Spesifikasi Mobil Hidorogen BMW

Images that allegedly fuel cell concept car BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell leaking. Environmentally friendly cars fueled hydrogen gas was scheduled to be introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, USA, later this month. Speculation is growing, the car will use the name 'i' adds to the family line of environmentally friendly cars which already exist that electric cars i3 and i8 hybrid cars. Most likely the name i5. Previously, BMW announced it will market its hydrogen cars by 2020. But if you look from the concept car form, seems to have approached to the production version. Quoted from Carnewschina, itself derived from the image of Chinese patent authorities. Seen aerodynamic design of the car with two doors. It is unknown how the interior design, but it seems a capacity of four seats. Meanwhile, it appears there is a camera in the fender and side mirror. On the back there are tailwing suspected of having an active aerodynamic elements. Supports motion and sporty look, bumper mounted lower and allegedly also fitted with active elements. While BMW stated that the image is only patented products research for product development. There are no plans to mass produce.
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