Desain Terbaru Volvo Model New 40.1 dan 40.2

Luxury car manufacturer Volvo is ready to produce a small car. This model will be the model that aggressive. There will be two models offered to the global market. New 40.1 Series will be a compact crossover models, and models will be 40.2 sedan and hatchback models. Both of these concepts for the first time shows how Volvo plans evolved into premium small car market that combines cool interior and exterior design with the latest technologies such as connectivity, electrification, until the autonomous car technology. Both will have a design line, worthy of his siblings Volvo 90 Series. As in the view headlamp and grille that looks wide. This concept will be built using Volvo platform New Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). "CMA Platform will help us to create something different and special. This car will have an alternative drive, with urban character," said Vice President of Volvo To Design Thomas Ingenlath. Thus, this small car will have a variant of electric cars, plug-in hybrid, as Volvo's plan to carry out the electrification of the line-up of his car. In 2025, Volvo hopes to sell 1 million electric mobio.
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