New Sportcars Lyonheart K launched

Greater than the automotive breakthrough that was the XK 120, greater than the highly successful Mark VII, and greater than the impressive XJ220, no single Jaguar is more revered than the 1961 E-Type (XK-E in the states). Now, more than 40 years later, the venerated E-Type is still recognized for its timeless good looks and high performance.

Oozing retro awesomeness, the bespoke coupe was designed by Robert Palm and Bo Zolland. It features a carbon fiber body which sits on top of an aluminum chassis. Notable styling highlights include a clamshell hood, LED taillights and 20-inch wheels.

Lyonheart’s design philosophy for the Lyonheart K was to only use genuine materials, like carbon fiber, leather, veneer, polished stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and chromed metal. In addition to these materials, Lyonhearts Cars is also offering a bespoke program that allows its customers to design the cars according to their wishes. Customers can opt for any desired material on the interior, pick their own, unique dials, or put their initials in the veneer or in the body color.
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