Toyota Vios Limo Harga 165 Juta Di Bursa Toyota

In the organization of Bursa Toyota Kita (Burtok), founder Toyota dealer Auto2000 provide attractive offers for consumers who want to buy a sedan Vios Limo, which is known for taxis. Offer only valid for just one day, Saturday (11/19/2016). To bring such vehicles, consumers only need to spend Rp165 million and Rp175 million standard type for lux. The rest of the production vehicle cab offered in new condition with a color display that is offered using a standard color Toyota Vios. "We have two variants Vios Limo, for standard types we offer at a price of Rp165 million, while for Toyota Vios highest version has an additional accessory kit is priced at Rp175 million." said Tan Chian Hok or so called Ahok, Operation Manager DKI 1 Auto2000. The difference between the two variants are located on some enhancements such as rims, window film, head unit, as well as the seat that has been coated with leather. Special variants of room is not equipped head unit and seat are still using leather material as used Limo taxi. For information, to Limo standard with normal price Rp233,4 million sold at a special price of Rp165 million or approximately Rp68 million is discounted. While this type of lux of normal price Rp243,4 million to Rp175 million. Auto2000 set up as many as 21 units of Toyota Vios Limo cab in the event Burtok 2016.
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