Honda Mobilio Jadi Taksi

Honda Mobilio officially a Blue Bird taxi car. Nevertheless PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) admitted that it is not a form of business cooperation.Related cars Honda Mobilio the cab car, Director Marketing & Aftersales HPM, Jonfis Fandy will admit there are some owners who feel the image mobilya Mobilio plummeted. "It just concerns of consumers, the problem is, all cars today have become a taxi. So we can not see into the future effect [for sale] or not, "said Jonfis as reported by CNN page, Thursday (70/9/2015). quoted from page Liputan6, Jonfis also explained that currently there are 100 units of the car Mobilio Blue Bird taxi. That number will continue to increase up to 500 units by the end of 2015. "Actually we were never binding cooperation. Why Mobilio was chosen as the taxi was the result of a fair comparison of their own. They do the testing themselves, perform a variety of comparisons, "he explained. But the process of buying up service, Jonfis confirms HPM does not provide special treatment for Mobilio who has been a taxi car. He guarantees that all the support given to Blue Bird also provided to the consumer
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