Harga Mobil Esemka Pick Up Sekitar 130 Juta

In August 2016 Esemka pickup will be introduced to the Indonesian public. Commercial car will be marketed at a competitive price that can compete with the other pickup. Hosea Sanjaya, managing director of PT Citra Esemka MAP Hero (ACEH), said that, since these vehicles to the countryside then cultivated priced under 100 million. "Anyway competitive, even pickup a small class of 1,500 cc that exists today almost all of the price of Rp130 ​​million. While the over 1,500 cc of all imports from Thailand is very large so automatic yes our chances for a much better price," said Hosea. He added that to make the price of the car can be competitive, a number of strategies have been prepared, one of which cut distribution channels. "One made a competitive price, distribution channels will we shorten. Suppose of Esemka can directly sell without having to step into many tissues, main dealers, dealers and others. So the price and quality that serve as guidelines for Esemka compete and add value, "he added. Pickup Esemka is still under development. To support the performance, the car will be equipped with a 1000 cc engine. As an initial step Esemka only provides commercial car, from the products it anyway PT ACEH want to show a success and prioritize in the rural economic sector.
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