Suzuki Hustler Gagal Masuk Di Indonesia

Cute car Suzuki Hustler has completed a series of crash test. As a result, the car was declared as the safest car in Japan for the kei car segment. Based on the examining board releases cars Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) quoted from page Responsejp, Sunday (03/27/2016), automobile Suzuki Hustler managed to carve a score of four out of five stars plus 46 points. Hustler pocketed score 77.98 points for passenger protection. As for pedestrian protection, the resulting score is 82.23 points. Cars with the retro look has also received an additional value-plus advanced safety vehicle (ASV +). Obtaining these scores to make Hustler as a car with the best safety guarantees in the stock car Japanese kei car segment MPV model, beating rivals such as Toyota Wish, Daihatsu Move, and Honda N-Box. For the record, we tested hit JNCAP Hustler is the highest variant that has been equipped with features multi-detection of potential accidents around the stereo camera monitor combined with a braking system with brake support. Car Suzuki Hustler was present at the exhibition Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014. The year after, PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) plans to import cars from Japan to be sold in the country as a low-cost car LCGC. Unfortunately, the plan must be canceled because there are few regulations in Indonesia that can not be met by a Suzuki engine 600 cc. "There are rules of government that baseball match at Hustler. For example, such regulation of glass. The government had a standard thickness of 2-3 mm thinner while Hustler. While in Japan, the windshield now is thin yet more powerful, "said Deputy Managing 4W SIS, Davy J Tuilan as reported by CNN page.
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