New Car2Go to launching electric

New Car2Go to launching electric Daimler's car2go car sharing service kicked off in Ulm, Germany in October 2008 before expanding to Austin, Texas in 2010. Earlier this month, Hamburg, Germany, became the first city with more than a million inhabitants to see the introduction of the car2go service, but the second won't be far behind with a launch set for Amsterdam before the end of the year.

Unlike Zipcar, Car2Go’s model is looking to be much simpler. Whereas Zipcar requires members to pick up and return cars from the same location, make reservations and pay by the hour, Car2Go members can rent vehicles by the minute without reservations and drop off the vehicles at designated points throughout the city.

The launch of an all electric vehicle fleet marks a new era in carsharing in North America,” said Nicholas Cole, President and CEO of car2go N. A. LLC. “San Diego is a forward-thinking city determined to meet future transportation demands of its residents. Our goal is to complement the existing transportation infrastructure by providing an emission-free carsharing service for short and spontaneous one-way trips.

ECOtality is currently installing approximately 1,000 publicly available Blink charging stations throughout the San Diego region as part of The EV Project. Data collected by the charging stations will be analyzed to better understand how EV drivers charge their car, and help to guide future rollouts of commercial charging stations.
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