Suzuki IGNIS Terbaru

Suzuki Ignis, one of the cars were busy discussed today. The car is the latest product of Suzuki. By carrying Compact Crossover. This car was designed with a very unique and menarik.Banyak media pertaining to the launch of Japanese cars that were named All New Suzuki Ignis this. The car is rumored to be rolled first time in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 this .Mobil itself using the jet engine 4-cylinder 1.242cc. The machine is in the mix with the latest systems, namely mild hy bird. The car itself has also been using 4WD wheel drive is very attractive. All New Ignis itself has dimensions bongsor but elegant. This car has a height of 1,595 mm, width 1,660 mm, and a length of 3,700 mm.Banyak Japanese media predict that the first launch, the car will wear costumes Ignis Trail Concept. With the display, Suzuki Ignis will look very muscular and tough. This car was also confirmed to be highly in demand in the market.
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