measuring the reaction of the beholder.

"Ryuga is a blend of elegance and a more refined design, which expresses the concept of the mysterious beauty and intelligence," said Yasushi Nakamuta, chief designer for the Ryuga at Mazda Motor Corporation.

Ryuga beauty can be seen from the body that seem to flow down to the rear.

Mazda promises for the future, contained in the Ryuga touch will be applied to production models of the other Mazda.

"Mazda has a mission to 'challenge' perceptions of customers in defining 'good car' and to raise standards in the industry. Ryuga is Zoom-Zoom picture in the future. Ryuga is a vision in terms of character design in accordance with Mazda as a challenger in automotive market, "said Yoshiya Horigome, President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI).

You are curious about the big seagull Mazda Ryuga? Please visit the Mazda booth in Hall A JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Besides Ryuga, Mazda 2 Sedan, Hatchback, CX-7, CX-9, Mazda6 is ready to pamper your eyes.

This car is part of Mazda concept car which resulted from the design language. In Los Angeles Auto Show 2007, Mazda started with the Nagare, which in Japanese means "flow". Then continue with Hakaze, Ryuga, Taiki, Furai, Kazamai, and Kiyora. "We will show this concept car as part of the evolution of Mazda's Zoom-Zoom philosophy," said the source, on Tuesday (23 / 3) afternoon.

Mazda Ryuga said concentrate on the improvement and sophistication by combining high-quality materials, excellent skills, innovative and highly detailed. This concept car ever reap the prestigious award that is Louis Vuitton Classic Concept in 2007.

Views Ryuga is futuristic. From the front, side, up the back like a stream. 245/35 R21-inch wheel design that is currently spinning like a twist. The most prominent feature on this car are the doors Gull-wing (Sea Gull) and bulging fender flares.

Like the RX-8, the Ryuga is a car with four passengers, but with a longer wheelbase (110.2 inches). Interior design such as the cockpit of the aircraft. Not much information about the machine used. But this car is mentioned using environmentally friendly engines E85/bensin FLEX FUEL. Another prominent feature is the Charged-Coupled Deivce camera (CCD) to monitor the rear of the vehicle and blin spot.

"IIMS become an arena that is right for your customers to immediately try and buy a Mazda. If you are still curious about the brand Mazda, please stop at the Mazda booth at the same time to see our special guests from Japan, the Ryuga, a concept car that was awarded a prestigious Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award, "Astrid beber.
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SPESIFIKASI Porsche 918 Spyder | Mobil Hybrid Bertenaga Dahsyat

SPESIFIKASI Porsche 918 Spyder | Mobil Hybrid Bertenaga Dahsyat

Porsche finally has given the official green light to produce a concept car Porsche 918 Spyder.

The car that was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 is equipped with a 490 hp V8 engine and three electric engine that produces 215 hp power.

With a total power of 708 hp engine makes 918 Porsche Spyder can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in 3.2 seconds. With a top speed of 320 km / h.

Even more important again, thanks to a plug-in hybrid technology, this Spyder requires only 3.0 liters of fuel for 100 km, producing low emissions as much as 70 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

All sources of energy that comes from the 3400 cc V8 engine mounted on the rear axle with more power than 500 hp. This machine is also similar to those used in the Porsche RS Spyder. But for the rear wheel, a source of energy produced by three electric motors which, when all work is able to produce power equal to 215 hp.

That is, not a difficult thing for the 918 Spyder in accelerate from 0-100 km per hour. Open-topped sports car that just took 3.2 seconds to move from rest to 100 kpj. If you want more adrenaline peaked, please stepped on the gas pedal a little deeper, because this hybrid car could be driven up to 320 km / hour. Power for distribute it to the rear-wheel drive through a transmission 7-speed Porsche MDD.

There are four key driving modes can be selected by the driver 918 Spyder. Namely "E-drive" which allows the battery power to work alone until it reaches a distance of 25 km. In addition there are mode "hybrid" that combines the performance of a conventional engine with an electric motor while still pressing the fuel consumption.

There is also a fashion "Sport Hybrid" which emphasizes performance but still use the electric motor performance, as well as fashion "Race Hybrid" which stresses maximum performance conventional engine with an additional burst of energy from the optimal performance of an electric motor to accelerate.

Energy for the hybrid system 918 Spyder is stored in lithium-ion battery can be recharged on conventional electricity sources in the home. kinetic energy from regenerative braking can recharge the car battery for a car is running.

"We will develop a model in Weissach 918 Spyder and assembles them in Zuffenhausen. It has also become a very important commitment to Germany as a production base," said Michael Macht, President and Chairman of the Board of Management as quoted Worldcarfans, Thursday (29 / 7 / 2010).

Supercar that will embrace the hybrid system is planned to be released with the price of 500,000 euros or approximately USD 5.87 billion, or more expensive than a Carrera GT for this to be the Porsche most expensive car.

Prices are expensive not turn a blind eye to the interested persons. Until mid last month at least has more than 2,000 people have already expressed interest in this car
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SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Alto | Masuk Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Alto | Masuk Indonesia

In the future such a tiny city car car believed to have ditched the car families such as the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and becoming one of the best-selling car model in Indonesia.

"There are many factors that will underlie this prediction from the fuel issue, the growing population of small families, so increasingly bad road conditions," explained Deputy General Manager of Marketing Brand I PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) John Saragih in the arena of IIMS 2010, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

The first trend that developed at this time is the issue of fuel efficiency that was almost to the attention of all parties whether it be producer or consumer.

It is possible that in future advertisements would no longer prioritize car advanced features but more to show the efficiency problems that they could achieve.

While the second trend, according to John is a small family trend with the number of children who are not a lot.

"Judging from current and predicted demographic future, the possibility Indonesian families will be dominated by small family with little children. Life would be more individual, "he said.

While the third issue that will make the city car segment is the fact that demand is now increasingly jammed roads only.

Even many who predicted the streets within the complex it will be stalled when car sales growth is not accompanied by the addition of a long road.

"In those conditions, a small car that can be possessed-skid will be preferred. Moreover,car-park home or apartment will be more limited, "he added.

That's why John believes these small car segment will continue to evolve in the future. When a city car last year accounted for only about 3 percent of total national car sales, this year John expects to grow at rates of at least 5 percent.

"The parameters most easily seen is the increasing number of brands playing in this segment. That proves my eye with their eyes also think if the city car has a bright future in Indonesia," concluded John
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SPESIFIKASI City Car | Mobil Masa Depan di Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI City Car | Mobil Masa Depan di Indonesia

In the future such a tiny city car car believed to have ditched the car families such as the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) and becoming one of the best-selling car model in Indonesia.

"There are many factors that will underlie this prediction from the fuel issue, the growing population of small families, so increasingly bad road conditions," explained Deputy General Manager of Marketing Brand I PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) John Saragih in the arena of IIMS 2010, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

The first trend that developed at this time is the issue of fuel efficiency that was almost to the attention of all parties whether it be producer or consumer.

It is possible that in future advertisements would no longer prioritize car advanced features but more to show the efficiency problems that they could achieve.

While the second trend, according to John is a small family trend with the number of children who are not a lot.

"Judging from current and predicted demographic future, the possibility Indonesian families will be dominated by small family with little children. Life would be more individual, "he said.

While the third issue that will make the city car segment is the fact that demand is now increasingly jammed roads only.

