Honda Jazz Facelit 2015 Pasar Domestik Jepang

After the launch in 2013 Oktover ago, Honda Motor Company, finally refresh the look of the Honda Fit (Honda Jazz) specifically for the Japanese domestic market. Newer versions of it began to be marketed starting Friday (9/25/2015) ago. As reported indianautosblog, Sunday (09/27/2015), changes are made visible on the grille three blades, cover rim, as well as the choice of colors. Two colors namely blue opal Metallic and Midnight Blue Metallic beam intended for the Jazz hybrid. While in the cabin looks new features include climate control with plasma cluster technology, touch-screen to complete the entertainment devices, navigation devices, parking camera, digital TV and others. But for the engine, Honda still trust engine 1300 cc and 1500 cc i-VTEC for conventional variant and 1,500 cc engine for the hybrid variant. Penayluran power is also still using manual and automatic transmission CVT five and six levels of speed. As for the hybrid variant using DCT automatic transmission seven levels of acceleration.
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