Desain Toyota S-FR Versi Sporty

Automakers Toyota some time ago officially unveil the car Toyota FR-S Concept. Now the Japanese manufacturer was preparing the racing look of the tiny roadster. Quoting from Worldcarfans, Friday (04/12/2015), not only displays the standard version, Toyota has set up a racing version of the FR-S concept car. This change is done to provoke interest and attention of consumers to the new product. Toyota racing version of the S-FR has more gahar exterior appearance than the standard manufacturer. Car body paint whitewash with a combination of black and white colors on the body kit, grille, glass, roof, rear view mirror, until the standard rim. Car more sporty look with the front and rear fenders are becoming wider, which uses a model mesh grille, splitter to split the wind in the front bumper, and exhaust difusser new models, as well as the rear wing with a large size. With the changes made, S-FR Toyota dimensional changes, too. Standard version 3,990 millimeters long turned into 4,100 mm, width has been increased from 1,695 mm so 1,735 mm, and height of the car was lowered to 1,270 mm from the initial size of 1,320 mm. Although the body is made grim, Toyota did not give further details about the specification and technical data Toyota racing version of the S-FR. Roadster-style racing car built by Toyota Gazoo Racing, and will appear at the Tokyo Auto Salon at 15-17 Januar 2016.
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