Fitur Mobil hidrogen BMW 2016

Figure this one glimpse of hydrogen cars could be rated as a model i8, the only difference from a few body design that is designed sharper. This is the hydrogen vehicle which will be launched BMW in 2025. BMW itself admits its hydrogen concept car, was developed from i8 models. The difference is this concept car designed more frightening, front fascia made similar shark with ventilation holes recessed. Hydrogen technology is claimed not pure development conducted BMW, but cooperation with Toyota that first develop hydrogen fuel vehicles. And this is the continued cooperation of BMW and Toyota Supra after jointly developing a sport car and Z4 replacement. Speaking in Aachen Colloquium car and Engine Technology, Member of the Board of Management of BMW, Klaus Frohlich revealed that BMW is conducting development for hydrogen-fueled vehicles. "BMW will enter the market hydrogen fuel cells at the beginning of the next decade (2025), this plan will begin with the first small-scale production," said Frohlich, as quoted from Carbuzz. Although ensuring the production of hydrogen cars, the German premium car manufacturer assesses the lack of and need for huge costs to build hydrogen refueling facility. The condition is considered, it becomes a problem to make hydrogen products sold globally.
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