Even many who predicted the streets within the complex it will be stalled when car sales growth is not accompanied by the addition of a long road.

"In those conditions, a small car that can be possessed-skid will be preferred. Moreover, car-park home or apartment will be more limited, "he added.

That's why John believes these small car segment will continue to evolve in the future. When a city car last year accounted for only about 3 percent of total national car sales, this year John expects to grow at rates of at least 5 percent.

"The parameters most easily seen is the increasing number of brands playing in this segment. That proves my eye with their eyes also think if the city car has a bright future in Indonesia," concluded John
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SPESIFIKASI Taksi Lova | Berbahan Bakar CNG

SPESIFIKASI Taksi Lova | Berbahan Bakar CNG

Various methods are used by taxi companies in Indonesia to conserve fuel usage given the operational costs of fuel a growing swell.

One of the most efficient way is to convert to CNG or gas fuel.

As used Lova taxi company in Jakarta. Taxi company's Chevrolet brand now has 25 CNG-fueled units. Use of CNG in a taxi cab company had done before. However, because the assessed damage the engine, now the use of CNG as omitted.

"It used to damage the engine, but not now. That's up from the engine. Because the Chevrolet Lova engines using cast iron materials, it is very strong," said Chief Technician Taxi Djabari Lova on the sidelines of the gathering events with taxi companies Chevrolet at GM booth at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

In 2008, Chevrolet won the taxi market share of 7 percent or equivalent with 380 units of the national taxi market volume to 6,000 units per year.

While in sales next year Chevrolet Lova in the taxi market by increasing to 600 units. Now, along with high demand from taxi operators, continued to boost production of the Chevrolet Lova to achieve the target of 1,500 units this year.

One of the taxi operators who now rely on a fleet Lova is Beautiful Family Taxi who today received the unit to 100 Chevrolet Lova from GMAI.

He also reveals, Lova chosen because of the quality that has proven reliability, durability, and fuel efficiency.

The availability of spare parts, easy maintenance, fuel efficiency, comfort of all passengers, security, and all the value of the product can be tested and seen more transparently. Including after-sales operations. However earlier aspects of the product is expected to be used as a fleet of taxis.

Given that, if not just one aspect like tersebutkan above, then the business benefits for companies Taxi operators will not be able diraup. Including, for car manufacturers, the aim of improving brand image and products through sales Taxis will not work.

"I hope, Gathering events and the launch of this, we can explain directly to the invitation which consist of finance companies, the Bank and the national employers' Taxi operators and the media about our passion and excellence Chevy Lova. Both the specification and service, "lid Mukiat.

This year, targeting sales of 2600 units of Chevrolet. And the target contribution to the segment sales through the Chevy Lova Taxi for 900 units. While the contribution from the sales target of 7 passengers SUV, Captiva still dominate.

Sales of Chevrolet all models this year, growth increased over the same period last year (2008). In 2008, in January 161 units, 185 units in February, and March 186 units. While in 2009 on the same period in January consecutive 165 units, 187 units in February, and March 190 units.

Taxi Companies in areas, such as in Bali, Yogyakarta, Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Makassar and Manado first contributed Chevrolet Taxi population. And approximately, 14 companies taxi operator in Indonesia have been entrusted to the Chevrolet fleet. Since early 2009, Chevrolet also has been used by taxi companies in Jakarta.

At the same event, held the signing ceremony of cooperation commitment between the Chevrolet and the Bank Harda International. Bank Harda International expressed readiness to accept applications for financing the Chevrolet Lova Taxi segment. Beyond that, there are approximately 7 Bank including finance companies that support the financing of the Chevrolet Lova.

Meanwhile, Director of Beautiful Family Taxi, Captain EM Wake up SE reveals, the choice of the Chevrolet Lova because technically proven quality and favored by its fleet of passenger comfort aspect.

"With the unit to 100 that we received today are expected to be able to improve our service to the users of Beautiful Family Taxis in Jakarta,

With the use of CNG fuel, Djabari Lova admitted every taxi fleet can save the cost of 40 percent.

CNG own tubes imported from China, while konventer from Argentina whose price reached USD 15 million with a capacity equivalent to 11 liters of the tube reached. Each one liter of gas can reach the distance of nearly 16 kilometers.

"The difference is much frugal, up 40 percent of the tablets," said Djabari said.

Chevrolet Lova Taxi recognized as having been tested during the three-month test, the results are also not
absolutely no damage to the machine. "Pretty good, keep the machine working normally, no problems in terms of resilience," sure Djabari.

Now the taxi company has 25 units of CNG-fueled taxis Lova. Possibilities, 175 other units will follow according Djabari use CNG.
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SPESIFIKASI Kijang Innova E | bertransmisi otomatis,

SPESIFIKASI Kijang Innova E | bertransmisi otomatis,

Along with carpet Indonesia International Motor Show, PT Toyota Astra Motor strengthen the family car line-up, Kijang Innova with three new models at a time which was officially launched.

Most interesting is the Kijang Innova E transmit automatically, because the luxury and convenience of automatic transmit the family car is now more affordable with the existence of this Auto E type.

Besides already equipped with automatic transmission, Innova type E is also already equipped with alloy rims with new design, so it is more unsightly.

Meanwhile, if you want a little more luxurious and comfortable cabin in Innova, Toyota now provides tioe V and G Luxury Luxury. Both with the latest changes.

Pinned to the latest features in both types of Luxury is guaranteed to make your family feel at home for long inside the cabin, because the 8-inch LCD Mobitor will spoil them.

If still not, a DVD player with wireless headphones and remote control, is clearly its own convenience in enjoying the entertainment in the cabin Innova V Luxury and G of this.

The Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 is considered the most appropriate moment to launch this Kijang Innova E automatic.

"Yes, for the Innova is a new type of E amtik first time we introduce in this IIMS," said General Manager Marketing TAM Widyawati Soedigdo when met at the Toyota booth at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

He revealed the presence of Innova E automatic is a response of consumer demand is the desire of Toyota MPV type automatic transmission but with a more affordable price.

Because there is no doubt, most consumers Innova type E is a private buyer who often drive a car without driver assistance. "So they want a more comfortable," he continued.

In addition to the transmission model, almost no change in the Innova E automatic transmission with manual transmission variants. "The machine is still the same with a manual, a transmission system is also similar to the type G is automatic," he said.

Expected to support the sale of Innova to achieve 70 percent market share of the total MPV market, the Toyota Kijang Innova E automatic release Rp223 million on the road in Jakarta or more expensive to Rp13 million from Innova E Manual.

"The presence of new variants of the Kijang Innova is part of Toyota's effort to continue to provide the best products to our customers, especially for a family vehicle that is in great demand," said Johnny Darmawan, president director of PT Toyota Astra Motor in a press release welcoming the launch of three new variants in the event IMMS 2010.

Kijang Innova EA / T is an automated version for Innova type E, which has been issued previously.

Two types of Luxury, G and V, now appear with a more capable entertainment facilities like DVD Player 8-inch monitor with wireless headphones and a remote control.

Any outward appearance has been freshened with new chrome grille applications,
thus providing an elegant impression, while the more comfortable cabin space for the application of captain on the bench second row seat.

