Daihatsu Terrios Custom 2016

After launching Sirion some time ago, Daihatsu will launch one more car in February. The car was Terios Custom. Seeing the names we can expect that this is a modified models of the Terios. 

"Daihatsu will continue to improve the sales and after-sales services by increasing the number of outlets and launch a product improvement, such as Sport Sirion and Terios Also Custom, in mid-February," said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu motorcycle.

Refresher product manufacturers usually done to stimulate the automotive market. Opens in 2016 and then in January and 13 184 units Daihatsu Motor sent to dealers (wholesale) and send 14.505 cars to consumer (retail). "These figures show that the market uptake on units Daihatsu at the dealership exceeds supply from the manufacturer to the dealer. In other words Daihatsu cars Werner much sought after even though economic conditions have not shown signs of improvement," he said. 

Wholesales Daihatsu in January 2016 respectively Contributed by the Gran Max Pick Up 4,406 units or 33% and Gran Max minibus 1,272 units or 10%. So that the total sales of the Gran Max, the vehicle Becomes a business friend of the people of Indonesia, reaching 5678 units or 43%. 

Following in second position, Astra Daihatsu Ayla accounted for 3,508 units or 27%. While Great New Xenia, Came third with 2,499 units accounted for 19%. Next is the Terios SUV accounted for 1,149 units, or 9%. Followed by Daihatsu Luxio sold 200 units or 2% and Daihatsu Sirion 150 units, or 1%,

 Not much different from wholesales, beginning in 2016, the composition of sales retailsales per type, are are relatively stable with the reviews reviews largest contribution was occupied by Daihatsu Gran Max, with the composition of the Gran Max Pick Up 4,472 units or 31%, Gran Max Mini Bus 1,165 units or 8%, So the total Gran Max sold 5,637 units, or 39%. In the second position, Great New Xenia accounted for 3,527 units or 24%. Astra Daihatsu Ayla third accounted for 3,501 units or 24%. Sahabat adventurous , Daihatsu Terios, accounted for 1,144 units, or 8%, Followed by Luxio amounted to 420 units, or by 3% and accounted for 276 units Daihatsu Sirion or by 2%. "We started in 2016 with a fairly good achievement, so that the retail sales amounted to 14,505 units exceeded wholesales amounted to 13 184 units," he said.
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