Honda Brio RS terbaru 2016

Accompanying cars Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo, the latest Brio also confirmed slide this year. But there seems to be unusual at this time Brio. Based on the observation on page Online TPT owned by the Ministry of Industry, Saturday (26/01/2016), PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) caught in the middle of registering new cars as the Honda Brio RS 1.2 CVT CKD. The emergence of the RS code indicates HPM Honda Brio will present a new type with a more sporty appearance and classy. Type of RS previously has appeared on Jazz and Mobilio models. There has been no confirmation from the HPM, but reported on page Autonetmagz, currently circulating pictures of the car that allegedly an RS Honda Brio as listed in pages Online TPT. In the photo Brio RS looks more sporty thanks to the headlamps, grille and new bumper plucked from Mobilio RS. But specifically on the bumper, owned Brio RS bit more muted in the absence of sharp corners. In addition rim design is also changing and adopting the style of style dual tone with a silver-black color. Registered in accordance with the code, it looks like Honda Brio RS is equipped with a similar heart pacemaker Brio Brio S and E. The space under the hood filled 1200 cc four-cylinder engine linked to a five-speed automatic transmission.
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