2014 DeltaWing Coupe Concept


Don Panoz is determined to power on with his DeltaWing project, now without the backing of Nissan. Evidence of Panoz’s commitment has just been revealed in Sebring with the first image of a new DeltaWing Coupé being published. 

The new DeltaWing Coupe has been specially designed to comply with the new 2014 LMP1 regulations and will include a new tub and wider driver greenhouse, and, of course, its new hardtop configuration. On the coupe version, the driver will sit in the middle of the cockpit, rather than on the left- or right-hand side. 

 The team has continued to develop the DeltaWing independently following the departure of former technical partner Nissan and the concept’s originator Ben Bowlby. It now features a new carbon fibre monocoque (in place of the Aston Martin AMR-One tub used in 2012) with an enlarged cockpit area and a central seating position.
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