Mobil Listrik Yebbujana R2 Buatan Korea

Auto shows Geneva Motor Show 2016 in Switzerland not only followed major automotive manufacturers. South Korean manufacturer named Power Plaza also participated. They bring the electric car called new Yebbujana R2. Quoting from Worldcarfans, Monday (07/03/2016), new Yebbujana R2 is designed with a design that is already approaching the production model. This little car is built using the same platform with Yebbujana concept car. No additional monocoque chassis of carbon fiber materials. 

The exterior of the car is inspired by the dolphins were very dynamic. New Yebbujana R2 is present as a vehicle with an open roof which has dimensions of 2,900 millimeters long, 1,600 mm wide and 1,400 mm high. While the car wheelbase 1885 mm and weighing up to 625 kilograms. The cabin car could only accommodate two passengers. Power Plaza menyematkankan three-spoke steering wheel models, Bride racing seats, digital instrument clusters, infotainment systems, and two screens that can display video images of mirror-mounted. Cardiac driving the car comes from a 107 hp electric motor that is powered battery-powered 81 kWh lithium-ion combined with five-speed transmission system. The car can accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds with a maximum speed of 197 kilometers per hour. New Yebbujan claimed R2 can be used up to a distance of 764 kilometers on a single battery charge. But this figure is obtained if the car is driven in a constant speed of 59 km / h.
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