2012 Honda Civic HF review

The all-new 2012 Honda Civic represents the ninth generation of one of the company's most popular and globally recognized products. Having earned a reputation for being a fun-to-drive compact that is simultaneously fuel efficient, sporty, stylish and durable, the Honda Civic has become a beloved and relied-upon member of the worldwide transportation family. Cumulatively, the Civic has reached 8.8 million customers in the United States through 2010 since its launch as a 1973 model. The reasons for the cancellation were many, but chief among them was a drive to refocus Honda toward engineering environmentally friendly, high-MPG, high-value vehicles attractive to the masses. In other words, develop and produce more cars like the 2012 Honda Civic HF. While those two models aim for the ultimate in fuel efficiency, we imagine that the standard Sedan and Coupe models will make up the bulk of sales. Buyers will find a 1.8-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine underhood with 140 horsepower that scores an EPA-estimated 39 mpg on the highway (a three-mpg improvement over the last Civic). The Civic soldiers on with a five-speed automatic at a time when most of its competitors are packing six ratios. Compact 5-Speed Automatic Transmission Standard, Gear Ratios: 1st: 2.666, 2nd: 1.534, 3rd: 1.022, 4th: 0.721, 5th: 0.525, Reverse: 1.957, Final Drive: 4.44At the HF is also available ECON Button, Just press the big green button. Could there be a more quick and easy way to save fuel? In ECON mode, Civic engines and other energy-consuming systems are automatically configured to operate more efficiently. Zip Need more? Push again to return to regular mode.
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