Mobil BMW Z4 Seharga 733 Juta

BMW Z4 black this one is far from the impression gahar. Even the use of roll bar is green highlighter to give the impression of tacky. But who would have thought this two-door sport car owners do extreme changes behind Bonet car. Power sector became the main purpose of the modifications made by the owner. Naturally, if the BMW Z4 is commonly referred to as a sleeper vehicles. This car is no longer used standard engine manufacturer. The owner immerse the Chevrolet Corvette engine capacity of 8.3 liter V10. Similarly, as quoted from Carbuzz, Tuesday (09/13/2016) engine swap technique is capable of producing up to 550 hp. The entire power is channeled to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission system. The legs, the owner still entrusted rim and discs German manufacturer's default. He just replace the calipers of the Audi R8 which is believed to offset the ferocious Corvette V10 power. To reduce the weight of the vehicle, some of the components and the standard passenger seat is no longer used. The result reduced weight of 100 kilograms BMW Z4. Vehicle owners will sell BMW Z4 flavor of his Corvette at a price of USD55.600 or approximately Rp733 million.
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