Suzuki Alto 2015 Terbaru

Small car Suzuki Alto and Alto Lapin was named the best car of the year in Japan. This is the first award achieved by the car since it was first launched in 1979. As reported by the official website of the manufacturer, Global Suzuki, Monday (11/16/2015), this award is given by the automotive researchers and journalists in Japan. "The biggest feature of the series Alto is the reduction of weight thanks to the design of the new platform. As a result, maneuverability and fuel efficiency increase," reads the statement of the award organizing committee. Not only that, further the committee, the balance of the suspension results from a new platform that makes the stability of the car when cornering more stable. Even higher than the previous Alto. With the new platform that, Suzuki also offers several new variants in the ranks Alto, including Alto Alto RS and other fashionable. "We appreciate the fundamental high performance and a range of offers that," said the committee. The latest generation Alto was launched December 22, 2014 last. One variant of the hottest in the family is the Alto, Alto Turbo RS are present March 11, 2015, followed by the Alto Lapin on 3 June. Since its launch until now the latest version of the Alto sales in Japan alone, has reached 94 thousand units. While the cumulative sales of all models since it was launched in 1979 and has now reached approximately 5.57 million units.
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