Perbedaan Desian Toyota Agya dan Toyota Ayla

Car at Low Cost Green Car segment (LCGC) owned by PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), New Ayla had just skied on 7 April. Although the time of the launch coincided with the twin of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) and produced simultaneously, but both have different design. "There is a difference in the look that Toyota standard X grille trademark Toyota nah Daihatsu with wide mouth smiled, our goal differentiate in order in the market can choose for right contrived at Daihatsu in the engine and the entire alike," said Marketing Director of ADM, Amelia Tjandra, in Glamping Lakeside , Ciwidey, Bandung, Monday (17/04/2017) night. Astra Daihatsu Ayla now comes with two engine options, namely the 1200 cc and 1000 cc. For version 1200 cc, the engine is 1.2 L engine uses Dual VVT-i. Ayla 1.2 L equipped with a stabilizer mounted at the front and rear. Claimed, with the device that the car will be more stable even at high speeds. New Ayla 1.2 include projector headlamp to LED daytime running light (DRL). It also added the version polished alloy wheels and LED rear combi lamp. For the interior, Ayla 1.2L audio equipped with a touch screen and steering switch 2din. For safety, this car has a feature that allows the car Immobilizer can only be turned on when using the original key. ADM was invited to test the tiny cars that roam the area Area Ciwidey, Bandung. But the place chosen is not in the streets of urban but more to mountain pass road berliuk-bend and narrow streets. "It was not unusual right when shopping in Singapore but enjoy the beauty of Indonesia so Ayla we hope not only to try the car right there is the motorway, lane, rain, bad roads, uphill all try, we hope the experience it could be evidence of reliability Ayla," Amel said.
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Tampang Mclaren 570gt Terbaru

McLaren age of only three years in China, but the sports car manufacturer that has been a successful course. As a thank you, McLaren brings 570GT Commemorative Special Edition for Chinese consumers and made only three units. The car will be launched in a Shanghai Auto Show 2017 which takes place next week. McLaren 570GT use distinctive colors called Pacific Blue with black accents in some parts. Rear bumper, wings, and the door skirt using carbon fiber. The interior is luxurious increases with the use of Areia Cream Nappa. The steering wheel and seat belt use carbon black color that contrasts with the lighting of the interior and in harmony with the outer door trim. Features 12 intertainment amplified audio speaker Bowers & Wilkins.Demikian quoted Motor1, Thursday (04/13/2017). Besides 570GT Commemorative Edition, McLaren 720S supercar will also introduce for the first time in China. The car is undergoing international debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few days ago. 720S carrying 710 hp V8 engine. Acceleration from 0-96 mph is achieved in 2.8 seconds. "McLaren is already past 3 years in China with success and we are proud to introduce for the first time at Auto Shanghai 720S 2017. We expect McLaren will continue to grow in the future in China," said McLaren CEO, Mike Flewitt.
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Desian Terbaru Jeep Yuntu 2017

Exhibition Shanghai Auto Show next week will be the debut of the Jeep Yuntu, cars 7-seater SUV concept. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) that houses the car brand the United States released a sketch before dipamerakan. As a concept car, the design of futuristic Yuntu. This can be seen from the design of lamps, mirrors, and door. Slanting LED headlights flanking the grille with seven Yuntu lattice gives the impression of not only modern but also handsome. The lattice design is also to maintain the identity of the Jeep. The door seems to use suicide pillar system B. This gives the advantage of more flexibility for passengers entering and leaving. Rearview also use thin design implies the use of cameras to provide visual more clearly to the driver via a monitor in the cabin. Adding a strong impression as well as the use of roof mounted rail wheel with tire offroad star crossbar. Posts PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) on the front door is a sign that the heart of the propulsion combines a conventional engine and electric motor. But so far there is no specification of Yuntu that exposed FCA. From the name it is clear that the SUV with three rows of seating will be marketed in China. Yuntu production model is expected to be made in the FCA-GAC joint facility.
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Toyota Agya Terbaru 2017

PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) to prepare a new ammunition in the segment of Low Cost and Green Car (LCGC). TAM plans Agya will release the latest version in the near future. Agya latest version also reportedly include new features such as anti-lock brakes Brake System (ABS). The TAM reluctant to divulge more about the car it's just a new LCGC said new Agya equipped with two engine options, namely 1.0 L and 1.2 L. "There (ABS) but then we will tell more, but if the engine yes there are 1.0 and 1.2. It features we'll love to know," said Executive General Manager of Vehicle Sales Operations Sub-Directorate of PT TAM, Fransiscus Soerjopranoto in Penang Bistro, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 29.03.2017). According to Agya presence is part of a new cycle of refreshment in a Toyota. "The need for the customer to their refreshment needs already this year so we survey the same, we're no model life management," continued Soerjo. From the information detikOto can, TAM will release Agya on April 7 next week. (Dry / DDN)
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Modifikasi Mobil Jazz Balap Ajang (IAM) MBtech 2017

Various modifications concepts appear in the Indonesia Automodified (IAM) MBtech 2017 begins in Surabaya. One of the modifications performed at this event is the Honda Jazz which is converted into a racing car, but comfortable for the daily. Rendy is Widodo, the man from Semarang who changed Jazz in 2012 hers into a racing car. He was inspired to make modifications to a race car that can be used for daily. "If for racing doang can not get a daily free of charge. If it is made daily comfortable as well, because I wear coilover HKS. Coilover can be soft to hard. If you want to race can be made of hard, daily can be soft," said Rendy to detikOto in the arena Indonesian Automodified (IAM) MBtech 2017 series Surabaya Tunjungan Plaza. The concept car is racing style. Rendy want to highlight the use of two doors on the car and the body is full of carbon. "It's total carbon body wear everything from front to back. That was it blue carbon, wrapping I just wear blue," he said. "My door concept makes the RX-8, kept my love turbo, plug sunroof, love racing tires Toyo R1R. Pelek resize the ring 18 inches," he continued.
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