And specific to the type V Luxury, already have the wheel circumference button
Audio settings and Multi-Information Display. Digital also auto water

Toyota Innova type E AT removed at Rp 223 million. Then type G Luxury for Rp 250.1 million. And the highest type V Luxury, removed at Rp 285 million. Everything is on the road of Jakarta.
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SPESIFIKASI Ford Fiesta | Laris di IIMS

SPESIFIKASI Ford Fiesta | Laris di IIMS

Ford Fiesta sold well in the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010. Until the fifth day exhibition (07/27/2010), PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) garnered sales of 180 units, where 90 percent of the Fiesta.

Will Angove, President Director of FMI said, zest exhibition visitor this year was very positive. The presence of the Fiesta became one of the attractions as well as our weapon to boost sales.

"Of the two types are offered, the composition 50:50 (between the engines 1.4 L and 1.6 L). Usually the consumer is choosing which type of top first and then gradually down to the type of bottom," he said when met at the booth Ford exhibit at the IIMS, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, today.

According to a press release Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI), until last August the Fiesta sales have reached 940 thousand units. This figure includes sales of 810 thousand units in Europe, Asia Pacific 120 thousand units, as well as North America 10 thousand units.

"Less than two years after its global performance in Europe, Ford Fiesta has exceeded expectations by attracting new customers who are younger and established the Ford brand, this is strong evidence of the implementation plan for One Ford," said Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally.

"The design of an intelligent and intuitive technology are highly valued in the global marketplace," said Jim Farley, Ford Group Vice President for Marketing, Sales and Service.

Although Ford has managed to find ways to develop and deliver high-quality vehicle finance and frugal, but worldwide marketing Fiesta is quite challenging because of the diversity of customers.

In a country which is a new place for the Fiesta, for example in China, Southeast Asia and the United States, Ford's use of social media and digital widely to create awareness before the launch.

"The use of social media gives the impression of an authentic consumer. This media provides a level of credibility that can not be obtained from a traditional marketing campaign, "Farley added.

Data provided by FMC calls, 54 percent of buyers in China Fiesta aged 29 years, and the average age of all buyers is 30 years old. In South Africa, 50 percent aged less than 29 years and the average buyer age of 33 years.

Fiesta, Will said, could provide more than customer needs. Especially the voice command feature that is attracting considerable consumer interest.

Since the initial launch last July, the number of Vehicle Booking Letter (DSS) that go to reach 460 units. New orders plus 150 units in the exhibition. "So it's good request, and we're very confident," Will said.

Related spesification units, he explained the type of engine is 1.4 L will begin to go in August. While new types of market entry 1.6 L September.

Meanwhile, today FMI received three awards from the magazine Car & Tuning Guide. Third award for Best Engine, Convenience Feutures Ford E20 and B5, and Best Dress-up Ford Fiesta hatchback.

"One of the interesting, we did not showcase environmentally friendly technology but in fact we are getting this award. This is incredible," lid Will.
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Proton his promise to prove that the luxurious display Exora Exora President. How the features till dare Priced Proton MPV's most luxurious edition to $ 320 million. What kind of figures We refer to the review.

In terms of engine, the Proton MPV Exora President buy same machine with previous Exora ie Campro CPS engine capacity of 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valve which can give off power 125 hp pda 6500 rpm. While the resulting torque is 150 Nm at 4500 rpm.

With it, Exora president can reach a top speed of 165 km per hour. While for the Exora manually from point 0 to 100 km per hour just takes 12.9 seconds. While the older matic Exora namely 15.5 seconds.

Front suspension uses MacPherson Strut Exora President on the front and torsion beam. For safety system use disc brakes on front and rear Tromol for.

Viewed from the exterior, added Exora pretty with additional body kits and on until the engine hood overvender. Applying body kit emphasize the presence of President Exora homeland MPV vehicle market.

For President Exora rim using size 17 inch rim with 215 tire width. Part in the president differ Exora Exora usual.

President Exora model is now applied captain chair seats, while the bench was discarded. So only two chairs in them. More classy interior with a mix of two colors white and gray.

Give the impression of class, did not escape from the Proton with an accent color President Exora wood or wood panel that is on the dashboard and steering wheel.

And what about audio?. Proton was pinned double-DIN head unit with Touch screen SD / MMC / USB slot and an active subwoofer.
Rear passengers are also more relaxed with him 19-inch LCD TV. Behind the design is very attractive, classy element in it.

Looks like Proton did not play for the design of the rear passengers. Particularly applied panoramic roof style. To increase driver alertness, Proton has pinned rear camera. Screen in front of wide enough to help the eyesight of the driver.

Still curious? Simply come to the booth Proton in Indonesia International Motor Show at the JI Expo Kemayoran Jakarta.
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SPESIFIKASI Subaru Outback

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Outback

In addition to presenting Subaru Impreza STI hatchback, PT TC Subaru also presents new automobiles, which are marketed in conjunction with carpet Indonesia International Motor Show 2010 this.

From the SUV segment which includes many devotees are in Indonesia, Subaru
New Outback presents, intended for those who argue that the uneven surfaces and perfection can not be united, they obviously have not seen the Subaru Outback.

The design of mixing between an SUV with a muscular MPV family car that has a roomy cabin space. Plus of course with luxury features and functional support for passenger comfort.

As reported by autoevolution.com, Friday (16 / 7), Subaru mention the internet facility which served it operated through a 3G network with full connection is encrypted with an average download speed of 400 kbps-1.2 mbps.

Thus, the internet connection still excellent despite the car in condition to move. "(With) Subaru Mobile Internet facilities, passengers to easily check email, surf, listen to the radio, enjoy video streaming or even post on stus social networking," said Subaru's press release.

"In fact, at the same time some passengers to use Wi-Fi connection for each device, including laptops, netbook, smart phone, gaming control, IPAD or iPod Touch latest model," added Subaru.

Subaru Outback most gres generation produced in two types of engine, 2,500 cc i that produces 170 horsepower power and a powerful 3600 R 256 horsepower. Each offers four and six cylinder.

Lineratronic Continously transmission system using variable transmission (CVT). Subaru claims that besutannya newer model fuel efficient, because it consumes only 8.1 liters for a distance of 100 kilometers on the highway.

In State Abang Sam, brand-new Outback is priced starting at U.S. $ 22,995 or approximately USD 211.55 million.

Subaru Outback Lineartronic engine CVT equipped 2.5-liter capacity,
the estimated power reaches 167 Ps and 229 Nm of torque. PT TC Subaru Outback 2.5i this latest release for USD 700 million on the road of Jakarta.

Now, turn the sedan segment is crowded in the country began early this year. Not wanting to miss, Subaru introduced the Legacy 2.5 GT also the latest, with the more elegant designs but does not eliminate the sporty characteristics of the Subaru.

Claimed by manufacturer, 02/05 Legacy GT Subaru rally car technology inherited, so that when you drive it, the blend between performance and luxury sedan style will be very clearly felt behind the wheel.

The engine is coded E-5AT Turbocharger 2.5-liter capacity, with production reaching 265 PS power and peak torque of 350 Nm. Counterparts can be redeemed with the price tag of USD 788 million on the road of Jakarta.

Both of them can you see directly in the mat Indonesia International Motor Show, at the Subaru booth IIMS.
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SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Motor Corp | Mobil Murah Mitsubishi

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Motor Corp | Mobil Murah Mitsubishi

Japanese manufacturer, Mitsubishi did not explicitly want to get the car cheap in Indonesia. However, the possibility of the birth of cheap Mitsubishi car was not yet closed.

