Mobil R8 e-tron Versi Terbaru Mobil Tanpa Supir

Apparently, the automatic steering cars can be hijacked or tricked easily. During this time, the machine reads the movement of objects around by relying on radar called Lidar.Lidar emit a signal that bounces back to determine the three-dimensional objects in the vicinity. From various trials, the car of the future development of this system considers the best. Previously, they tried various sensors on several sides of the car. However, only need to charge $ 60 dollars, or Rp 855 thousand to disrupt Lidar system using a simple tool like a laser. Lidar can be easily tricked to see, walls or other objects around.Not only that, the hacker can easily hijack the car system. That is, hackers are able to take control in the form of gas, brake or steering wheel remote. Researchers from the University of Cork Jonathan Petit said, an attacker could outwit cars from across the unwitting motorists. "I can cheat by creating a lot of objects in front of the car," he said, as quoted by The Guardian. Petit planned to expose it to the risk of a defense conference Black Hat in Europe in November. According to him, the automaker's future should fix many security systems.A number of car manufacturers and software is developing a system that allows the car to run without a driver. Producers among which are Google, Lexus, Mercedes and Audi.
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