Mobil Listrik FF 91 Tercepat di Dunia

Faraday Future fulfill the promise to bring electric-powered SUVs at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, United States, Wednesday, January 4, 2017 Indonesian time. Car manufacturers supported Chinese businesses that introduce the production version of the car of FF 91 or also called 'Killer Tesla'. This car will be a tough competitor Tesla Model X SUV that has been marketed globally. Sebagaiaman cars Tesla, FF 91 is also equipped with autonomous technology where vehicles can drive itself. Faraday Future claims FF 91 has a very fast acceleration. Electrical power capable of producing 783 kilowatts, equivalent to 1,050 hp. Free 0-100 kilometers per hour can be achieved in 2.39 seconds while driving using the mode 'Lidicrous'. The achievement was put FF 91 as the fastest electric car, beat the Tesla Model X and Model S. With the record that, Faraday claimed that the FF 91 is a production version of the electric car with the fastest acceleration in the world. Meanwhile if driven by a constant speed of 88 km / h, FF 91 can roam as far as 771 km. To support the operation autonomously, the car is equipped with cameras, radar, and lidar three dimensions. FF 91 is designed to be intelligent vehicle because it can identify the driver and passengers. Not only that, the operation of its features can be done to connect using hand touch, voice control, to access messages, audio, and through the application. This car is equipped with an antenna that also serves as a transmitter wifi. Seningga, internet connection in the car and home users will never break. Therefore, Faraday Engineering Future Executive Nick Sampson called the FF 91 as a new era in driving. Reuters reported, FF 91 will be sold at a price of USD180 thousand, or approximately 2.2 billion. Reservations can be made by giving money sign so amounted to USD5,000. FF 91 will be produced in 2018 in the United States.
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Honda Freed Modulo X 2017

Honda began to display photos and information Freed Modulo Concept X to an audience in cyberspace. Sporty version of the family car that will debut in the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017, January 13 to 15 next. In the photos, the latest Freed already getting darker headlamps with red accented grille that removes honey comb typical Honda. Dark impression was also added by the air grille bumper with new fog lamp housing. Red accents are found on the rearview mirror cover, side skirts, and a little on the rim. The back of the matching, there are more sporty bumper with red accents. A spoiler on the roof adds to the impression of fierce, enhanced rear lights dark. The interior has not been shown, but one thing is certain, there is no change in the type of machine that still use 1500 cc i-VTEC petrol and hybrid. Version gasoline engine coupled to a CVT transmission, while a hybrid model using a type dual clutch transmission 7-speed. His status is still a concept, and Honda has not published whether this model will be produced or simply be on display.
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Mobil Nissan Qashqai 2016 Propilot

Three years after the second generation of the Qashqai was launched, Nissan is currently working hard to develop the next generation. The latest Qashqai will adopt the technology ProPILOT and go on sale in 2017. As reported by AutoExpress, Tuesday (12/06/2016), Nissan will supply a variety of versions of ProPILOT to put the new Qashqai. The first version is Traffic Jam Pilot, which can serve to control acceleration, braking, and steering the car while traveling on the highway. The second version of the so-called Highway Pilot ProPILOT allows the car can automatically change lanes and overtake other vehicles on the highway. There are also Intercity Pilot as a third version specifically designed for driving in urban areas. The plan is the second version was released in 2018 and 2020. "The second and third variation will use the sensor. ProPilot uses a camera to identify the traffic in front of the vehicle, possibly in the future there will be additional software. Our products are very different from Tesla. Because Tesla more premium, "said Senior Vice President of Nissan Technical Centre in Europe, Takashi Shirakawa. Shirakawa also confirmed ProPILOT technology will be paired to all products including the next generation Nissan March. "We want to spread ProPilot to the whole range of Nissan vehicles, but it depends on the time and cost," he said. Previous Nissan has been pinned on Serena ProPILOT latest technology. ProPilot is the entrance to the autonomous technology. Steering wheel, brake pedal and gas pedal can work together to control the car's speed. Only the driver's hands should remain on the steering wheel. Another thing that distinguishes autopilot technology used in Nissan Serena with other brands is ProPILOT only works in one lane or single-lane road and do not move. With this technology, the driver becomes greatly helped because it does not need to accomplish to set the distance to other vehicles. So even when accelerating, the vehicle system will automatically determine the proper speed. (San)
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Konsep Terbaru Toyota Transmover 2016

PT Toyota Astra Motor officially launched a new model, Toyota Transmover, Wednesday (11/30/2016). Low segment car multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is intended for the commercial market, especially taxis online and non-online or other uses. Franciscus Soerjopranoto, TAM Marketing Executive GM said, that this is a response to a request under the MPV model to taxi more. Of course, also adapted to the policies and regulations issued by the government. "We do not just focus on the passenger car market but also in the commercial sector. When you see there is a chance in the bottom 4x2 MPV in the taxi market, and we strive to meet those needs," said Fansiscus on the sidelines of the event, Wednesday (30/11 / 2016). Bansar Maduma, Product General Manager TAM adds, if the option name "Transmover" has a singkaran of "Transport You to Move to Another Place". Its meaning is still functioning as a mode of transportation. "Got confused about naming, had thought also use Limo Toyota MPV, but in the end agreed to use the name Transmover. It also had to meet the rules of government in which the size of the engine in 1.300cc to 1.500cc," said Bansar. Bansar continue, if the trend needs MPV taxi has increased since 2014 ago, and Toyota has been developing for a long time. "So wait for government regulation in advance, in which the first and allowed sedan yet MPV, but now already," said Bansar.
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Toyota Vios Limo Harga 165 Juta Di Bursa Toyota

In the organization of Bursa Toyota Kita (Burtok), founder Toyota dealer Auto2000 provide attractive offers for consumers who want to buy a sedan Vios Limo, which is known for taxis. Offer only valid for just one day, Saturday (11/19/2016). To bring such vehicles, consumers only need to spend Rp165 million and Rp175 million standard type for lux. The rest of the production vehicle cab offered in new condition with a color display that is offered using a standard color Toyota Vios. "We have two variants Vios Limo, for standard types we offer at a price of Rp165 million, while for Toyota Vios highest version has an additional accessory kit is priced at Rp175 million." said Tan Chian Hok or so called Ahok, Operation Manager DKI 1 Auto2000. The difference between the two variants are located on some enhancements such as rims, window film, head unit, as well as the seat that has been coated with leather. Special variants of room is not equipped head unit and seat are still using leather material as used Limo taxi. For information, to Limo standard with normal price Rp233,4 million sold at a special price of Rp165 million or approximately Rp68 million is discounted. While this type of lux of normal price Rp243,4 million to Rp175 million. Auto2000 set up as many as 21 units of Toyota Vios Limo cab in the event Burtok 2016.
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