Hyundai Siapkan Mobil Penantang Mobilio Tahun Depan

Secretly Hyundai Motor Company has prepared new ammunition to bang the low market segment Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in India. South Korean manufacturer was reportedly ready to produce and peddle IP MPV next year. As reported indianautosblog, Sunday (11/10/2015), the information was revealed after Chief Sales and Marketing Hyundai India, YJ Ahn, mengatakannnya told the Times Of India. He mentioned that the design process and some aspects were done have been completed, so the chances are manufactured and marketed next year. Selian targeting individual target markets, Hyundai also will likely target the taxi operators and car rental companies. Understandably, low MPV which still uses the name of the IP code capacity of seven passengers. Only a matter of the platform is still a mystery. But certainly, some sources say the car was made in two variants namely petrol and diesel engine. Transmission to deliver power to the wheels of the engine was also offered in two variants, manual and automatic. To the platform, there is only reference in the form of a piece of information that the previous model made by Hyundai. Earlier this manufacturer meggelontorkan compact SUV, Hyundai Creta which uses the base Hyundai Elantra platform.
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