Penatang all new Toyota Innova

Toyota plans will soon launch the all-new Toyota Innova, seems to be slightly hampered the smooth road. Because in the near future manufacturers Ford reportedly will soon release a new MPV variant in the same market. In light of the US manufacturer said that the new MPV Innova will become a direct competitor. Even to strengthen its position in the segment, Ford will manufacture diesel engine capacity of 2.2 L in India, is quoted Shifting Gear, Tuesday (06/10/2015). The plan is said to be one of Ford's strategy was intended to strengthen competition in the MPV model of the largest automotive market in the world. Until now there has been no detailed information on Ford India regarding the launch schedule definitely, as well as the technical data of the machine that will be used for family vehicles from Ford. As is known Toyota will equip all new Toyota Innova with a 2.4 liter engine powered 2GD-FTV 148 bhp with torque 40.l, 78 kgm, and the 2.8-liter engine 1GD-FTV generate 175 bhp and a torque of 45.9 kgm.
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Spesifikasi Robot Taxi Otonom

Next year, Japanese companies began to test the taxi car commercial could walk on his own, without a driver.The trial will be conducted by 50 people elected. They will hitchhike called Robot Taxi to travel from one place to another, to the supermarket for example. Taxi is an autonomous robot cars are made by two companies namely, DeNA an internet company and automotive technology company ZMP. This car is planned to be used commercially in 2020.Taxi robot car is equipped with microwave radar, stereo cameras, and image analysis. As quoted from Quart During the trial period, these taxis will run within a radius of three kilometers in several major roads. The crew will be on alert to prevent any accidents. "Many people are saying this is impossible, but I think it will happen faster than people expected," said Junichiro Koizumi, the son of the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, during the announcement of probation.Some argue that if a car without a driver discussed the issue, Japan is left behind. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Tesla has developed features without driver. Google even has tested a car without a driver on the streets of the United States this year. Meanwhile, Toyota has just invested US $ 50 million or equivalent to Rp 736.7 billion in Stanford and MIT to research a vehicle without a driver.On Thursday (1/10), Toyota announced a new security tool designed to send and receive information between vehicles and the road infrastructure. This tool can detect if the driver does not respond to the traffic lights and reduce the speed.
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Suzuki IGNIS Terbaru

Suzuki Ignis, one of the cars were busy discussed today. The car is the latest product of Suzuki. By carrying Compact Crossover. This car was designed with a very unique and menarik.Banyak media pertaining to the launch of Japanese cars that were named All New Suzuki Ignis this. The car is rumored to be rolled first time in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 this .Mobil itself using the jet engine 4-cylinder 1.242cc. The machine is in the mix with the latest systems, namely mild hy bird. The car itself has also been using 4WD wheel drive is very attractive. All New Ignis itself has dimensions bongsor but elegant. This car has a height of 1,595 mm, width 1,660 mm, and a length of 3,700 mm.Banyak Japanese media predict that the first launch, the car will wear costumes Ignis Trail Concept. With the display, Suzuki Ignis will look very muscular and tough. This car was also confirmed to be highly in demand in the market.
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Kia Sportage Terbaru Harga 288 Juta

After the debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 in Germany, the latest Kia Sportage officially rolled in South Korea. Sport utility vehicle (SUV) is available in four variants with prices ranging from 23.46 million won or Rp288 million. Similarly, as reported by the indianautosblog, Saturday (26/09/2015). Comes as a model in 2016, Sportage gets a lot of changes compared to previous models. Mounted on the front of the distinctive Kia grille that resembles a tiger's nose, projector headlights, while the rear brake uses visible light LEDs, which combined with chrome accents. Other devices contained in the latest Sportage as LED fog lamps, dual exhausts, skid plates, and choice of a rim size of 16, 17, and 19 inches. For the interior, Kia claims many uses quality soft plastic material. Dashboard appears all in black, and the flat-bottom steering wheel and aluminum pedals, as well as the entertainment system in the form of a head unit with a 7-inch touch screen. In Korea, the fourth generation of the Sportage is powered by a 2.0-liter turbodiesel R CRDI which can issue a maximum power of 186 ps and a torque of 400 nm. All variants are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission as standard, while a six-speed manual as an option. According to reports Kia Sportage has received the latest booking of 5,000 units.
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Honda Jazz Facelit 2015 Pasar Domestik Jepang

After the launch in 2013 Oktover ago, Honda Motor Company, finally refresh the look of the Honda Fit (Honda Jazz) specifically for the Japanese domestic market. Newer versions of it began to be marketed starting Friday (9/25/2015) ago. As reported indianautosblog, Sunday (09/27/2015), changes are made visible on the grille three blades, cover rim, as well as the choice of colors. Two colors namely blue opal Metallic and Midnight Blue Metallic beam intended for the Jazz hybrid. While in the cabin looks new features include climate control with plasma cluster technology, touch-screen to complete the entertainment devices, navigation devices, parking camera, digital TV and others. But for the engine, Honda still trust engine 1300 cc and 1500 cc i-VTEC for conventional variant and 1,500 cc engine for the hybrid variant. Penayluran power is also still using manual and automatic transmission CVT five and six levels of speed. As for the hybrid variant using DCT automatic transmission seven levels of acceleration.
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