For now Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (MMC), which became the principal Mitsubishi is preparing a tiny car that Mitsubishi will become a global product.

This was revealed by Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha Three Berlian Motors (KTB) Rizwan Alamsyah IIMS arena, at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

"I heard that MMC is currently preparing a global small car in Thailand. Hopefully, this new car can cost a relatively affordable," he said.

Mitsubishi Motors North American CEO, Shinichi Kurihara, on the sidelines of the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) said Mitsubishi models in the future will be smaller dimensions than the B-segment vehicle Europe.

"This car will use the engine capacity between 1.2 liters or 1.3-liter four-cylinder," as reported by Kurihara I autoevolution, Monday (5/3/2010).

But he was still keeping the other details regarding the presence of these Mitsubishi small car. Hanay he promised more information will come at the same time displaying a prototype of this car in the next international automotive exhibition.

Currently the smallest model is issued Mitsubishi Colt engine that uses powerful 1,100 cc 75 hp with a torque of 100 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

After Colt, a car with a fairly compact dimensions issued by the ASX Mitsubishi crossover to market in Europe after his first appearance at Geneva Auto Show, March ago.

The car also has another name RVR using 1,800 cc direct-injection engine created by Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (MMC) and Mistubishi Heavy Industries, which is paired with a six-speed manual transmission. As for markets in Japan there is also a choice of CVT transmission type.

Rizwan further explained that this car will be shaped as the name that is tiny. Because that's expected selling price of this car will be suppressed.

"If it be produced, hopefully Indonesia will goto the allotment," he said.

Currently the Indonesian government is currently preparing a major project a make environmentally friendly cars but cheap, because the plan will be released at a price of about USD 75-80 million only.

Several car manufacturers have shown interest. And the closest is the Daihatsu had even made a concept car called the F-Concept which gives a chance for cheap car plans.
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SPESIFIKASI Proton | Saga Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Proton | Saga Listrik

Talk about environmentally friendly cars, Proton already have them. In the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show, Proton showcase the power of technology embedded in the Proton Saga.

EV Proton Saga has a lithium ion polymer battery which can produce 15 kWh of energy. Battery charging time to reach 6-8 hours. Proton also provides rapid charging version just an hour. Once the battery charge is sufficient to explore Jakarta to Bandung.

Saga EV electric motor performance is pretty tough. Of 000-100 km per hour can be reached by 12 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 110 km per hour ie.

According to the Detroit Electric told Down Jones News Agency, the contract is valid for five years. In the first year, Proton is expected to reach a revenue of 1.2 billion ringgit Malaysia.

The Dutch company plans to sell 40,000 battery as a power source of Proton cars to be produced at the plant in Tanjong Malim first year.

Magnetic Flux Motorcycle engine technology and Lithium Polymer batteries that have been tested both as a source of energy is expected to support speeds. With Lithium batteries the car can travel a distance of 180 km (111 miles) to the model city range and 325 km (200 miles) for extended range model.

In the production schedule, electric cars will be produced as many as 270,000 units during the first four years. Management said Detroit Electric was first electric car will be shown to the public in February 2010.

Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam said the base of the vehicle using the Proton gen-2 and Persona with minor modifications. While relying on lithium battery power source that produced Detroit.

Lam confident with such a large project and estimates there will be demand for as many as between 120,000 to 150,000 units. He said the market will grow rapidly associated with the government's insistence that more intense focus on environmental and green technology sectors.

The car is planned, will be sold with prices ranging from 23,000 dollars to 33,000 U.S. dollars. It all depends on the size of the battery because it is very influential on mileage.

Proton Saga EV (Electric Vehicle) white colour it comes with 12 packs of lithium ion polymer battery which can generate 125 kW power.

Driven by system 5-speed manual transmission, Saga EV could issue a power of 168 hp through a ditopangnya electric battery.

When the power source is exhausted, the battery can be recharged within 6-8 hours. In the full condition, the battery can be used to cover the distance as far as 109 km.

Although equipped with electric motors, but the power of this little sedan is almost equivalent to conventional-engined variant. In order to accelerate from 0-100 km / h Saga EV only takes 12 seconds with a maximum speed reaches 161 km / hour.

Unfortunately, PT Proton Edar Indonesia (PEI) as the sole agent Proton cars in the country not intend to market electric-powered cars.

When compared with the Persona car gasoline, the cost of course cheaper. Saga EV for each km only need USD 120 only, or Rp 3.6 million per year while the Persona USD 360 per km, or Rp 10.8 million per year.

Another advantage is the owner of the Proton EV was not necessary to the gas station. Charging the battery is done at home or at work. Practical is not it?

This electric technology does not only apply to only Saga, Proton plans as stated by Proton Holdings Berhad Managing Director Dato 'Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir will install an electric motor to the other Proton cars.

Meanwhile, for its application in Indonesia, Proton requested the preparation of the government's electricity infrastructure.
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SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Tahoe | Irit Bahan Bakar

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Tahoe | Irit Bahan Bakar

In the event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 Chevrolet stand very classy, especially with the presence of a giant Autobot at their booth.

But if you are observant, then you'll find a large car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which is a high-tech hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe.

This car is uniquely numbered. Because if the other manufacturers of hybrid systems apply only to cars small and medium-sized, the American automotive giant in Tahoe this is to show that the hybrid system can also be applied to a large car without having to reduce its fuel efficiency.

"We present the Chevrolet Tahoe to the public, so they can see the progress we've made," said Managing Director of PT General Motors Indonesia AutoWorld, Mukiat Sutikno IIMS arena in 2010.

Tahoe Hybrid is the figure of a giant bathtub in the middle of the shades of green Chevrolet booth. With more than 5 meters long, approximately 2 meters wide and 1.9 meters high, Tahoe Hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe was taken from the base to cover the booth is as if the manufacturer from the United States (U.S.) this.

Tahoe Hybrid 6000 cc engine equipped with a Vortec V8 with cylinder deactivation technology, technology. This powerful feature can be disabled by itself four of the eight cylinders are available when the car does not need the extra performance while driving.

But not only that which makes the giant special. A set of 300-volt battery hidden under the seat second row is the most special engineering compared with conventional Tahoe variants.

When used at low speed, then the computerized system on the machine will be ordered for 8 cylinder engines stopped working and was replaced with electric motor power. but when they wanted searched firmer, then the brain will tell the car computer to work again the same conventional engine with an electric motor to boost power.

Conventional machines are not working excessively, the existence of electric motor technology is also making giant did not greedily drank the fuel. General Motors (GM) claim, the use of the electric motor is able to cut fuel consumption by 40 percent over the regular Tahoe when used in the city.

And when lauched an all-out, computerized electric machine is also able to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 percent more efficient than non-hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe.

Savings that can be done by the Tahoe was not kidding, because although the burly, Tahoe can save fuel up to 50 percent in travel within the city with their hybrid system stretcher.

But that does not mean because it economizes Tahoe that can accommodate eight passengers became not powered. Because the 6.0-liter engine with a V8 configuration that they stretcher, Tahoe SUV remains into a ferocious devouring all-terrain.

In addition, the ignorant also features the latest range of modern features that make it into a car of the future. Front features like Rear backup camera with a display on the navigation screen, with navigation OnStar Turn-by-Turn to OnStar 8.0 with Stolen Vehicle Slow Down, Turn-by-Turn navigation and Destination Download any Bluetooth connectivity garnish in this great car.

