2013 Toyota Yaris New Design

Starting in May 2013, The Toyota Yaris will be imported to North American markets from a factory in France.Produced in northern France for the European market since 2001, this is the first Toyota to be produced in Europe and imported to North America. There are no changes in drivetrain, but buyers of the 2013 model do et the the same equipment as this year’s version. On the other hand, people purchasing the 2013 model will get the “tech audio package” as standard equipment over last year’s model, though this does come with a slight price hike to $14,875. The increase is somewhere between $80 and $330 depending on the model chosen. 

Both models came with the same engine a 106-horsepower, 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, paired with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. In either version, this worked out to be plenty to move the lightweight Yaris quickly though the automatic version was a little sluggish with a full load. The Yaris is sprightly and maneuverable around town and capable of fitting into some of the tightest parking spaces with light, responsive steering and compact dimensions, but its soft suspension calibration means that it won't feel sporty on a country road. Ride quality is soft and absorbent, with a bounciness that comes out on some road surfaces. 

Interior Design The Yaris interior provides a level of detail not often seen on cars in this price class. The doors close wîth a smooth, solid feel. Additional sound-absorbing and insulating materials make for a quieter ride. Úpgraded fabrics and a soft-touch dash highlight a more premium, sporty interior. The front seats are now wider, and sculpted to help reduce fatigue on long trips.
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