2013 Bertone Jet 2 New Concept

The Aston Martin Rapide-based 2013 Bertone Jet 2 featured in Geneva by the Italian company. The revised Jet 2 is based on the previous-generation Vanquish’s mechanicals but has been updated to feature the all-new model’s design in a shooting brake body style.

 There’s a 470-horsepower V12 (not the 550 HP V12 from the Rapide S, sadly) under the hood, a bespoke interior with two-tone leather, a stretched and heightened rear quarter for more headroom and luggage room, and fold-flat rear seats. An LED strip connects the taillights across the wide tailgate. 

The car is owned by Lilli Bertone who is the president of the firm. It wears a new color and has received several luxurious trims. Compared to the previous Vanquish, the revised concept is 210mm longer and can be considered as a veritable four-seater. 

Rather than starting with that new 550-horsepower model, the Bertone Jet 2+2 is based on the existing 470hp Rapide. The biggest difference, of course, is the extended roofline, with an angled tailgate and unique LED lighting strip. The rest of the design applies what looks like a reinterpreted take on the Rapide’s styling.
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