Konsep Terbaru Toyota Transmover 2016

PT Toyota Astra Motor officially launched a new model, Toyota Transmover, Wednesday (11/30/2016). Low segment car multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is intended for the commercial market, especially taxis online and non-online or other uses. Franciscus Soerjopranoto, TAM Marketing Executive GM said, that this is a response to a request under the MPV model to taxi more. Of course, also adapted to the policies and regulations issued by the government. "We do not just focus on the passenger car market but also in the commercial sector. When you see there is a chance in the bottom 4x2 MPV in the taxi market, and we strive to meet those needs," said Fansiscus on the sidelines of the event, Wednesday (30/11 / 2016). Bansar Maduma, Product General Manager TAM adds, if the option name "Transmover" has a singkaran of "Transport You to Move to Another Place". Its meaning is still functioning as a mode of transportation. "Got confused about naming, had thought also use Limo Toyota MPV, but in the end agreed to use the name Transmover. It also had to meet the rules of government in which the size of the engine in 1.300cc to 1.500cc," said Bansar. Bansar continue, if the trend needs MPV taxi has increased since 2014 ago, and Toyota has been developing for a long time. "So wait for government regulation in advance, in which the first and allowed sedan yet MPV, but now already," said Bansar.
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