Not only that, the Tahoe was increasingly pamper its users with XM Satellite Radio NavTraffic real-time feature the latest and Power adjustable pedals until Bose premium speaker system can also be found in this car.
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SPESIFIKASI Mobil Komodo | Mobil Garuk Tanah

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Komodo | Mobil Garuk Tanah
At the exhibition of 18th Indonesia International Motor Show this year, carded cars homeland Cimahi city, dragons returned to the show. However, this time more sophisticated and tidy.

In addition to the engine which had brought the four steps of technology, its capacity was swollen to 250cc. Also, no less attractive, had an automatic transmission are pretty, so we can be sure your natural home range of activities would be more fun and not complicated.

250 cc 4 stroke engine is also equipped with a radiator is capable of producing power is 17 hp. Although small, but due to the overall weight of the dragons light, then asked to climb even power will not struggling, as it was designed to deal with dragons offroad terrain.

Neat appearance even now more details on parts, so it is more pleasing to the eye. Starting from the dashboard panels simple yet functional, the transmission lever also makes Komodo see more classy car claim the child as a nation.

He said the previous bial production Komodo only 5 units per two months, then from September 2010 production capacity will be increased to 8 units per month.

"If the first five new units bsia done two months later on 8 units per month," he said. It's all done FiIN, he said, because demand for the dragons kept coming.

At present, call the Gods, Komodo has ordered 30 units for the model that has a machine terbarunay 250 cc 4-stroke automatic transmission. "So if 8 units a month, every year we can hopefully production to 100 units, and hopefully next year could boost production again," he said.

Cars from Cimahi, Bandung that is strengthened with 250 cc 4 stroke engine capable of producing output to 17 hp and equipped with automatic transmission.

Komodo get the title as The New Wave Commercialization Car Magazine MarkPlus a Marketeers.Komodo is currently in genjot production because the market demand that quite a lot, more than 8 units per month.

With this production rate jack he hopes consumers will not be long awaiting the arrival of these off-road car. "Because we do not want any more events that cancel orders because of the old unit is sent," kekehnya.

He said, currently there is no issue about the workshop in Cimahi Komodo. "Land there is still widespread and many have not explored, we are just looking for trouble enough material," he said

Likewise with the second material that is soft and ergonomic jok to sit on, also has been equipped with a four point seatbelt is qualified to make the driver's seating position and equipment must be devoured anng although the steep terrain.

By supporting appearance, Komodo also now uses 12-inch alloy wheels pelk, which when combined with the tire hoe, create an aura of scratching the ground on a removable car worth USD 60 million is more subtle.

"Anyway, this dragon we represent 250 AT offroad its users to experience more felt fun and not complicated," said President Director of PT Fin Komodo Technology, Ibn Susilo when talking to the arena detikOto IIMS, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday (27 / 7 / 2010).

You are curious about the figure of Komodo, please visit Komodo in Hall C JI Expo Kemayoran during this IIMS mat lasts.
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SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

SPESIFIKASI Tawon Transformer | Mobil Nasional

Event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 took place lively. But behind the festive prestigious car shows, national car Wasps looked cornered.

Wasps produced by PT Super Gasindo Jaya (SGJ) were cornered in the arena of IIMS 2010. Wasps Transformer SGJ featuring only simple. Indonesia mobnas even this is not appearing behind closed doors but just being in the road corridor in the arena of the JI Expo.

"It's okay, the important thing we can look here. Moreover, this prestigious exhibition, we are very proud to be here," said President Director SGJ, Nyoto Kuntoaji in the arena of IIMS 2010, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

More and more tragic, when the opening yesterday Wasps had no official recognition by the Vice President Boediono. GMU economists are just coming stand-manufacturer of large car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi or Daihatsu.

Wasp itself is a genuine car production in the country who designed, developed and produced by the children of the nation.

Wasps plans will go on sale two months or less retreated from the original plan in July 2010. "Two months away with the price of USD 40 million alone," said Nyoto.

Wasps that will be marketed later by Nyoto is Wasp, which brought 650 cc engine capacity of domestic production.

Transformer is a mini pickup, designed as a vehicle for rural areas. Further, these vehicles use engines designed by the BPPT (Ir Ir Nyoman Suparto Sujatmo and Honest). He will be sold at between Rp 30 million and Rp 35 million. Carburizing supply system (carburetor) is chosen for an affordable price and enables those living in the village to maintain and improve it.

"We are preparing Transformer with full-body press. Later this year will be the engine endurance test. After that, newly manufactured, "said Njoto.

AG Hornet
Another product on display was the AG SGJ Hornet. This small car similar to the hare. "There are three doors. Later developed into a five-door with better performance, "beber Njoto.

Apparently, Njoto claimed to have worked with manufacturers Kancil. "We split because of different in choosing the machine. Kancil wants a lawn mower. We, the machine is designed for cars, "he said.

AG Hornet 650 cc engine, produces power 20.6 kW (27.5 PS), and targeted as a substitute for Bajaj in Jakarta. According Njoto, now there's no new permits for three-wheel vehicles to transport passengers.

"Instead, we offer a Hornet. We have received recommendations from the Department of Transportation. However, permission from Gurbenur Establishments that we wait since one and a half years ago until now would not go out, "beber Njoto. In fact, ever be asked again, the file is unknown!

Njoto and his colleagues do not despair! Despite his pride cornered product position, he still berlega and enthusiasts claim to be able to filter enough. "They transport businessmen from outside Jakarta," I Njoto.

Enthusiasts, among others came from Serang (Banten) and Makasssar (South Sulawesi). Explained, enthusiasts are already pocketed a license to operate as public transportation vehicles. For this, according to Njoto, Hornet sold USD 40 million.

Daihatsu officials
The fate of the only mobnas at IIMS 2010 was arguably pathetic. He just passed away by the party receiving the Vice President and Industry, MS Hidayat when invited by the committee to see nice cars in Hall D and A. Of the thousands of visitors every day, only a few people who seriously ask questions and want to watch Transformers this seriously.

Because the format is similar to F-Concept of Daihatsu inside air-conditioned hall, Njoto pleaded not afraid to face the car was also used as a cheap car project. The reason, "Daihatsu injection system. The price is definitely more expensive. Most cheap USD 50 million. "

Apparently, some officials who were visiting Daihatsu IIMS on the first day was also invited by the management SGJ to see one of their products, AG Hornet. According to Dewa Yuniardi, Director of Sales SGJ, on his Facebook, Daihatsu officials could see and observe Hornet directly.

In fact, Naoto (Neo) Kitagawa, Director, Senior Managing Executive Oiffcer Daihatsu try sitting in the cabin Hornet. God, through his FB, display photos Daihatsu officials while in the cabin Hornet. However, he did not explain the comment Daihatsu officials.




AG Hornet
Type Gasoline, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder
Capacity (cc) 485 644
Max Power kW @ rpm 11.5 (15PS) @ 3800 20.6 @ 5300
Max torque Nm @ rpm 31@3.800 49@2.700-3.000

"This machine is designed solely by us and manufactured in our factory in Tegal," he added.

Not only that, but even then leaked when Nyoto SGJ is currently developing a new engine with a capacity of 500 cc which was developed together with a friend.

And if there is no hindrance crosswise, Wasp-engined 500 cc they will be marketed next year.

"All in the preparation phase, hopefully next year can be marketed. Because it carries 500 cc engine under the exact price will be USD 40 million," he said.

