Honda FCX Clarity is now undergoing feasibility testing in the UK to improve their knowledge of English society of zero emission technology.

British Business Secretary Vince Cable became one of the testers FCX Clarity.

"I was impressed as one of the first to test the feasibility of FCX Clarity. I am also impressed with the potential of fuel cell technology, "said Cable.

Cable added that the government fully supports the English cars with alternative fuels, including hydrogen fuel cells.

"This feasibility test is part of our effort to create a stimulus for the people who buy environmentally friendly cars," said Cable.

Honda now only sells FCX Clarity in the United States (U.S.) and Britain.

The British government, continued Cable, want to encourage all forms of low-emissions vehicle technologies such as hydrogen fuel, or a conventional hybrid vehicles significantly more efficient.

So the road test of Honda FCX Clarity is part of pushing the government to stimulate the market 'green car' and gives consumers more choices.

FCX Clarity is the car version of the dump gas production is not harmful, offering coverage of 450 km, a short time and practicality in fuel injection, with the performance of a conventional saloon.

FCX Clarity cars that can go with this hydrogen fuel emits only water, so energy is two times more efficient than gasoline-electric hybrid and three times compared to vehicles powered by fuel

"This could revolutionize the automotive future," added Managing Director of Honda UK Dave Hodgetts.

Technical Specifications
4-door sedan
Fuel Cell Honda Vertical Flow and 288V lithium ion battery
Single speed, direct drive
Fuel consumption
1 liter of 22 km (hydrogen)
Electrical Range
450 km
Maximum Power
134 Hp
Peak torque
256 Nm
Maximum speed of 160 km / h
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