SPESIFIKASI Piaggio NT3 | Pesaing Tata Nano

SPESIFIKASI Piaggio NT3 | Pesaing Tata Nano

Italian scooter manufacturer, Piaggio, is ready to produce inexpensive small cars seating capacity of three named NT3. Cars for exploring the city planned to sell in Europe after 2013. Being the concept can be seen at Milan Motorcycle Show 2010 event.

Configuration of three passengers, one driver and two behind. Similar to the configuration or the McLaren F1 supercar BMW Z13 concept car of 1994 or more generally is Bajaj public passenger vehicle on the streets of Jakarta.

Despite having Italian blood, Piaggio is planning to produce NT3 in India as well as dealing directly with the Tata Nano and Maruti's small car in the class price 2500 U.S. dollars. This car will use the base Ape Piaggio three-wheel vehicle that became commercially popular in Southern Europe and developing markets in Asia, like India.

NT3 Concept compact dimensions with a length of 2.4 m, 1.5 m width, and height 1.6 m, so that traffic congestion, limited parking and narrow streets is not a barrier. Concept NT3 could swallow three passengers at once. Piaggio ensure the product is safe, flexible, agile maneuver, attractive.

NT3 Interior Concept utilize materials that can be recycled and cut the use of components that are not important so that production costs can be reduced and car lighter.

The Piaggio NT3 Concept cans have three different engines, all conceived for maximum environmental compatibility while still guaranteeing Suitable performance for the vehicle's mission. The 200cc engine is characterized by significantly reduced costs of operation, consumption and polluting emissions.

The 300cc engine, based on the consolidated technology of the Piaggio MP3 three-Wheeled scooter, Provides brilliant performance in the internal combustion 300cc version. The 300 hybrid engine version integrates - as with the new Piaggio MP3 300 Hybrid - the traditional low environmental impact of internal-combustion powertrain with the zero-emissions electric powertrain with performance equal to the internal combustion 300cc (80 km / hour max speed) and a speed of 30 km / hour in the Zev "electric only" mode.

Piaggio provides 3 engine options; 200 cc, 300 cc and 300 cc hybrid. 200 cc engine is claimed to very, very economical and minimal pollutants. 300 cc engine taken from the Piaggio MP3 3-wheel scooter that has a brilliant performance.

Meanwhile, 300 cc engine equipped with a battery-hybrid lithium-ion batteries. This machine was taken from Piaggio Mp3 hybrid with fuel interenal 300 cc engine. The car can run up to 80 km / h by using the combustion engine, but when utilizing electric mode it can only run 30 km / hour.

Piaggio claims Concept NT3 can roam up to 30 km with one liter of gasoline. However, Piaggio does not mention which one can do this type

Options machines used capacity 200 cc or 300 cc motorcycle belonging. In fact, the plan, 300 cc engine variant will also be offered in a package of hybrid systems.

Piaggio boss Roberto Colannino, stated that he thought the big sales numbers for this car in India, besides other Asian region and in Europe. Piaggio plans to produce NT3 in the next three years.
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