Desain Terbaru BMW M4 CS

Manufacturer BMW recently launched its latest sports sedan of the two models that have launched the M4 BMW M4 and M4 GTS standard. The latest models are launched this time is the M4 CS. Like the two other models, this sports sedan produced limited and BMW reportedly only produced no less than 60 units worldwide. Unfortunately, the rumors will be sold by the Bavarian manufacturer is only for the Spanish automotive market alone .Demikian as quoted from Carscoop, Thursday (07/04/2016). There is no official information released about the planned sale of M4 BMW CS in Spain, most likely targeted because the matador country has a sport sedan sales figures are quite high. BMW M4 CS is a product that will fill the gap between the M4 and M4 GTS standard, in addition to offering a large engine power. M4 CS claimed could be used for daily activities, unlike the GTS model that is specific to bulldoze circuit tracks only. Pacunya sectors rely on the engine capacity of 3.0 liter V6, manufacturer BMW still has not released power generated M4 CS. However, power will be ranged above and below the standard m4 M4 GTS. While the maximum speed reached 280 kilometers per hour delivered via a seven-speed automatic girbox rear wheel. BMW also adds size wheels with a large diameter of 20 inches. There are no prices for M4 CS released until today.
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