Desain Terbaru Lexus LF-LC 2016

Selin cute car nan futuristic Lexus LF-SA, Lexus Indonesia also introduced a new coupe sedan, the Lexus LF-LC. His own name, which stands for Lexus Future-Luxury Coupe, implying future technology from Lexus.   We present this car to give an overview to the customer how Lexus prepare the means to meet the demands of mobility means of mobility in the future, ?? Principal says Lexus Indonesia, Hiroyuki Fukui.   First shown in Australia in 2012 ago. Designed by Calty Design Studio, Newport Beach California, the concept car was developed with a base of hybrid technology is environmentally friendly.   Lexus LF-LC technology is the culmination of a luxury vehicle that is expressed through the L-Finesse design, which is the future design direction Lexus with still emphasized on the focus drive. By using the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive System, and supported by Atkinson Cycle Combustion Engine technology and Advanced High-Energy Battery Pack, the engine is mounted in the LF-LC is expected to be able to achieve the power of 438 hp.   Through the LF-LC, Lexus also seeks to redefine a vehicle capable of making pengendaraanya have a deep emotional bond with his car because of the luxury avant-garde and advanced technologies while remaining within range of premium buyers.   The exterior of the LF-LC is designed to spindle grille combined with the corners of the dynamic design lines to show the car is more handsome. Interior addition supported to provide ease and convenience, it also provides an atmosphere of luxury.
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Konsep Terbaru Mercedes Maybach 6

A concept model of Mercedes Benz luxury sedan introduced premiered in the United States (US). Interestingly, the introduction of the concept model Mercedes Maybach Concept 6 was conducted in Monterey famous car auction house located in California. Futuristic design was evident in most luxury sedan Mercedes Benz. The concept was much different from the generation of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach there. Reportedly, the designer of Mercedes Benz Maybach Concept 6 is given the freedom to design a luxury sedan. Glance to see Mercedes Maybach 6 Bonet concept has a longer and slimmer body. This model is also considered to be similar to the IAA concept vehicle models of Mercedes Benz which was performed in September 2015. In addition to design a futuristic and luxurious, Mercedes Benz will immerse cardiac pacemaker that was serious in this sedan. Mercy claims power from the electric motor to be produced Mercedes Maybach 6 reaches 750 hp with a maximum speed of 500 kilometers per hour and acceleration from 0-100 km / h is achieved in 4 seconds. Similarly, as quoted from Carscoops, Friday (19/08/2016). From behind the futuristic exterior, Mercedes Benz Maybach 6 Concept will offer the value of the luxury cabins. The dominance of the original wood material into a top seed until the floor. The cabins sophisticated luxury sedan is equipped with a touch screen, perngkat important information such as GPS, and devices capable of storing user data to tailor the car before driving characteristics for comfort.
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New Suzuki Ignis 2017

On Warning Gaikindo exhibition Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016 PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) showing off some concept cars, one of which is the Ignis. The new Suzuki is currently limited to flaunt it has not been sold. But do not rule out the possibility that the smart urban compact crossover that will be marketed in Indonesia in the near future. "Suzuki Ignis, still the registration to the government, so hopefully quickly present. Certainly now more administrative processes," said Endang Johari, 4w product development PT SIS in the event GIIAS 2016, ICE, BSD City, Tangerang, yesterday. Endang explained, usually for a new model of the administrative process takes approximately four months. Since Suzuki Ignis was first shown to the public on August 11, 2016, enthusiastic visitors is quite high. Suzuki also use the event as a means GIIAS survey to find feedback from visitors. "Visitors are enthusiastic. We continue to explore, in the presence here (GIIAS) we do a kind of surveys to consumers," said Endang. The urban car is built using a new generation platform. Has a bold design and different, with high ground clearance that can give the driver confidence, even when driving on roads that are not smooth. Suzuki Ignis concept has a length of 3,700 mm, width 1,690 mm, height 1,595, 2,435 mm wheelbase and ground clearance of 180 mm. Sector movers using the engine capacity of 1,197 cc with a choice of manual transmission or AMT. On the legs, Ignis equipped with suspension McPherson Strut with Coil Spring on the front wheels and a torsion beam at the rear wheels Coil Spring. While the size 175/65 R16 tires.
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New Grand Livina XV Highway Star Varian Terbaru 2016

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) today formally introduced the new Grand Livina models of year 2016, a refresher on the Grand Livina. President of NMI, Antonio "Toti" Zara. explains, "We are introducing a new variant, the New Grand Livina Highway Star XV, which is referred to as 'affordable version of Highway Star', or a version of Highway Star - the highest variant of the Grand Livina - more affordable." Grand Livina Highway Star XV apply a touch of elegance of the exterior design Autech variants that exist on the Highway Star, making it suitable for the consumer wants to have an elegant look ala Highway Star, but still want to be in the range of competitive budget. New Grand Livina also apply the new features, Audio Visual Monitor with touchscreen display, Bluetooth and Smartphone Connectivity (this feature is present in all variants). The safety features are also applied optimally in order to drive more safely. As a feature Dual SRS Airbags, Good Sound Absorption, Side Impact Bars, and from the type XV is equipped with ABS, EBD, BA. New Grand Livina officially launched with a price range of Rp. 202,500,000 - Rp. 257,800,000 (on the road Jabodetabek) in Nissan's 120 outlets throughout Indonesia.
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Segmen Toyota New Vellfire 2016

The increasing demand for luxury MPV segment cars, used PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) sole agent of Toyota cars in Indonesia launches new Vellfire with Type G Limited in Gaikindo exhibition Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016. "As part of our appreciation of the positive response given consumers against products MPV Toyota, including the luxury segment, TAM add a new line-up to provide comfort in Luxury MPV choice, new Vellfire, "said Henry Tanoto, Vice President of PT TAM. New Vellfire comes with a number of changes to strengthen strengthen his appearance as Luxury MPV with a sporty feel. Aerokit latest designs in the new bumper Vellfire make this car look not only sporty but also more aggressive. Extra aerokit also performed on the rear and side molding combined with the side of the vehicle made an appearance Vellfire become stronger. Earlier, the all-new Toyota Vellfire launched in March last year with the launch of All new Alphard. Both were developed in the concept of "Grandeluxe" that offers luxury in appearance and features. With a number of refresher conducted by TAM, the new Vellfire priced Rp1.070.800.000,00. The price is more expensive approximately Rp60 million when compared to the standard version of Rp. 1,010,800,000.00.
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