Picture Sebastian Vettel The Winner Monaco grand Prix

Picture Sebastian Vettel The Winner Monaco grand Prix won at Monaco while Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso finished second with Button in third. The Monaco street circuit is one of the most difficult tracks to overtake but with the new DRS rule, an exciting race was definitely on cards. DRS sure did make the race more exciting but much of the entertainment was provided by the mid-fielders. Some of them escaped with minor bumps and scratches on their million dollar machines while other more unfortunate ones, totaled their cars.

Amidst the chaos, Vettel, Alonso and Button were able to keep out of trouble as the trio lapped one car after another. Hamilton was in his usual mood and muscled his way past Schumacher in the 0penning stages of the race. A similar move on Massa resulted in a collision with Hamilton being awarded a drive-through for being too aggressive. Eventually, Massa ran wide near the tunnel exit and crashed into the barrier ending the Ferrari drivers race.

The Monaco GP once again proved that the three-way influence of rapidly-wearing Pirelli tyres, KERS and DRS have turned Formula One on its head and is providing consistently exciting races.

Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) made up for the humiliation of being lapped last weekend in front of his home fans in Spain, by finishing second, with early race leader Jenson Button third - three world champions on the podium.
Mark Webber, who won at Monaco last year, set the fastest lap of the race - 1'16.234 - on the final lap to finish fourth and was followed by Kamui Kobayashi (Sauber) and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren).

11th-placed Kobayashi was lapping two seconds faster than Buemi and Heidfeld ahead of him and would surely be moving further up the leader board.
Lap 20 Positions
1 Vettel
2 Webber +3.6
3 Alonso +6.2
4 Hamilton +18.3
5 Rosberg +20.6
6 Massa +20.9
7 Button +24.1
8 Petrov +28.0
9 Heidfeld +28.9
10 Buemi +31.6

Rosberg was off the pace and had been overtaken by three cars. Massa attacked on lap 20, but the German managed to fend off the Brazilian for another lap. Massa got past on the next lap and while Rosberg was pre-occupied, Button came in to attack too. Rosberg defended bravely and forced the 2009 world champion wide, but Button just drove around him on the outside of Turn 14 to emerge into the main straight on fifth place and close behind fourth-placed Massa, as team mate Hamilton was the first of the front-runners to pit a second time for fresh tyres and emerged in tenth place.
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