Mobil Nissan Qashqai 2016 Propilot

Three years after the second generation of the Qashqai was launched, Nissan is currently working hard to develop the next generation. The latest Qashqai will adopt the technology ProPILOT and go on sale in 2017. As reported by AutoExpress, Tuesday (12/06/2016), Nissan will supply a variety of versions of ProPILOT to put the new Qashqai. The first version is Traffic Jam Pilot, which can serve to control acceleration, braking, and steering the car while traveling on the highway. The second version of the so-called Highway Pilot ProPILOT allows the car can automatically change lanes and overtake other vehicles on the highway. There are also Intercity Pilot as a third version specifically designed for driving in urban areas. The plan is the second version was released in 2018 and 2020. "The second and third variation will use the sensor. ProPilot uses a camera to identify the traffic in front of the vehicle, possibly in the future there will be additional software. Our products are very different from Tesla. Because Tesla more premium, "said Senior Vice President of Nissan Technical Centre in Europe, Takashi Shirakawa. Shirakawa also confirmed ProPILOT technology will be paired to all products including the next generation Nissan March. "We want to spread ProPilot to the whole range of Nissan vehicles, but it depends on the time and cost," he said. Previous Nissan has been pinned on Serena ProPILOT latest technology. ProPilot is the entrance to the autonomous technology. Steering wheel, brake pedal and gas pedal can work together to control the car's speed. Only the driver's hands should remain on the steering wheel. Another thing that distinguishes autopilot technology used in Nissan Serena with other brands is ProPILOT only works in one lane or single-lane road and do not move. With this technology, the driver becomes greatly helped because it does not need to accomplish to set the distance to other vehicles. So even when accelerating, the vehicle system will automatically determine the proper speed. (San)
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