SPESIFIKASI Suzuki MPV R3 | di luncurkan 2012

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki MPV R3 | di luncurkan 2012

Family car market in India is big enough push Maruti Suzuki presents Multi Utility Vehicle (MUx) the latest in January 2012.

Maruti Suzuki intends to take a substantial portion of the pie segment in Indonesia MUx or also known as the MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle).

When looking from the side, this MPV body line looks dynamic but still futuristic. Not rigid nor too rounded, the right combination for exterior design. R3 has a triangular-shaped headlights and grille bracket in the form of the letter V. While in the back, lights placed at the top of the pillar D.

In addition, the trunk door comes with a transparent design. And the most pampering passengers are, R3 comes with no pillars C. As a result, passengers from the rear seat row will be easier in and out! Who knows this excess actually applied to a future MPV Suzuki.

The Indian market is changing rapidly and Consumer Lifestyles evolving fast.To Cater to one Such market need, Maruti Suzuki has developed a concept car, R3.The Concept R3 model is a Compact Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) for Such people.

Designed by Maruti Suzuki India's Research and Development Department, it combines compact dimensions with a stylish profiling.

The Concept is a compact MPV accommodates six people in three rows.Reference Exhibits (eco-vehicles): SX4 and Eeco Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Maruti Suzuki India is taking part in an Indian government project promotes That hybrid and electric vehicles.
It will from be exhibiting two prototype vehicles That Maruti Suzuki has developed for the project: the SX4 Hybrid and the Eeco (Every) Electric Vehicle.
Production models and other reference Exhibits

Maruti Suzuki India will from some 16 other automobiles showing Including ten production models (13 units in total) and two reference Exhibits: the Kizashi and SX4 Hatchback (three units in total).

Innova and Mahindra Xylo Tayota mastered this family car market, then Tata was also prepared with the Aria. Therefore Maruti Suzuki also MUx prepare immediately taken from the base of R3 concept car.

"There is more competition than the previous five years. They went into MUx segment which is a sign that the range of products in this class even more widespread," said Mitra Maruti Suzuki, Rakesh Batra as reported by NDTV, Tuesday (21/09/2010).

MUx this new model, he said, was developed by Volkswagen (VW) for India and will conduct prototype testing role in the next 2-3 months.

VW took this desire to open a Maruti car with a price that can be pressed to enter the Indian market famous for its warehouse cheap cars.
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