VW T-Cross Desain Terbaru Atap Terbuka

German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW), prepared a concept car called the VW T-Cross. The car is the only SUV with the roof open or kabriolet ever formulated VW.Through the T-Cross concept car, VW seems to want to restore the period 1990s when Suzuki Vitara kabriolet crazy and became a trend after frequently appeared in Baywatch movie. Caranddriver page reported on Wednesday (02/03/2016), T-Cross VW cars built from chassis VW Polo. While the machine used was 1,000 cc turbo-powered 110 hp with 174 Nm of torque combined with a seven-speed twin clutch transmission.In appearance, body curvature T-Cross tend to be minimalist, calm, and not adventurous. Nevertheless, muscular aura still felt thanks to the typical SUV bumper and large legs with a tread width. Being in the car cabin VW T-Cross feels like driving a super-sophisticated aircraft. For the whole system using a touch screen. Physical buttons are only used in power window, turn signal switch, and a lever for opening and closing the roof. VW embedded features on the new concept car, among others, 300-watt audio with eight speakers, a choice of driving modes, predictive driving, as well as sensor arrays are useful when walking in off road terrain.The good news, VW concept car T-Cross certainly become one of the models mass produced next few years.
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