Jaguar F-Type 2013 New Design

The new F-Type luxury roadster by Jaguar may not be what most petrolheads wanted it to be an affordable sports car aimed at a younger audience that Jag’s typical customer base but nevertheless, it is an exquisite bit of kit. 
Designed as a successor to the famous Jaguar E-Type, the F-Type has made the first steps towards achieving classic status by architecture. Conceived by Ian Callum, the two-door roadster was picked by the World Car of the Year jury members from an initial list of 43 vehicles. 
 The World Car Design of the Year is judged by a design panel of five highly respected world design experts who review candidates based on their innovation and style that push established boundaries. The 2013 

Jaguar F-Type Firesand is just showcasing the customization options offered by the manufacturer to its customers. Wearing bold paintwork, the Firesand carries all the features offered by the series but using a new coat of paint.
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