SPESIFIKASI Toyota FT-86 | Akan Berbentuk Sedan

SPESIFIKASI Toyota FT-86 | Akan Berbentuk Sedan
If previously the FT-86 Subaru sedan tested the camera caught, now turn to Toyota, which appeared rumors that Toyota FT-86 would form four-door sedan, not a coupe.

As reported by Autoevolution, Sunday (09/05/2010) A source revealed that Toyota of Japan's largest manufacturer plans to build a sedan from the FT-86, and the project has been given the green light.

Four-door version of the FT-86 appears to be a kind of 'plan B' that will be introduced to replace the FT-86 coupe, which is feared will not be commercially successful.

While the engine, will share the platform with the Subaru Boxer engine equipped Liberty-powered 204 hp, which will be mated to the transmission 6-speed manual gearbox or a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

FT-86 sedan will be positioned to fill the market gap between the BMW series 1 and series 3 with an estimated price range is under U.S. $ 30,000 for the Japanese market. Whereas in America, will likely be wear Scion names.

The new model is positioned as the spiritual successor to the Corolla Levin or also known as the Corolla AE-86. In Japan, this model is very much demand even today. Fans praised the ability of handling and driving performance.

Toyota released the information about concept cars that have the name of the hachi roku nickname is not much.

Mentioned, is a compact sports car with rear-wheel drive system. For sports car, rear-wheel drive ensure the enjoyment and driving pleasure not found activatorfront wheel of the car like most sedans.

Compact design that gives the driver the ability to control the car better, while the light weight and low center of gravity makes handling of his race car equivalents.

Machine is used, four-cylinder boxer with a capacity of 2 liters of combining performance and environmentally friendly. Although not mentioned in the release, this machine is in a strong suspect is the contribution of Subaru, one of two automotive companies that master the technology boxer engine in the world. Known boxer engine suitable for sports cars because it has a low gravity point thus improving stability and handling car.

Length FT-86 is 4.160 mm with a width of 1.760 mm and 1.260 mm high. While the wheelbase of 2.570 mm can carry four passengers.

Toyota has not announced when the FT-86 was produced. But a growing issue, this model was released in 2011.

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