Renault HBC 2019 Pesaing Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Manufacturer Renault recently unveil plans that will rival Suzuki Vitara Brezza which currently dominates sales of SUV vehicle segment in the Indian automotive market. Quoting from indianautosblog, is currently underway Renault development. Challenger Vitara Brezza has the code Renault HBC is, reportedly developed using model platform kwid launched in the event India Auto Show a few months yesterday. SUV segment B itself is a lot of consumer demand in India, some manufacturers including Suzuki Vitara through Brezza has recorded sales figures are quite high. Ford Ecosport has also been marketed for these markets. But unfortunately this Brezza Vitara new competitors planned to launch in 2019. It is estimated that Renault will equip coded HBC SUV with an engine that is much larger than kwid models equipped with engines that only 800 Cc. Given its competitors, Suzuki Vitara Brezza engine equipped with 1.3-liter capacity, can generate power of 88 hp with a torque of 200 Nm.
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Honda WR-V Terbaru 2016

Honda has just released a sketch of the design of the compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) version named WR-V. Reported Carscoops, WR-V stands for 'Winsome Runabout Vehicle'. Honda specifically develop the car for the South American markets, especially Brazil. Honda believes the compact SUV type car will be sold, because it is very popular among people who enjoy an active lifestyle and practical. WR-V will make its debut at the Sao Paolo International Motor Show in 2016, but it is not known exactly when the car is being produced. Referring to the sketches leaked, looks body WR-V has in common with the HR-V, as seen in prominent horizontal crease along the doors. Compared with other models of the Honda SUV, the WR-V adopts a more whimsical design, especially on the front fascia courageous and aggressive lines, sharp headlights, and grille are relatively small. If Honda WR-V coming into the country, it would directly compete with the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. The car just slid in Indonesia and marketed by PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS).
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Fitur Mobil hidrogen BMW 2016

Figure this one glimpse of hydrogen cars could be rated as a model i8, the only difference from a few body design that is designed sharper. This is the hydrogen vehicle which will be launched BMW in 2025. BMW itself admits its hydrogen concept car, was developed from i8 models. The difference is this concept car designed more frightening, front fascia made similar shark with ventilation holes recessed. Hydrogen technology is claimed not pure development conducted BMW, but cooperation with Toyota that first develop hydrogen fuel vehicles. And this is the continued cooperation of BMW and Toyota Supra after jointly developing a sport car and Z4 replacement. Speaking in Aachen Colloquium car and Engine Technology, Member of the Board of Management of BMW, Klaus Frohlich revealed that BMW is conducting development for hydrogen-fueled vehicles. "BMW will enter the market hydrogen fuel cells at the beginning of the next decade (2025), this plan will begin with the first small-scale production," said Frohlich, as quoted from Carbuzz. Although ensuring the production of hydrogen cars, the German premium car manufacturer assesses the lack of and need for huge costs to build hydrogen refueling facility. The condition is considered, it becomes a problem to make hydrogen products sold globally.
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Jeep Grand Wagoneer Dibanderol 1.8 Miliar

After making sure the product will re-launch the Land Rover Defender, Jeep manufacturers re-released plan to prepare legendary SUV models, Grand Wagooner. The plan was revealed directly by Bos Jeep, Mike Manley, told Auto Express that revealed Jeep Grand Wagooner back is preparing a new flagship SUV models. "We are looking at ways to re-produce the Grand Wagooner, and the middle into account the price to be offered," said Manley was quoted as saying Motortrend, Saturday (10/08/2016). He added, to develop the model, it is expensive. Therefore, the Grand Wagooner expected to be priced at $ 140 thousand, or approximately Rp1.8 billion. Manley also said, the latest SUV model that will compete with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo will be the most expensive model than the other SUV models like the Grand Cherokee SRT is priced at USD65 thousand approximately Rp842 million. It is estimated Jeep Grand Wagoneer would offer three rows of seating and developed using the architecture belongs to the Grand Cherokee. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not disclose the planned launch of the Jeep and machinery that will be invested from behind Bonet Grand Wagoneer.
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Citroen C3 WRC Konsep Balap

At the Paris Motor Show 2016 Citroen C3 WRC introduce the concept of racing. Hatchback is still in prototype form was deliberately brought in to bring the spirit of racing and as a sign of participation in racing rally titled Citroen World Rally Championship (WRC) next year. Citroen C3 WRC looks so impressive both from the exterior and engine. Carrying the concept of race, the rear wing mounted large-sized car and a pair of the latest exhaust attached to the diffuser. More prominent front bumper designed to improve air intake and supporting high aerodynamics. Also added a set of new body panels so that the car look wider. Weight of the car is now approximately 25 kilograms lighter than standard C3. For matters of the heart pacemaker, Citroen uses a four-cylinder engine with turbo so that power generated at 385 hp. Unfortunately, the company did not mention how fast acceleration and maximum speed. With a variety of changes that have been made Citroen, making C3 is ready to face its competitors. Citroen C3 WRC will start his first game in the Monte Carlo Rally, in 2017. This car is ready to compete with the Toyota Yaris, Volkswagen Polo and Hyundai i20 in the racing event.
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