Mobil The Joker Seharga 825 Juta

In the filming of Suicide Squad, in addition to cosmetology character of The Joker (Jared Leto), there is one more thing that steal the show, namely metallic purple car driven by The Joker. This car was not derived from the types of premium brand cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti or Koenigsegg.However, the model car The Joker called The Vaydor, an original car body kits from Vaydor Exotics. More recently, video of Fox News 13 reveals how the car is built.

Matt McEntegart, owner and founder Vaydor Exotics, received an offer from Warner Bros. to build a car owned by The Joker. Vaydor Exotics able to create a car body kit that fits standard Infiniti G35 cars. So that ordinary family sedan type car can be converted into a luxury car like a premium car with a body kit made in Vaydor Exotics.I wanted something different. I'm a fan of super cars, so I made him look aggressive, looked angry, "said Matt McEntegart. McEntergart explanation can explain the purpose behind the design of the car which looks very modern and represent aggressiveness in the character of The Joker.

Local Fox News 13 that had the opportunity to visit the garage Vaydor Exotics revealed that to wear body kit such as a car owned by The Joker requires the cost of 60 thousand dollars, or equivalent to Rp 824 million. Price is arguably very affordable, because the average price of cars Lamborghini exceed 200 thousand dollars.The Joker himself is not the main character in the film Suicide Squad. So far there is no information about how much ration The Joker will appear in Suicide Squad. But, from the video spread Suicide Squad is currently filming in Toronto, Canada, there will be a chase scene between the car Batmobile The Vaydor. It also portrayed Batman had climbed the roof of The Vaydor who drove at high speed.

Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer (Fury, Sabotage). In addition to Jared Leto as The Joker. The film also starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Cara Delevingne as an enchantress, Will Smith as Deadshot, Ben Affleck as Batman and many more. Suicide Squad is scheduled for release in August next year.
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Mobil Listrik Android UII Buatan Indonesia

The new two-week officially launched by UI Rector Dr. Ir Harsoyo MSc, Android Electric cars Indonesian Islamic University directly incised achievements at the national level by winning Electric Car Competition Indonesia VII, which was held in Bandung State Polytechnic, dated November 13 to 15, 2015. Start of the 2nd place behind the Electric Car team UGM, electric cars named Car Power Ground Unisi finally, able to finish the fastest among the 22 Other participants from various public and private universities throughout Indonesia. "Not only being the first in the category of the speed test, thanks to technological innovations introduced that can be controlled using android system when it is not driven by humans, Kaliurang Unisi also crowned as the best in the category of Technological Innovation," said Chairman of the Electric Car UII, Nazri Afandi Pasaribu on campus.

 There are six programs of study, students are involved in the manufacture of Kaliurang Unisi under the guidance of lecturers pogram Electrical Engineering. Students involved in the team comes from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering, and Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering. "The science they poured per department. Chemical Engineering developed the battery technology, Information Technology more to android or information technology. Electrical Engineering on controls and motors as well, Mechanical Engineering develops and designs the machine body in cooperation with the Industrial Engineering. While testing the strength of the material of civil engineering, "he said.
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Suzuki Alto 2015 Terbaru

Small car Suzuki Alto and Alto Lapin was named the best car of the year in Japan. This is the first award achieved by the car since it was first launched in 1979. As reported by the official website of the manufacturer, Global Suzuki, Monday (11/16/2015), this award is given by the automotive researchers and journalists in Japan. "The biggest feature of the series Alto is the reduction of weight thanks to the design of the new platform. As a result, maneuverability and fuel efficiency increase," reads the statement of the award organizing committee. Not only that, further the committee, the balance of the suspension results from a new platform that makes the stability of the car when cornering more stable. Even higher than the previous Alto. With the new platform that, Suzuki also offers several new variants in the ranks Alto, including Alto Alto RS and other fashionable. "We appreciate the fundamental high performance and a range of offers that," said the committee. The latest generation Alto was launched December 22, 2014 last. One variant of the hottest in the family is the Alto, Alto Turbo RS are present March 11, 2015, followed by the Alto Lapin on 3 June. Since its launch until now the latest version of the Alto sales in Japan alone, has reached 94 thousand units. While the cumulative sales of all models since it was launched in 1979 and has now reached approximately 5.57 million units.
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Spesifikasi Mobil Hidorogen BMW

Images that allegedly fuel cell concept car BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell leaking. Environmentally friendly cars fueled hydrogen gas was scheduled to be introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, USA, later this month. Speculation is growing, the car will use the name 'i' adds to the family line of environmentally friendly cars which already exist that electric cars i3 and i8 hybrid cars. Most likely the name i5. Previously, BMW announced it will market its hydrogen cars by 2020. But if you look from the concept car form, seems to have approached to the production version. Quoted from Carnewschina, itself derived from the image of Chinese patent authorities. Seen aerodynamic design of the car with two doors. It is unknown how the interior design, but it seems a capacity of four seats. Meanwhile, it appears there is a camera in the fender and side mirror. On the back there are tailwing suspected of having an active aerodynamic elements. Supports motion and sporty look, bumper mounted lower and allegedly also fitted with active elements. While BMW stated that the image is only patented products research for product development. There are no plans to mass produce.
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Mitsubishi Ex Zero Konsep

Mitsubishi tried to create its latest innovations including the SUV Mitsubishi eX with Next-Gen EV technology. Mitsubishi eX brought the concept car of the future which will begin its first release in japan tokyo auto show. It was called the call will hypnotize car enthusiasts tampilanya versatile crossover with luxury and instill segelontor future tech features that will make visitors will be fascinated at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 .Mengusung suicide door model with the C-pillar is transparent. Irradiating stick with LED light and its enhanced with the latest headlight grille that seem more vivid. For business machines, Mitsubishi eX will carry the All Wheel Control system powered 4WD. Is expected to issue power zero emission car is capable of spraying power 93hp. Power sources rely on lithium-ion battery pack 45 kwh in the claims is able to be invited to the road up to 402 km. The concept of the latest cars from Mitsubishi is pretty good for the future, may be regarded as eco-friendly cars and anticipate the availability of fuel is diminishing (diesel and petrol), until now the place charging for electric cars such as the concept car Mitsubishi eX only region of Europe and countries advanced others.
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