Bugatti TypeZero New Concept

This is one of the most anticipated cars of the whole generation, and we are talking about the Bugatti TypeZero Concept, which will be a Single seater as per the reports. 

The result is the award winning TypeZero Concept. Devauze drew heavy inspiration for his creation from the 1920’s Bugatti Type 35 which at the time, was the world’s most successful race car winning over 1,000 races including the Grand Prix World Championship and Targa Florio.

 French designer Marc Devauze took a look at the Veyron’s predecessors and decided to try and replicate some of that glory in a more modern shape. The Type 35s might have been racing legends in their time, but compared to this, they look like trash bins. 

Bugatti TypeZero concept will have batteries placed at the either side allowing the owner to remove them easily during the race time. Inside, the design is minimalistic and resembles to classic racing car cockpits. One can also see the bucket seat; two spoke steering wheel, a digital odometer and a gauge to show the status of batteries.
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