Ranger Rover Sport Datang di Jakarta

Cars Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) in the world's fastest, Range Rover Sport SVR suddenly come to Jakarta. Cars on display at the Main Atrium Senayan City during this weekend. SUV with a ferocious performance is expected to lure lovers of Jaguar Land Rover in Indonesia. Range Rover Sport RVR was first introduced to the public in July 2014 ago. Range Rover Sport SVR is the result of arable Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations with supercharged V8 engine that can generate power 550 PS. Abroad, the car was sold at a starting price of Rp 1.9 billion. "We present a new line of Range Rover Sport SVR in the exhibition. It answers Land Rover for those who crave an SUV strong and powerful. It's the first time we show the Range Rover Sport SVR in Indonesia. This model is also used in the movie Spectre," said Chief Operating Officer of Jaguar Land Rover Indonesia, Roland Staehler. The new show in Indonesia around 1.5 years from the launch of its first global, Roland said that this period does not make the SVR models obsolete. "I think the time of 1.5 years is not a long time. Do not make this model look worn," he continued. Cars became the fastest SUV after successfully crushing tracks Nurburgring circuit in Germany. To surround the circuit, Range Rover Sport SVR only takes 8 minutes 14 seconds. That figure is enough to put the Range Rover Sport SVR as the fastest SUV around the Nurburgring. For enthusiasts of the Range Rover, Jaguar Land Rover Indonesia provides promo during the exhibition called All. Out. Action that provide benefits for consumers. Promo be 0% installment for a tenor of 3 years and free deployable steps for the type Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. "Through the promo All. Out. Action, Jaguar Land Rover Indonesia offers the best package that will provide benefits to consumers," said Roland.
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