Mitsubishi Ex Zero Konsep

Mitsubishi tried to create its latest innovations including the SUV Mitsubishi eX with Next-Gen EV technology. Mitsubishi eX brought the concept car of the future which will begin its first release in japan tokyo auto show. It was called the call will hypnotize car enthusiasts tampilanya versatile crossover with luxury and instill segelontor future tech features that will make visitors will be fascinated at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 .Mengusung suicide door model with the C-pillar is transparent. Irradiating stick with LED light and its enhanced with the latest headlight grille that seem more vivid. For business machines, Mitsubishi eX will carry the All Wheel Control system powered 4WD. Is expected to issue power zero emission car is capable of spraying power 93hp. Power sources rely on lithium-ion battery pack 45 kwh in the claims is able to be invited to the road up to 402 km. The concept of the latest cars from Mitsubishi is pretty good for the future, may be regarded as eco-friendly cars and anticipate the availability of fuel is diminishing (diesel and petrol), until now the place charging for electric cars such as the concept car Mitsubishi eX only region of Europe and countries advanced others.
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