2011 Mercedes E63 AMG

2011 Mercedes E63 AMG

Hailing from one of the GCC countries - Saudi Arabia to be exact - By Design Motorsport works with many different tuners to bring together an array of projects for everyone’s viewing and buying pleasure. We’ve already featured two Porsches, a 911 Turbo by Protomotive and a 997 TT Porschat Edition by BD Motor, but this next tuning project takes the trip from a different German company: Mercedes. By Design Motorsport (BD Motor) has just prepared a package for the Mercedes E63 AMG sedan that provides it with just a bit of aesthetic change.

Every experience we've had with Mercedes-Benz's new eighth-generation E-Class has been a positive one. From the near-stately luxury of the E350 and E550 sedans to the sporty thrills of the E-Coupe to the "ineffable joy"of the E-Cabrio, we've been big fans. Except we all seem to end our reviews saying something like this, "While there is no doubt that the [whichever E-Class] is a first rate automobile, we can't help but wonder what the AMG version would be like." Well friends, let me tell you.

It's like driving veal. No, the E63 AMG is smoother than that. It's like driving veal fat. Citro├źns wish they had rides as glassy. Potholes, ruts, expansion joints (i.e. Interstate 5 near Downtown Los Angeles), it really doesn't matter what the road surface is like. The E63 wafts you over it in serene comfort. And should you (somehow) become uncomfortable, just switch on the massaging seat. The max setting is stellar. "Wait a second," you say, this is an AMG product. It's not supposed to be all soft and cushy. Well, I'm kind of pulling a fast one, because I'm talking about driving the E63 with all of the adjustable stuff turned off. This is also known as "Comfort" mode, and truer words have rarely been printed in an owner's manual.

Technical Specs

Standard Engine 6.3L V8
Standard Transmission 7 Speed Manual
Cylinders 8
Horsepower @RPM 518@6800
Fuel Economy Cty/Hwy 13 / 20
Combined Fuel Economy 15
EPA Class Mid-Size
Number of Valves 32
Torque @RPM N/A
Fuel Type System Gas Engine / Sequential Electronic Fuel Injected, Sequential Port Fuel Injected Sequential, Multi-Port Fuel Injected
Turbo (Yes/No) No
Overdrive Transmission Yes
Battery Output N/A
Compression 11.3:1
Displacement 6208 / 379
Bore X Stroke 4.02x3.72
Cruising Range 316.5 miles
Final Drive Gear Ratio Opt N/A
Power to Weight Ratio 7.8
Final Drive Ratio No
Valves Configuration Dual Overhead Cam / Twin Overhead Cam
Supercharged No
Electric HorsePower RPM N/A
Electric Torque Feet Per Pound N/A (foot-lbs)
Electric Torque RPM N/A
Electric HorsePower BHP N/A

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