Desain Terbaru Volvo Model New 40.1 dan 40.2

Luxury car manufacturer Volvo is ready to produce a small car. This model will be the model that aggressive. There will be two models offered to the global market. New 40.1 Series will be a compact crossover models, and models will be 40.2 sedan and hatchback models. Both of these concepts for the first time shows how Volvo plans evolved into premium small car market that combines cool interior and exterior design with the latest technologies such as connectivity, electrification, until the autonomous car technology. Both will have a design line, worthy of his siblings Volvo 90 Series. As in the view headlamp and grille that looks wide. This concept will be built using Volvo platform New Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). "CMA Platform will help us to create something different and special. This car will have an alternative drive, with urban character," said Vice President of Volvo To Design Thomas Ingenlath. Thus, this small car will have a variant of electric cars, plug-in hybrid, as Volvo's plan to carry out the electrification of the line-up of his car. In 2025, Volvo hopes to sell 1 million electric mobio.
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Toyota C-HR Pesaing HR-V dan Nissan Juke

Toyota C-HR was recently caught on camera speeding down the highway in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. A strong suspicion that a competitor from Honda HR-V and Nissan Juke was doing the testing. There are rumors that Toyota C-HR will be launched later this year in Europe. As reported by indianautosblog, Toyota C-HR looks "naked" without a sticker wrapped in camouflage. Only the Toyota logo in the rear of the car is closed. There is also no logo machine code so it is very difficult to determine the machine uses. Not much information is obtained from the photo. Based on rumors, sport utility vehicle (SUV) Toyota's new output will be equipped with a 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol engine. The engine is linked to a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT. Toyota offers drive systems of two and four wheels. There is also a selection of hybrid engine sourced from the Prius. Berasar the power source of the 1.8-liter gasoline engine with the help of electric motors. For certain markets, C-HR will also offer a 2.0 liter gasoline engine with a CVT. Toyota C-HR is a five-door vehicle that is built on the new platform design of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). The length of the car reaches 4,350 millimeters (mm), width 1,795 mm, height 1,550 mm and a wheelbase of 2,640 mm. Japanese car manufacturer revealed that the C-HR for the European market will be produced at the plant Sakarya, Turkey. C-HR is an eight Toyota models manufactured in Europe after the Aygo, Yaris, Auris, Corolla, Verso, Camry and Avensis.
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Ferrari GTC4Lusso Meluncur Di Jepang

Ferrari completed the line-up which is sold in Japan by launching GTC4Lusso on May 10, 2016. The launch was made exclusively in Tokyo with only attended by 200 invited guests. Ferrari Far and Middle East Hub CEO, Dieter Knechtel said, very pleased to present Ferrari sports car GTC4Lusso for consumers and fans in Japan. "We are very pleased to bring GTC4Lusso Far East in Tokyo. Japan is an important market and this year also marks the anniversary of our 50th here. Ferrari GTC4Lusso is the only GT car that has good performance and exceptional versatility, I'm sure it will be very popular here, "he said as quoted from Carscoops, Friday (05/13/2016). The launch of Ferrari GTC4Lusso in Japan this be the first time for Asian countries. Known to the Italian-made sports car debut in automotive exhibition Geneva Motor Show in March 2016. Ferrari GTC4Lusso referred to as a replacement product Ferrari FF. Lusso itself is defined as a luxury that is taken from the Italian language. Cardiac driving the car still retains a 6.3 liter V12 engine naturally aspirated (na) that re-setting so it has a total power of 680 hp.
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Datsun Redi-GO Meluncur Bulan Juni

Datsun began producing Redi-Go in RNAIPL's Oragadam Plant, India. As reported Rushlane, Monday (09/05/2016), the third product of Datsun is planned slid first week of June 2016. Previously, Redi-GO has made his international debut on 14 April 2016 in India. The urban car is already undergoing testing fuel consumption and certified emission testing institution or the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Datsun Redi-GO is able to record fuel consumption figure of approximately 25.17 kilometers per liter. Datsun still keep the engine specification. However, rumors Redi-GO will use a 800 cc engine that can output power 54 ps and torque of 72 nm as Renault kwid. Power was delivered to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. Datsun Redi-GO is available in a choice of five body colors namely white, ruby ​​red, lime, gray bronze, and silver. The delivery began in early May 2016. Redi-GO's presence in India add to the ranks Datsun existing products, such as Go and Go +. Urban car is targeting consumers for the first time to buy a car and a consumer who moved from motorcycles to cars.
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Harga Mobil Esemka Pick Up Sekitar 130 Juta

In August 2016 Esemka pickup will be introduced to the Indonesian public. Commercial car will be marketed at a competitive price that can compete with the other pickup. Hosea Sanjaya, managing director of PT Citra Esemka MAP Hero (ACEH), said that, since these vehicles to the countryside then cultivated priced under 100 million. "Anyway competitive, even pickup a small class of 1,500 cc that exists today almost all of the price of Rp130 ​​million. While the over 1,500 cc of all imports from Thailand is very large so automatic yes our chances for a much better price," said Hosea. He added that to make the price of the car can be competitive, a number of strategies have been prepared, one of which cut distribution channels. "One made a competitive price, distribution channels will we shorten. Suppose of Esemka can directly sell without having to step into many tissues, main dealers, dealers and others. So the price and quality that serve as guidelines for Esemka compete and add value, "he added. Pickup Esemka is still under development. To support the performance, the car will be equipped with a 1000 cc engine. As an initial step Esemka only provides commercial car, from the products it anyway PT ACEH want to show a success and prioritize in the rural economic sector.
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