Honda CR-Z 2015 Terbaru

Honda Motor Company is reportedly preparing a newer version or a facelift version of besutannya hybrid sports car, the Honda CR-Z. The news was revealed after the last version was caught on camera at the assembly plant and leaked to Chinese media. Car News China reported on Tuesday (09/01/2015), of which there are a series of photographs clearly visible changes-changes made Honda the car. Ranging from lamps, front bumper, spoiler, rear bumper are all new. While in the interior of a number of changes were also seen quite obvious. Revisions were made Honda looks ranging from chrome-plated door handles, knobs gearbox, electronic prakir brake button, the armrest near the handbrake, as well as entertainment devices that use the new touch screen. However, for the engine, Honda did not tamper add modifiers. So even with an electric motor that accompany the conventional engine. Thus, the power generated remains 123 hp and torque of 167 Nm. Reportedly, the brand-new Honda CR-Z is priced around US $ 45,120 or approximately USD 623 million. The car circulation touted started in 2016
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