2015 Bristol GT Review


This new Bristol super car coupe has yet to be released yet alone teased, but there are chances that the super car may borrow the powertrain from the 2009 Giugiaro Namir Supercar Concept. This means that the new super car will have four separate motors, each driving a wheel mated to an additional 800cc Wankel rotary engine charging up the plethora of lithium-ion batteries. 

Now Bristol wants to hit that 200 mph mark one more time, but this time in a new extended-range electric GT supercar. The model is still in its development process and will be shown in concept form at the end of this year. 

The original production version will be unveiled at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, with the production version to cost less than £ 200.000, as stated by the president and owner of Bristol, Kamal Siddiqi. The Bristol Motors bought in 2011 from Kamkorp Autokraft which is a subsidiary of Frazer Nash , a company specialized in the manufacturing of hybrid and electric cars. 

The Giugiaro Namir was a hybrid that produced 400 hp from four electric motors combined with an 814 cc endothermic rotary engine. Expectations of an 800 cc Wankel rotary engine in the Bristol GT will serve as the generator to supply the power for the four electric engines.
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