Konsep Terbaru Lamborghini 4 pintu

Often giving birth to a sports car that offers the best performance, Lamborghini already sure will introduce Urus presented in the form of SUVs. Even Lamborghini hopes Urus can boost sales Lamborghini.Now reportedly, Lamborghini will not be satisfied with the line up of existing products. Because it says Lamborghini is ready to introduce a sport sedan concept with four doors. As quoted Autocar, Saturday (4/11/2017). This statement was delivered Lamborghini Commercial Director, Federico Foschini, who try to answer the news circulating."We need to be able to fit in. Currently Urus is a reliable pre-production to be able to achieve sales doubled," he said. "But of course we always see the odds, if our first step together successfully, it is not possible (to give birth to a four-door sports car," he added.Even he said in the future, much to do Lamborghini. This is also the reason why Lamborghini uses LM002 for Urus. "LM002 platform is also not going to close the possibility to tucked in other models," he added.As a note Lamborghini Urus will certainly be introduced at the end of December 2017 at Sant'Agata Bolognese and will be production there as well (lth / ddn)
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Mobil Baru Mitsubishi Xpander

Not only the citizens of Jakarta just apparently the people of Surabaya are also curious too with Mitsubishi Xpander. Evidently, Mitsubishi's flagship car was never quiet dikerubuti GIIAS spectators Surabaya since the first day of GIIAS Surabaya 2017. Stanley (51) one of the visitors booth Mitsubishi claimed quite interested in the latest output of this Mitsubishi. "Previously just look from the internet.After looking directly at the booth was much better design," said this Kenjeran Surabaya residents. According to Stanley, he was deliberately came to this GIIAS to see directly Xpander is often a spotlight. "Yes emang initial goal only to clay Xpander, because rame in the media time GIIAS Jakarta," he said. However, although very interested in sophisticated design and features, Stanley can not yet determine when to order Xpander. "Do not know, maybe next year yes, the production time is more," he said. Another with Ika (30) who also visited the booth Xpander. He claimed to be interested in Xpander, but still confused. "Like the exterior design, more elegant, but still confused, others are also good and have their own advantages," said the woman who works as a doctor. According Ika, himself and husband did intend to buy one car in this exhibition GIIAS Surabaya 2017. However, when they still want to negotiate. "Want the negotiations first, will come again here," he concluded. (bdh / dry)
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Toyota Yaris Ativ Ditaksir Harga 275,7 Juta

Toyota will launch a car named Yaris Ativ in Thailand, next week. Before the official launch, the teaser video has been released first. Yaris Ativ is not a hatchback as it is here. He shaped sedan that took inspiration from Vios Thai version which is also different from Vios Indonesia. Launched Paultan, this car will be the first sedan into the Eco Car program of the Thai government, much like the LCGC project here. He will compete with other sedans that have first entered the market such as Honda Brio Amaze and Suzuki Ciaz. In appearance, especially the front, this car is dominated by a large grille low with LED lights are quite flat. The front view is also relatively more visible in the teaser than other parts. Yaris Ativ is powered by a 1200 cc four-cylinder dual VVT-i engine coupled with CTV transmission. The engine produces 85 Tk and 108 Nm of torque. Unfortunately not explained how much fuel consumption of this car, considering he joined in the government's environmentally friendly car program. Although more focus on the engine sector, does not mean the car is ignorant of the safety factor. Proven by embedding some standard features such as seven airbags and vehicle stability control. Not to mention the hill start assist which will facilitate the operation of the car when on the hill. These features are more complete than Vios in Indonesia. Not mentioned how much the price of this car. However, as an illustration, Vios here is the cheapest at Rp 275.7 million.
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Mobil Terbaru Tata Motors Winger Terbaru 2017

Indian automotive company, Tata Motors ready to launch the latest variant Winger in this August. A car capable of accommodating 15 passengers will be introduced at the Indian International Bus and Car Travel Show exhibition in Mumbai, India. Reported by Indianautosblog, Monday, August 7, 2017, the latest variant was built on a standard wheelbase of 3.488 mm. The variant looks identical to the first generation of Renault Trafic using the Winger base and has been sold in India since 2007. Cars with sliding doors are also equipped with a variety of weaponry one passenger has access to two USB ports in the car. This car reportedly will also be available in a variant of non-AC and AC. Related pacemaker, this latest variant embedded 2.2 L DICOR diesel engine capable of spraying power up to 100 hp and 170 Nm which is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. In its home country, Tata offers this 15 seater Winger with a warranty for 3 years or equivalent to 300,000 km.
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Tampilan Baru McLaren 720s 2018

In contrast to other sports cars, McLaren is now targeting the 720S for the young. Because in the eyes of McLaren Jakarta, now has a lot of young people who already have thick pockets.As stated by Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Jakarta, Irmawan Poedjoadi, in Jakarta. "The consumer character of 720S mix yes, because I see there are younger users now.It's a bit shifting, if our first customers are usually established," said Irmawan. "Now many young people are successful, so the consumer is shifting down (younger) there is a 22-year-old young people quite a lot, because yes indeed his parents have been lazy to see the streets jam and all sorts (reluctant to choose a sports car- Red), "he added.Irmawan also added today many young people who choose McLaren Super Series from McLaren. "There are 3 categories in the McLaren, Sport Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series.Now young people are even included in the category Super Series.Well if the Sports Series, this is still very comfortable every day, anytime you can drive. McLaren 720S is the entry of the Super Series, "he said. Then does Mclaren have a specific strategy to better reach young riders."We're hooking it up from the community, we're trying to get the community, we're trying to reach into the society of young people now, and we have a group, have friends who run to young people who have tried other brands," he said. . "This is McLaren, especially the 720, it's really phenomenal, the change is very drastic than the look of the previous model.While for the sport series it runs to the community because it is not mass production, for the hobbyist .Of course we run into communities that Runs into hobbies, "he added. (Lth / ddn)
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