2013 MINI Cooper Mule Feature

2013 MINI Cooper Mule Feature This ugly little duckling covered in what looks like oil stains might not seem all that important, but it’s actually a test vehicle for the next generation of MINI Cooper. This is the first time a prototype of the new model has been seen out in public, and we can see the car is growing a bit.

Spy shots of a prototype for the new third-generation modern MINI Cooper 2013 reveals a more aggressive, louder styling of the upcoming Mini. It is expected go on sale in line with the regular Cooper trim in spring of 2012.On this third-generation mule of the Mini Cooper S, it seems like nothing too radical is going on the outside except for the shell. Its overhangs look like.

The basic Mini shape is intact here, the doors look to be identical to the second-generation car there's some suggestion of a rear door based on the camouflage cutlines, but we think this is little more than a half-hearted sleight of hand. And judging by the forward-mounted front brake calipers, Mini is sticking with the whole front-wheel-drive thing.

The testers pushed the cars on a slalom course and generally put them through their paces. According to our source the three cylinder was noticeably louder with a very pleasing rumble on acceleration. Compared to the sound of the current 4 cylinder it almost seemed as if MINI has tuned the exhaust note to make you feel the car is going faster at low speeds than it really was.

After several runs back to back it became obvious to our source that the three cylinder MCS didn’t quite have the initial launch of the four in the current MCS. Specifically it lagged in the middle of first gear just a bit.
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