Apart from Wasps, mobnas from Archipelago Automotive Industry Association or other Asianusa IIMS appear at this time is the Komodo dragon.
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SPESIFIKASI FT-EV | Mobil Hijau Toyota | Mirip Mainan

Mobil Hijau Toyota Yang Mirip Mainan

Toyota seem to continue to strive to become a leader in technological innovation in the field of environmentally friendly cars. And cute car Toyota Future Electric Vehicle, or abbreviated as FT-EV, an example, which you can physically see in Indonesia International Motor Show.

This is the second generation development of the FT-EV. Positioned as the embryo of a future city car that relies on electricity as a source of energy. The form is an ultra compact, equipped with a sliding door that can accommodate four passengers in comfort, although we know, the FT-EV looks very cute dimensions.

Auxiliary Design window under the windscreen and panoramic roof made the view out from inside the cabin large enough, so they can support safety around the vehicle.

FT-EV also already applied the drive-by-wire technology, with the rudder joystick, which can operate all functions including akselarator, brakes, the wheel, so that both can be stretched legs freely without activity.

And not only designed as a means of transportation,the FT-EV is also a communication tool as well as seekers of information for the driver, with many advanced features that applied to the electric car Toyota.

"Prius and the FT-EV II that we represent at IIMS 2010 in one embodiment of Toyota's vision untu presents an environmentally friendly vehicle technologies," said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor in a press release Monday.

Prius has sold over 1.7 million units of the technology developed 'hybrid vehicles' (HV). Technology that makes the Prius hybrid can get power from the electric motor and a conventional engine. Based on the concept of HV, Toyota developed a Plug in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) and Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV).

Besides the Prius, Toyota's seriousness in developing future-oriented vehicle was also seen in the FT-EV II, which is the development of TF-EV, the precursor of the 'city car' electric-powered future.

FT-EV II is a unique electric-powered vehicle that apply the technology 'drive by wire' with steering wheel-like 'joy stick' that can manage all the functions such as brake, gearshift, brake, and steering.

Silent when driven, comes with a 'panoramic window', zero emissions, and even design as a means of communication and information seekers, the FT-EV II is a reflection of the future of urban vehicles.

"Certainly all the thoroughness of this innovation is expected to bring goodness to all parties," said Johnny Darmawan

"FT-EV which we represent in IIMS 2010 This is a manifestation of Toyota's vision
in presenting the environmentally friendly vehicle technologies, "explains Head, Product Planning Department, PT Toyota-Astra Motor, Achmad Rizal, at the Toyota booth IIMS.

President director of PT Astra International Tbk Prijono Sugiarto a chance to see this funny car also had a brief comment. "Oh yes much like a toy car," he said.

Indeed, judging from the FT-EV kokpit II is like a toy car, thanks to the steering system such as the joystick games.

Cars that are smaller than the IQ concept car last year Toyota brought to Indonesia also has a wider leg space. Because the brake, and gas is set by the joystick function earlier.

This futuristic car designed for short trips and offers high visibility with the monitor near the dashboard that could monitor the condition of the rear car.
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SPESIFIKASI Hino Poncho | Bus Kecil

SPESIFIKASI Hino Poncho | Bus Kecil

If you visit the arena Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 do not forget to balance Hino booth located in Hall B-1. The reason Hino displaying three vehicles that fit the theme Hino Care consisting of profitability, safety and society.

All three vehicles were on display at the booth Hino, trucks FM PD 320 Symbolizes profitability. Then, there are also Dutro 4X4 truck that symbolized safety. Both this after products sold in Indonesia.

And another one is a bus poncho, which was imported directly from the land of rising sun, Japan. Poncho mascot was asked to exhibit and make it as a symbol of the society.

Small buses have been applying the features that can provide safety and convenience to passengers. Among other low-floored deck, making it easier for the passengers to ride the car.

Then use the door wide and low which is designed to facilitate access by wheelchair users ride into a poncho. While inside the cabin itself, this bus can accommodate up to 36 passengers.

Uniquely, the bench in the middle can be folded to accommodate wheelchair users. Security sector in the bus was also noted. Namely by covering every iron grip with rubber material, which would make passengers safer during an impact.

Another thing that may be the attraction at the 180-powered engine vehicles J05D dk is also located in the sector an attractive exterior. With round lights on the front, and the form of houses that tend to round, make this bus looks sweet.

No wonder, with the uniqueness as well as safety and comfort, poncho many residential and tourist vehicles made in Japan since 2002. Unfortunately, Hino has not been interested in marketing the poncho in Indonesia. One of the causes for the lowest distance poncho to the ground is very low, so that did not match the road conditions in Indonesia.
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German carmaker Audi arena exploit Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 by introducing their powerful sports car, Audi R8 FSI Quattro at this prestigious event.

For the speed enthusiast and lover of speed, this car would like a very cool dream car made toys.

Especially in the kitchen holding a horse race which was classified as malignant iron with a capacity of 2.5 liter V10 engine direct injection FSI technology is already equipped with a typical Audi, R8 is a ferocious monster on the streets.

Audi R8 of course has its own character, and worthy juxtaposed with Ferrari and Lamborghini. Moreover, this is a sports car that really characterize the ring bearing the German manufacturer.

In Europe, there are several engine choices for the R8, the 4.2 FSI V8-powered 420 PS, 5.2 FSI V10-powered 525 PS and 6.0 TDI diesel version of the V12-powered 500 PS.

With the support of the machine, the Audi R8 is rumored to be shot with a maximum speed reaches 316 km per hour, with acceleration 0-100 km per hour only takes 3.9 seconds only.

When during the Audi R8 chases on highways Indonesia because imported by the importer general, it is no longer, PT Garuda Mataram Motor which will market officially the German supercar.

If there is no obstacle he said, the German sports car will be introduced to the public just as the carpet Homeland IIMS 2010, which will begin to be opened July 23 and ends 1 August.

He was sure, the Audi R8 which will be present in Indonesia has the most superior specifications and features of the principal owned Audi in Europe. "We will bring the highest specifications," said Imelda. All of that, he continued, in order to meet the desires of the fans of sports cars in the country.

However, the R8 V10 that Indonesia was ready to go into details Imelda, has been adapted to the tropical climatic conditions like in this country. "Already we consider the weather conditions here," he said.

But this friendly woman can not ensure what price will be pegged to the Audi R8 V10 GMM. Given the United States (U.S.) alone, the lowest price of the Audi R8 has reached Rp1, 3 billion. "For the price we can not confirm," he said

This super car can accelerate from rest to 100 km per hour speed daam only 3.9 time course and reached peak speeds up to 316 km / hr.

Great ability that it is not strange, especially when we find out if this car has enough power to reach 525 hp malignant ie up to 530 Nm of torque.

"For the speed enthusiast, this car is perfect," said President Director of Indomobil Gunadi Sindhuwinata in IIMS, last weekend.

But yes approximately how much is it? "The price start from USD 5.3 billion. It's already on the road, but still in a state standar," added the Head of Public Relations Department GMM Wanny Bhakti.
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MODIFIKASI Honda Freed Pinky

MODIFIKASI Honda Freed Pinky

Honda reliable family car, ie, Freed, was not only able to perform elegant or sporty. Show coquettish also remain attractive to look at. As displayed in the carpet flirtatious Indonesia International Motor Show in 2010.

