Modifikasi Mobil Jazz Balap Ajang (IAM) MBtech 2017

Various modifications concepts appear in the Indonesia Automodified (IAM) MBtech 2017 begins in Surabaya. One of the modifications performed at this event is the Honda Jazz which is converted into a racing car, but comfortable for the daily. Rendy is Widodo, the man from Semarang who changed Jazz in 2012 hers into a racing car. He was inspired to make modifications to a race car that can be used for daily. "If for racing doang can not get a daily free of charge. If it is made daily comfortable as well, because I wear coilover HKS. Coilover can be soft to hard. If you want to race can be made of hard, daily can be soft," said Rendy to detikOto in the arena Indonesian Automodified (IAM) MBtech 2017 series Surabaya Tunjungan Plaza. The concept car is racing style. Rendy want to highlight the use of two doors on the car and the body is full of carbon. "It's total carbon body wear everything from front to back. That was it blue carbon, wrapping I just wear blue," he said. "My door concept makes the RX-8, kept my love turbo, plug sunroof, love racing tires Toyo R1R. Pelek resize the ring 18 inches," he continued.
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Mobil Listrik Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

Not to be outdone by other car manufacturers are competing to create electric-powered vehicles, Bentley prepare a concept car that uses electricity. Electric car in the premium segment was called EXP 12 Speed ​​6e and exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show today entered the final day of implementation. "EXP 12 Speed ​​6e is a car that shows how Bentley to make electric cars a luxury in the premium segment. The quality of the material can not doubt that became the hallmark of Bentley. Bentley also committed to offer electric cars as the portfolio in the future, and we also receive feedback on this car, "said Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, Wolfgang Durheimer. From the observation detikOto close, although electrically powered, a British producer that does not detract from the quality and high-performance Bentley accompanied by rapid recharging time. For example, electric cars could be invited to drive from London to Paris or Milan to Monaco in one battery recharging. The distinctive feature premium feel in the cabin. Such as the center console made of glass engraving to produce OLED high-definition image. All of the controls arranged on the console and the buttons on the steering wheel that includes navigation, entertainment systems, and climate control. While passengers have their own control panel on the front that can be opened social media, email, and entertainment. The exterior design is more robust and contemporary architecture and more aerodynamic. Beside the rearview camera is already using glass in general is no longer offered as an option. EXP 12 Speed ​​6 e also be connected to AC power supply via the auxiliary cable. Bentley will introduce electric models targeting more the next few years starting with Bentayga in 2018.
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Mobil Hemat Energi 208 Km/Liter Buatan Indonesia

Indonesian Students master the energy-saving car race. A total of four teams that fall in the category Indonesia UrbanConcept with ICE fuels (gasoline, diesel, ethanol) topped the standings in the event the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Asia 2017 at Singapore Changi Exhibition Center. The fourth was the team, the team Bengawan Team 2 March Eleven University 208 km / liter, Ancestor Ethanol ITB 198 km / liter, Semar Urban UGM 157 km / liter and Antawirya Diponegoro University. "Each team will have a chance to track down four times and today will be maximized by the team for the opportunity down on Friday (17/3) yesterday to rain so limited," said Social Investment Manager PT Shell Indonesia Setyorini reporter Anita detikOto Zaenal Effendi on the sidelines of race, Saturday (18/03/2017). Rini familiar greeting this woman was deeply grateful to the interim results although it is likely there will be changes but not be too significant. While the interim results UrbanConcept category with fuel electric battery Indonesia there are two teams that entered the Top 5. Both teams, the team Nogogeni ITS 100 km / KWh in position 2 and the team Apatte 62 of Brawijaya University. ICE prototype category fuels (gasoline, diesel and hydrogen), while there was one team of Indonesia which entered the top 10 teams Nakoela the University of Indonesia 706 km / liter in position 3. To fuel the electric battery Bumi Siliwangi team UPI position 4.
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Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona klasik

Ferrari Jakarta introduced a line of classic cars as a form of celebration of the 70th anniversary to the Italian automotive manufacturer. Various models of rare supercar is a collection of consumer Ferrari in Indonesia. Each car is known to have a history that is very memorable. So, how the criteria of a car can be called a classic car? Ferrari CEO Jakarta, Arie Christopher, explained that a vehicle could be said to be a classic if it has aged more than 20 years of production. "Classic cars usually have at least 20 years of age it can be regarded as a classic car," he told reporters at the National Archives Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/03/2017). However, he added, classic cars are very hard to find because it is bought to be stored and rarely used owners. Therefore, had to work extra to be able to collect classic cars like this Ferrari. Luckily, Christopher had a very good relationship with the consumer Ferrari in Indonesia. Thus, several classic Ferrari model range can be gathered in celebration of 70 years of Ferrari. "It's hard to shift easily collect the car. Fortunately, we (Ferrari Jakarta) has a good relationship with the consumer. Yes indeed they are willing to lend his car to us," he concluded.
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Mobil Protipe Pedesaan Harga 60 Juta

The government plans to give birth to a rural car and planned to be made in the two schemes. The decision to make these two development schemes to accommodate the needs of the people of Indonesia. Rather than confusing, as well as to answer the curiosity with the concept in question, OTOMOTIFNET opportunity to interview Agile I Made Dana, President of Indonesia Automotive Institute (IOI). As is known to be the initiator IOI rural development of the car, under the direct control of the Ministry of Industry. The first scheme is reportedly much simpler in terms of design? "We have developed two schemes called the scheme 2A and 2B. He is currently in the process of development, "said I Made Dana Agile, which met at one resto number Jaktim (15/02). Both schemes have the same platform, namely the commercial vehicle pickup. Well, the difference is on the vendor involved in the scheme 2A and 2B. "The scheme involves 2A private vendors. So there will be academics and universities, corporate body of a car, belonging to local rural enterprises, automobile components manufacturer, the company akseoris car manufacturers, to car repair shops in the countryside, "explained the man who familiarly called Made. 2B rural car schemes are projected to accommodate cross-vendor, namely ABGC (Academic, Bussiness, Government and Community). Furthermore, the scheme 2B Made explained. Involving automotive manufacturers that already exist in Indonesia. "The scheme will involve 2B automotive manufacturers. Toyota has offered the Government. In this case Toyota will help create a prototype 2B, "he continued. Even so with other manufacturers, such as Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan and so on. But that does not mean there is any inequality later, it was with the Government will be fair to both schemes. "We've MoU (Member of Understanding) with 22 universities, this becomes a picture bawha ABGC unite, not branding Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki and so on," said Made.
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