Hyundai Meluncurkan Santa FE

Hyundai Car Indonesia will launch a new SUV, Santa Fe latest. Santa Fe facelift version will be launched on February 18, 2016. It was announced by the Public Relations of PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia Adinda Armnesia. According to him, the launch is done in the area of ​​Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (18/02/2016) afternoon. "Later in the show plans Epicentrum, Kuningan. The event on 18 February. 

The introduction to the public, all media gathering," Adina said when met at the Hyundai assembly plant in Bekasi, West Java, on Wednesday (10/02/2016). Earlier, New Santa Fe 2016 Edition debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, last September. The new car next week was officially introduced in Indonesia. The Santa Fe is experiencing diverse facelift version update. Updates are in the exterior and interior, as well as its. For the exterior, the headlamps change by implementing positiong LED lamp, HID headlamp. The design of the rear lights are also new. Front grille undergone an update. 

The grille comes with a silver bezel, chrome-coated. In the front also have the LED DRL & Front fog lamp. While on the back there is a sporty dual mufflers. Peleknya is also new. For type CRDi (diesel) using a 19-inch rims, while the type of gasoline using a 18 inch rims. Santa Fe is offered with a choice of 7 colors. Of the seven color, three of which are new color Mineral Blue, Beige and Tan Brown Chalk. As for the interior, this car has the configuration of the second row seats split seatback 4: 2: 4, driver seat with lumbar 4 Way, 3rd Row Seat 5: 5 Split Folding Down, ergonomic center fascia, leather steering wheel with audio remocon & cruise control and dual zone with climate control. Santa Fe is also equipped with a Drive Mode. Thus, the driver can select the mode that powered drive, fuel economy or normal. Indeed, when the debut in Frankfurt Santa Fe is equipped with emergency braking autonmous. However, it seems that the features are not suitable for use in Indonesia given the road conditions are too congested. "So instead we have fornt parking sensors. She read 90 cm to the front. He is 4 points, he read to the side and top down. Can the on / off. If in on speeds above 20 km / h he died, later active below 20 km / h, "says Adina. On price, Adina can not divulge. However, he said the price of this new SUV could be over USD 500 million. "Perhaps above Rp 500 million," he said.
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Daihatsu Terrios Custom 2016

After launching Sirion some time ago, Daihatsu will launch one more car in February. The car was Terios Custom. Seeing the names we can expect that this is a modified models of the Terios. 

"Daihatsu will continue to improve the sales and after-sales services by increasing the number of outlets and launch a product improvement, such as Sport Sirion and Terios Also Custom, in mid-February," said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu motorcycle.

Refresher product manufacturers usually done to stimulate the automotive market. Opens in 2016 and then in January and 13 184 units Daihatsu Motor sent to dealers (wholesale) and send 14.505 cars to consumer (retail). "These figures show that the market uptake on units Daihatsu at the dealership exceeds supply from the manufacturer to the dealer. In other words Daihatsu cars Werner much sought after even though economic conditions have not shown signs of improvement," he said. 

Wholesales Daihatsu in January 2016 respectively Contributed by the Gran Max Pick Up 4,406 units or 33% and Gran Max minibus 1,272 units or 10%. So that the total sales of the Gran Max, the vehicle Becomes a business friend of the people of Indonesia, reaching 5678 units or 43%. 

Following in second position, Astra Daihatsu Ayla accounted for 3,508 units or 27%. While Great New Xenia, Came third with 2,499 units accounted for 19%. Next is the Terios SUV accounted for 1,149 units, or 9%. Followed by Daihatsu Luxio sold 200 units or 2% and Daihatsu Sirion 150 units, or 1%,