Honda Freed garnish appear with the color pink. Anyone who visited the Honda stand IIMS, his eyes would not have missed the 7 passenger MPV from Honda.

You'll see, with garnish primary color pink, floral airbrush into the background that reinforces the impression at the Honda Freed is feminine. Moreover, coupled with some cutting sticker silver foliage, so it looks more festive.

And to further reinforce the impression of feminine outward appearance, rim 18 inches in diameter were pinned on all four wheels, of course, also with pink garnish coquettish, but not shameful to be taken in style.

Bumper-bumper former then he cut to pieces as needed and connected with a special glue and then garnishand repainted again. So it is with grill. This section was actually taken over from All New Civic grill marks are acknowledged already broken. Under pinned grill chrome accents also taken from the scrap metal plate attached to adjust the form and on the front bumper and then re-chromed.

Moving into the cabin, there was no significant alteration of the interior too Freed alert of 2010. "I purposely made as simple as possible and everything is beneficial because it fits the concept of Go Green I remove the modification of excessive and a waste of material," he said.

For the seat again he uses MB Tech materials used on several sides. Seat uses a combination of green and white color, and the head rest is the recycle logo.

Then section sound system, Tom uses his label Venom special message for green. Also on the back Tomi create multipurpose rack of used steel plate material which he cut within their needs, then the chrome back. The result of this rack can be used to store clothes and shoes of the owner of the car.

As a courtier Tomi Airbrush, this man's creations poured Go Green themed pictures on the ceiling of the car. "I used the special paint to stick to the leather used for the roof," he explained. Options picture makes shades of green and white dominated the interior of this car.

Now enter the cabin. Hommy luxurious nuances and layers of distinctive women's visible from the white leather seats, combined with pink feathers in the middle.

While in the dashboard compartment, and door trim, even a touch of pink Honda pinned, so that Freed was really female.

So, do not be surprised if one day you happen to bump into the Honda Freed, which is the seventh person in the passenger cabin is
beautiful women.
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SPESIFIKASI Hyundai Tucson.

SPESIFIKASI Hyundai Tucson.

After a long-awaited day, and had silenced since early this year 2010, finally PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia presents its latest compact SUV, New Hyundai Tucson.

In Europe, his name is ix-35. present with an aggressive design, with typical
performance as an SUV that was born with a stylish sports coupe design with a premium taste.

"The presence of New Tucson this as a form of one of the innovations of PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia, which according to Hyundai's global strategy," said President Director of PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia, Jongkie D Sugiarto, at the launch of the New Hyundai Tucson, in the arena of IIMS, Kemayoran Jakarta.

Earlier, Vice President Marketing, Sales & After Sales PT HMI Erwin Djajadiputra says, PT HMI will provide price shocks in the carpet Indonesia International Motor Show 2010 on July 23 to August 2 next. Surprises included the price of the brand-new Tucson.

However, Erwin did not mention that time is the price scale. "Just wait, this car would be a surprise, 'he said.

Tucson new iX35 was produced using ix-onic Hyundai concept shown at Geneva Motor Show 2009 mat. Radiated sporty impression is very strong when we observe the hexagonal shaped grill. Especially in the legs using size 18 inch alloy wheels.

From uukuran side, the new Tucson is longer than its predecessor. Wheelbase is longer eg 10 millimeters (mm). Length 4410 mm and 1820 mm width is also 85 mm longer and 20 mm wider than previous models.

While the height (ground clearance) 20mm shorter car. But it did not affect the discretion of the cabin.

Hyundai Tucson ix35 bearing 2,000 cc engine new Theta II. Hyundai offered it in two types of petrol and diesel engine options. Power gasoline engine capable of spraying up to 166 horsepower. whereas diesel engine-powered 184 horsepower.

Hyundai Tucson or from the manufacturer Affairs ix35 ginseng was equipped 2.0-liter Theta II engine which has undergone refresher. with some changes made in the kitchen system spur, Tucson was able to drain the power of 166 hp.

New Hyundai Tucson will show its performance with a stock engine with a capacity of 2.0-liter Theta II, powered 166 PS, which is also supported six-speed automatic transmission shiftronic.

Inside the cabin, integrated audio on ceterfascia, and the manual water
conditioner with a 4-speed fan, plus a one-touch triple-turn signal, creating a futuristic feel of its own for New Tucson.

Therefore, the optimistic, PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia sales target of 300 units in New Tucson this year, with 100 units have been reserved.

Another interesting offering from New Tucson, namely the price tag of a so seductive, that is worth USD 285 million on the road. Very competitive class.
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SPESIFIKASI Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic

Mat Indonesia International Motor Show, this time marked by the return of the car manufacturer Subaru, with a new flagship model, Impreza WRX STI A-Line automatic transmission which was officially launched.

WRX STI A-Line is equipped five-speed automatic transmission with Sportshift, Turbocharger with the support of the Boxer engine capacity 2457 cc. Energy production could reach 296 dk.

This hatchback is also equipped with Variable Torque Distribution of technology and Vehicle Dynamics Control system for kesabilan and control.

"Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic is the perfect choice for those who are interested in automatically transmit the car," said Group Chief Executive Motor Image Group, Glenn Tan in the arena of IIMS at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic is the latest range of the WRX STI Japanese-owned manufacturers are known for car racing and relinya it. Form the chassis, body, and its performance will be retained but the WRX STI Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic gets a lot of changes.

By maintaining a special form of chassis, body and relics of previous performance WRX STI, Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic been much updated.

"Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic is the perfect choice for those who like cars with high performance," said Glenn Tan, Group Chief Executive, Motor Image Group.

WRX STI A-Line powered engine turbocharged 2.5-liter DOHC Boxer new. With the integration of 5-Speed Manual Transmission Auto and Technology with lever drive, the car is also equipped with Variable Torque Distribution and Vehicle Dynamics Control system for perfect control and stability.

2457 cc engine capacity has had a remarkable ability to power 221 kW (300 ps) at 6200 rom and torque 350 Nm at 2800-6000 rpm. Mobil five-passenger All Wheel Driver has dimensions of length 4.415 mm, 1.795 mm width and height of 1.475 mm and 2.625 mm wheelbase distance.

Driver's seat is equipped with 8-way power adjustable driver seat while a special color Satin White Pearl will complement the other 3 colors are silver (steel), dark gray and black.

Cars 2,000 cc engine DOHC four-cylinder turbocharged V16 is equipped with specially designed by STI. While the power output reached 320 PS at 6400 rpm and 431 torque at 4,000 rpm Newtonmeter. Shot of power by the combined system with six-speed manual transmission.

But for those of you who are interested to be patient. The reason this car is only sold to the Japanese local market. The amount also is limited only 400 units. About the price, Subaru sources say the car was priced 4.51 million yen (U.S. $ 48,600) or approximately USD 466.6 million. The price of that does not include tax.

Besides, he adds, this car also offers ease and convenience of an automatic transmission with exceptional driving ability of high-level performance vehicles.

A Subaru offers a choice of three colors, namely silver, gray, and black, with a price tag of USD 820 million on the road of Jakarta.
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SPESIFIKASI Audi A7 | Coupe Empat Pintu A7

SPESIFIKASI Audi A7 | Coupe Empat Pintu A7

German car manufacturer, Audi, introducing the four-door sedan coupe A7 Pinakothek in Munich, Germany, Monday (26.07.2010) this. This vehicle is based on the A7 Sportback concept which had exhibited at the Detroit Auto Show 2009.

