Citroen C3 WRC Konsep Balap

At the Paris Motor Show 2016 Citroen C3 WRC introduce the concept of racing. Hatchback is still in prototype form was deliberately brought in to bring the spirit of racing and as a sign of participation in racing rally titled Citroen World Rally Championship (WRC) next year. Citroen C3 WRC looks so impressive both from the exterior and engine. Carrying the concept of race, the rear wing mounted large-sized car and a pair of the latest exhaust attached to the diffuser. More prominent front bumper designed to improve air intake and supporting high aerodynamics. Also added a set of new body panels so that the car look wider. Weight of the car is now approximately 25 kilograms lighter than standard C3. For matters of the heart pacemaker, Citroen uses a four-cylinder engine with turbo so that power generated at 385 hp. Unfortunately, the company did not mention how fast acceleration and maximum speed. With a variety of changes that have been made Citroen, making C3 is ready to face its competitors. Citroen C3 WRC will start his first game in the Monte Carlo Rally, in 2017. This car is ready to compete with the Toyota Yaris, Volkswagen Polo and Hyundai i20 in the racing event.
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