Car Spyker D8 Desain and interior

The Spyker D8 Paris-to-Peking is easily the most striking-looking SUV of any kind, ever made. It looks like nothing else on the road, being a cross between a supercar, a boat, a plane, a regular SUV, as well as luxury lounge. It was first presented back in 2006, at the Geneva Motor Show and has been in development ever since. 

Spyker and Youngman have just inked a framework deal that assigns 29.9 percent of Spyker’s stock to Youngman. In turn, Youngman will pay €10,000,000. Of the initial investment, €6.7 million will be used to pay for the 29.9 percent ownership, while the remaining €3.3 million will act as a shareholder loan. The entire deal should be completed within 45 days of the signing of the deal, as that is the time frame that Youngman has to pay the deal in full. Another joint-venture, called Spyker Phoenix B.V., will also be formed. This particular company will be 80 percent Youngman and 20 percent Spyker. It will build a "full range of premium cars" based on the Phoenix platform that was originally developed for Saab.

 Youngman and Spyker will jointly incorporate a second Joint Venture to be called Spyker Phoenix B.V. in which Youngman will contribute the rights to the Phoenix platform as developed by Saab Automoblie AB in 2010/2011 to Youngman acquired a license in 2011 as well as provide all required funding. Youngman will hold 80% of Spyker Phoenix shares while Spyker will hold 20% of Spyker Phoenix shares which shareholder will be exempt from dilution.
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