Feature 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe

Feature 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe was looking to expand its market to include the younger population and they decided that the best way to do that was to offer a C-Class Coupe alternative. That project led to the birth of the CLC whose success in the market was more lackluster than bedazzled. Now, Mercedes C63 AMG is at it again with a much more simple approach to meeting the needs of the younger generation. This simple - in the best sense of the word - vehicle is the C-Class Coupe, and Mercedes is even taking a stab at an AMG version.

The new C63 AMG Coupe will join the current AMG Coupe and will be put on sale this July in Europe, while on the US market sales will begin in September 2011. The first units will be sold as the "Edition 1" and will be offered with exclusive equipments.

But the biggest mystery Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe raises among fans is related to what will it host under the hood. Some information leak revealed that the C63 AMG Coupe will share the same V8 engine with his Sedan brother, which lead us to think about of a tuned-up version of it to equip the future Black Series car. In the SL65 AMG Black Series for example, the maximum power was increased from 525 HP to 650 HP, thing that makes us hope to an increase from 450 to 575HP.

To look like their four-door brethren, coupes feature their own bodykit with 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in staggered high performance tires. At the rear, the automaker’s signature, bellicose AMG performance exhaust system takes center stage.
Inside, a special AMG steering wheel, high-performance seats with larger bolsters and special gauges mark the new model. Leather seating surfaces are optional, while a high-grip composite upholstery called Dinamica will be standard. Designed to be extremely breathable and “pleasing to the touch,” the material is also notable for its low-emissions production process. Mercedes-Benz says it is aimed at track-oriented users who don’t want the slippery feel of leather.
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