Pull line on the side of the body exactly the same as the concept. Although little is produced by combining the base A8 A7 Sportback in sizes larger than A6.

This sedan carrying the 3.0 L V6 engine, has the power 268 PS, and a longer version of the 4.2 L V8 with 372 PS power. In addition to gasoline, there is also a diesel version. The same engine capacity, the difference is only in a smaller power (250 PS and 350 PS).

Audi offers the most brand sedans in sedan besutannya breeds in four engine variants. First, the 2800 cc FSI petrol engine that powered 204 horsepower and torque of 280 Newton meters. This variant is equipped with S-Tronic automatic transmission and having a quatro-or four-wheel system.

Second, 3,000 cc petrol engine that ejects TFSI power 300 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque. Like the 2800 cc engine, this variant is also equipped with S-Tronic automatic transmission and four-wheel. Third, the 3000 cc TDI diesel engine that powered 245 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.

The fourth variant, 3000 cc TDI diesel engine that produces 204 horsepower power and torque of 400 Nm. "The first diesel variant equipped S-Tronic automatic transmission and four-wheel. The second variant uses two-wheel drive with multitronic transmission continously variable transmission (CVT)," call the Audi press release.

This type is capable of racing up to 243 km per hour. Despite having a power and speed of acceleration is different, but based on testing in the EU Test Cycle, both fuel consumption, which is 10.7 liters for 100 kilometers of distance traveled. In other words, each more economical 12 and 16 per cent compared to an old-fashioned machine.

In addition to gasoline engines that have two types of bursts of power and acceleration magnitude, the Audi also offers the type of diesel engine. This type is also capacity 3000 cc, but using TDI technology (Tubrocharged Direct Injection), most brand new engine in the Audi SUV ranks, the so-called power capable of spraying 236 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque.

Diesel engine type, it can be lauched through the speed of 218 km per hour. While acceleration from 0-100 kilometers per hour is achieved in just 7.9 seconds. Like the two brothers, this type is also equipped with adaptive air suspension.

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI entered the Indonesian market price of Rp. 1525 billion (On the Road Jakarta), cheaper around Rp. 400 million compared with the gasoline version. In total there are 8 exterior colors are offered, but now the new entrance to the new Indonesia there are 6 colors: white, blue, gold, metallic green, black and silver.

Several advanced features embedded in this car. Air conditioning appliances auto, keyless engine with start-stop buttons, steering wheel wrapped in leather and equipped with first-class control panel for some functions, a standard feature.

Similarly, Xenon headlights, LED lights rear, MMI audio device equipped with 6.5-inch screen, the parking brake (hand brake), which are electromechanical work, until the rim riding 18-inch alloy material.

Audi A7 will compete with the Mercedes CLS and BMW Gran Coupe. So, practically cannibalism A7 view of Volkswagen, Porsche, and Panamera.

A7 In addition, there is also to enliven the S model four-door segment. This vehicle is equipped with 3.0 L V6 engine or maybe a supercharged 4.2 L V8.
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SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Kizashi

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Kizashi

Besides bringing a concept car, Suzuki R3 to Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010, PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) also presents Suzuki Kizashi. The former is now a concept car that is completely manufactured and sold en masse.

Suzuki Kizashi concept version was previously stopped in 2008 last IIMS. In 2009 released a new version of its global shape. Even now been on sale in various parts of the world including America and Japan.

By design was far different from the version of the concept. Yet there are still elements of design that is carried from its predecessor. Most striking is the large front grille design and looks luxurious. Side body lines between them are also still look the same.

Suzuki Kizashi this machine carries a 2.5-liter inline 4 cylinder DOHC front wheel. Power generated from this engine is claimed to reach 185 dk. Steady there! More than enough for a medium-sized sedan in Indonesia.

What about his chances in the local market? "Until now we still see a market reaction. If it's good prospects, we will possibly launch, "said Endro Nugroho, Marketing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS).

But he dismissed the presence of new sedan that Suzuki plans also will appear in the exhibition New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) 2010 was a sign Kizashi will soon be sold in Indonesia. "We just display it," he said.

Kizashi Sport taken from the base sedan Kizashi who attended recently. It's just a bit of accessories will be added in order to create a more muscular appearance Kizashi and more luxurious.

For example the use of a new grille design, body side sill extensions, lower body chrome-accented side molding, trunk mounted spoiler, and custom 18-inch rims that claimed very mild.

On the inside, Kizashi sports offering is sporty with a form of model racing seat and steering wheel and racing shiftknob is also nuanced. Was also obtained for a luxurious feel, the interior is also lined black leather berkelir. Sport Kizashi try to offer a new alternative for high-performance luxury vehicles.

Later, says John, Kizashi Sport will be coupled with RIII Suzuki concept cars. Multy Porpose Vehicle (MPV) was previously also had on display in the exhibition New Delhi Auto Expo

Well, in this IIMS we continue to collect data from visitors who come. We'll see, "he continued. When you are signed in Indonesia, was confirmed Suzuki Kizashi going to compete hard with the Honda Civic, or Toyota Camry.

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Differences with Toyota and Honda, Nissan does not display a hybrid concept car at IIMS 2010 event in JIEXpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Precisely at this exhibition, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia or the NMI to be realistic by displaying the candidate vehicles to be marketed in the country.

Above the booth area of 1020 square meters of NMI, the Nissan March is piled (in the European market called MICRA). Small vehicle with a 1.2 L three-cylinder engine uses the V-new platform that has a lightweight, fuel economy, and lower operating costs.

"If everything goes according to plan, began to be assembled and fell in November to the market in December," said president director of NMI to Kompas.com Takayuki Kimura. When talking about price, he said it was still in the count. But, when mentioned between Rp 140 million and Rp 160 million, he said that price might be too expensive.

This vehicle, he said, is a combination of SUV and sports cars that gave birth to a compact crossover. SUV impression clearly visible at the bottom of the vehicle with the use of a thicker wheels and higher ground clearance.

While the upper part is more like a sports car due to the use of sloping roofline spoiler combined. Even this section is inspired from the design Juke cupe Nissan 370Z sports car.

In the interior, Nissan presents a unique center console design that resembles a motorcycle fuel tank. Japanese manufacturer Nissan is also pinning technology Dynamic Control System (NDCS), which allows the front passenger to access the information systems and other control functions related to the car and the situation around him.

As for palace, Juke equipped 1.6-liter gasoline engine capable of producing 117 hp power. There are also variants which have been equipped so that they can catapult a turbocharged 190 hp with 240 Nm of torque.

There are also options 1.5 DCI engine common rail diesel powered 110 hp and peak torque to 240 Nm. Consumers can choose the transmission 5-speed or 6-speed manual and CVT automatic.

Interestingly, the March on display not just one, but three units. One of them has a stylish look with black racing and tire width.

In addition to March, rotates with the elegant, Juke Nissan. Just as the small, compact crossover will be produced next year in Indonesia. In the country of origin, Japan, the Juke has been marketed in June, followed in Europe and America.

In this exhibition, NMI also includes all of the product line-ups such as the Livina family, New Froniter Navara and X-Trail which appears more fresh with additional accessories.

During the exhibition, which ends on August 1 next, Nissan had a sales target. "For all the products are expected to reach 500 units," said Kimura.
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