Honda Brio 2016 Meluncur Bulan Juni

Some time ago Honda Jakarta Center as the main dealer of Honda cars in Greater Jakarta said it had run out of stock Brio old edition. It turned out to be echoed by PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the sole agent (APM) Honda in Indonesia. Production of Honda Brio and Brio Satya old model has been discontinued since some time ago, so it has run out of the unit and wait for Brio production of new models launched at IIMS exhibition, April 2016. "Stock Brio long it has run out. So the stock of vacancies. It did make our sales slightly down, yes because Brio baseball supplies," said Jonfis Fandy, marketing and aftersales service director of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), yesterday in Bandung, West Java , To prevent prolonged vacancy stock, obviously Jonfis, it will immediately conduct a new production and new Brio Brio Satya RS. "The production of Brio and Brio Satya RS new models starting in June," added Jonfis. HPM brings new Brio Satya in three variants, namely E CVT is priced Rp149,6 million, S M / T Rp129,6 million, and E M / T sold IDR134.6 million. In addition, HPM also offers new Brio Satya RS in the automatic transmission option with a price Rp174,7 million and manual transmission Rp159,7 million.
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