 Not much different from wholesales, beginning in 2016, the composition of sales retailsales per type, are are relatively stable with the reviews reviews largest contribution was occupied by Daihatsu Gran Max, with the composition of the Gran Max Pick Up 4,472 units or 31%, Gran Max Mini Bus 1,165 units or 8%, So the total Gran Max sold 5,637 units, or 39%. In the second position, Great New Xenia accounted for 3,527 units or 24%. Astra Daihatsu Ayla third accounted for 3,501 units or 24%. Sahabat adventurous , Daihatsu Terios, accounted for 1,144 units, or 8%, Followed by Luxio amounted to 420 units, or by 3% and accounted for 276 units Daihatsu Sirion or by 2%. "We started in 2016 with a fairly good achievement, so that the retail sales amounted to 14,505 units exceeded wholesales amounted to 13 184 units," he said.
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Honda Brio RS terbaru 2016

Accompanying cars Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo, the latest Brio also confirmed slide this year. But there seems to be unusual at this time Brio. Based on the observation on page Online TPT owned by the Ministry of Industry, Saturday (26/01/2016), PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) caught in the middle of registering new cars as the Honda Brio RS 1.2 CVT CKD. The emergence of the RS code indicates HPM Honda Brio will present a new type with a more sporty appearance and classy. Type of RS previously has appeared on Jazz and Mobilio models. There has been no confirmation from the HPM, but reported on page Autonetmagz, currently circulating pictures of the car that allegedly an RS Honda Brio as listed in pages Online TPT. In the photo Brio RS looks more sporty thanks to the headlamps, grille and new bumper plucked from Mobilio RS. But specifically on the bumper, owned Brio RS bit more muted in the absence of sharp corners. In addition rim design is also changing and adopting the style of style dual tone with a silver-black color. Registered in accordance with the code, it looks like Honda Brio RS is equipped with a similar heart pacemaker Brio Brio S and E. The space under the hood filled 1200 cc four-cylinder engine linked to a five-speed automatic transmission.
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Honda mobilio terbaru 2015

After becoming the best-selling car and accounted for the highest sales figures in the range of Honda products in 2015, reportedly Mobilio will take off "clothes" old this year. Consumers certainly happy to hear this case. Naturally, this is done, because the best selling car is entering the second year since its launch in early 2014 not to make changes. Became the best selling car should do this, if you do not want to be left consumers. Even the Honda Prospect Motor Sembat said there would be a significant change for the Honda Mobilio this year. But it did not explain the details at the time of its release. According to records from January 2014 until November 2015 plainly has recorded 120,000 units sold in the Indonesian market. Because of the presence of Mobilio, Honda became the third best-selling brand in Indonesia. Honda Mobilio competitors who play in the low segment MPV as Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Suzuki Ertiga has done "changing clothes" first. Yes, the competition becomes more intense in 2016 in low MPV market, since this segment has a great enthusiast for the Indonesian market. We'll wait.
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Harga Suzuki Ertiga Terbaru Harga 229,5 Juta

PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) was officially launched New Ertiga Dreza. Highest variance in the Ertiga Suzuki model range priced from Rp 229.5 million. The official statement of PT SIS, Thursday (01/07/2016) calls, New Ertiga Dreza with manual transmission (MT) sold at USD 216.9 million and for Ertiga Dreza automatic transmission (AT) US $ 229.5 million. W hile New Ertiga Dreza cost Rp 223.9 MT GS and GS AT New Ertiga Dreza Rp 236.5 million. All prices are on the road price Jabodetabek. According 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS, Makmur, Ertiga Dreza appear more elegant and luxurious, both in the exterior and interior. Carrying the tagline 'Everyday is New', Ertiga Dreza claimed to be more comfortable and enjoyable for users. Makmur said, the impression was formed from the presence of new technologies and a variety of advanced features at New Ertiga Dreza. Therefore, the price of this car was certainly different. "Changes made to the further development of the New Ertiga, of course, with the basic concept of making New Ertiga Dreza as a variant in the family tertiunggi New Ertiga through advanced features, more dynamic, and more secure fit with a family in urban areas," he said. As the highest variance, entertainment features New Ertiga Dreza head unit equipped with the latest technology. Devices that use the largest screen in its class that is 9 inches. New Ertiga Dreza and New Ertiga Dreza GS comes with a choice of colors Cool Black, Graphite Grey and Pearl Snow White. In addition, special Ertiga Dreza GS is added with a choice of colors Pearl Twilight Violet.
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