New Fiat 500 concept

The Fiat 500 mini-car is a two-door hatchback coupe (or convertible, designated 500c) that mixes Italian style with a fun-to-drive personality and comes with good gas mileage as a bonus. A high-performance Fiat Abarth model is also part of the 500 model line. Now, while the idea may not be feasible for everybody, there are those who are applying this very principle.

 This German Fiat 500 owner has taken the leap, and in doing so, has turned his car into something which is, dare we say it, far better than the original. It gets far better performance, a higher top speed (though it is limited to 100 km/h for obvious safety reasons), it is considerably smoother, and a much nicer experience overall. Dimensionally between the ForTwo and the Mini Cooper, the 500 appears more substantial and less toy-like than the Smart; being nearly three feet longer than the ForTwo helps. Compared to the Mini Cooper, the 500 is six inches shorter, 2.2 inches narrower and 3.1 inches taller. On the streets of San Diego, the 500 didn't look out of place. As a matter of fact, it fit.
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