Bajaj RE60 Ditaksir dengan Harga 43,98 jutaan

Bajaj is known as a brand that manufactures motorcycles and tricycles. But this time, the Indian automotive manufacturers began producing a four-wheeled motorcycle or quadricycle. Reported Oncars, Wednesday (09/23/2015), quadricycle named RE60 petrol engine powered single-cylinder 216 cc DTS-i mated to a four-speed manual gearbox. Machines at Bajaj RE60 capable of producing power up to Tk 19.6 and claimed to have a fuel consumption in the range of 30-35 km / liter. The first quadricycle in India have already received the blessing of the State Government Hindustan to be marketed as a commercial vehicle. Later RE60 will be positioned above Bajaj tricycle. In addition to public transport, Bajaj Auto in the future will also provide RE60 as a personal vehicle. Vehicles were sold for 200 thousand rupees, or about USD 43.98 million would be a means of transportation safer alternative than Bajaj tricycle. However, the emergence quadricycle in the country with the second largest population in the world in fact drawn protests. Quadricycle considered a threat to the existing Bajaj driver. Inevitably, the auto rickshaw driver who had been using a SIM for three-wheel vehicles should change their SIM with the SIM car while driving RE60.
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