2014 Honda Cr z Performance

The 2014 Honda Civic coupe strives for a more athletic appearance this time around, featuring a bolder nose, a stronger fender line, and new wheel designs. One of the major goals for the new Honda Civic coupe is to differentiate itself from the tamer sedan, and this effort can be seen particularly in the contoured rear bumper and unique top and bottom taillights. 

Owners of manual-transmission CR-Zs can now have Honda install a 200,000 rpm Rotrex centrifugal traction-drive supercharger mated to a Griffiths air-to-air intercooler. A respectable 57-horsepower increase is expected, bringing total horsepower to 187 ponies, while fuel consumption remains at 42 mpg. Other modifications to the CR-Z includes a performance exhaust, suspension upgrades, a wheel and tire package, and a big brake kit. Not bad for a hybrid. 

Tick the Supercharger Kit box at your local Honda dealer and it will also include high-flow injectors, an intercooler, and a high-flow air filter. A limited-slip differential and a sports clutch are options. HPD made it explicitly clear that the Supercharger Kit is only available for manual transmissions -- understandable, given the sporting intent. It comes dealer-installed, or one can choose to install it oneself if he or she is good with directions.
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